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A List of Burmese Medicinal Plants 1

by U Hla Maw, B.Sc., Research Officer, Pharmaceuticals Section, Applied Chemistry,  Research Department, Union of Burma Applied Research Institute, 1959.

Copied from the original (typewriter copy) by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) in 1985 August.  HTML version by UKT, and staff of TIL for staff and students of TIL. Edited by UKT for incorporating into Myanmar Medicinal Plant Database. Not for sale.

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89 Urginea indica

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89. Urginea indica, Kunth.

Synonyms: Squills, Sea Onions, White squills.

Vernacular Name: Padaing-kyet-thun.

Botanical origin: Urginea indica, Kunth.

Family: Liliaceae.

Part Used: The cut and dried fleshy inner scale of the bulb.

Distribution: Kachin States, Chin Hills.

Plant: A perennial herb whose underground portion consists of a pear shaped, tunicated bulb, bearing fibrous roots from its base and whose aerial parts consist of succulent stem bearing a dense raceme of white flowers, leaves, in rosettes leance-ovate, deep green, fruit an oblong 3-1 obed capsule producing each cell 6 purplish brown flattened seeds.

1. Cyystalline glycoside- Scillaren A.
2. Amorphous glycoside - Scillaren B.
3. Scillarennase. (an enzyme)
4. Mucilage. sinistrin, cal. oxalate, volatile oil & sugar. (3)

Uses: Nauseating expectorant, cardiac stimulant and diuretic.

Preparation: Tinctura Urginea, Syrupus Urginea (I.P.)

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