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{ba.la.shing ping} Ocimum gigantea • Lamiaceae
{ba.la.shing (mré-pran.)} Ocimum basilicum • Lamiaceae
{ba-dän°}   • Terminalia catappa  • Combretaceae

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Ocimum gigantea

Family: Labiatae

Burmese-Myanmar transcript names:
• Agri.Dept.2000 41-1079 : {ba.la.shing} Ocimum gigantea -- (Eng) Giant basil
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• Nagathein 2-319 : {ba.la.shing ping} -- Mentha piperita -- (Eng) Peppermint
• UHM : NL

UKT: Agri.Dept.2000 35-0910 listed Mentha piperita fam: Labiatae, (Eng) Pepperment, Mint oil, as {pa.roat-e:}

Official Myanmar Dictionaries  did not list . It listed on pg.215 as:
     -- TravPo-M-Dict 215
- Myan-Engl-Dict

UKT: The name {ba.la.shing} is probably a coined word which came into use only after World War I and before World War II. I would placed it in the 1930s, when an oral freshener manufactured by Tiger Balm Co. (now based in Singapore) became popular. The brand name was {ba.la.shing} and Its main odour was due to menthol. I, as a child (I was born in the 1930s), was quite fond of it. I would have to consult my peers to find out who applied the name {ba.la.shing} to Ocimum gigantea and {ba.la.shing-ping} to Mentha piperita .
See also {pa.roat} Identification controversy

For more information, go to Ocimum gigantea

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{ba.la.shing (mré-pran.)}

Ocimum basilicum

Family: Lamiaceae / Labiatae

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts :
• Agri.Dept.2000 41-1080 : {ba.la.shing (mré-pran.)}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• KS-TMN 114: Pin-sein; pin-pwa
• Nagathein
  2-242: {ping-seim: (ping-pwa:)} -- Ocimum basilicum

UKT: The word {ba.la.shing} used together with {ping} to give the compound word {ba.la.shing ping} literally meaning the "plant of {ba.la.shing} is used by Nagathein 2-319 for Mentha piperita -- (Eng) Peppermint.

Myanmar-Script Spelling :
Official Myanmar Dictionaries
{ping-saim:} / -- TravPo-M-Dict 189
{ping-saim:} n. basil, Ocimum canum -- Myan-Engl-Dict 267

For more information, go to Ocimum basilicum

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Terminalia catappa

Family: Combretaceae

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts
• Agri.Dept.2000 41-1082: {ba-dan°}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• Nagathein 2-322: {ba-dan° Ein~di.ya.}
• UHM : NL (not listed)


Myanmar-Script Spelling :
Official Myanmar Dictionaries  :
{ba-dan°} --    -- TravPo-M-Dict 216
{ba-dan°} -- n. badum tree; Indian almond, Terminalia catappa.-- Myan-Engl-Dict 312

UKT: Though official calligraphy is {ba-dan°}, I have given the alternate calligraphy {ba-dan°} which is more suitable for en-sized aksharas such as {ba.}.
   Note the Burmese-Myanmar spelling for India was given by Nagathein as {Ein~di.ya.} here, but elsewhere as {ein~di.ya.}. The accepted orthography at present is {ein~di.ya.}.

For more information go to:  Terminalia catappa

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