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{AU} औ

• औद्योगिक (audyogika) 
Skt: औद्योगिक (audyogika) - industrial - OnlineSktDict

• औपम्येन (aupamyena)
Skt: औपम्येन (aupamyena) - by comparison - OnlineSktDict

• औशध (aushadha)
Skt: औशध (aushadha) - medicine - OnlineSktDict
Pal: ओसध osadha  n.  a herb, drug, herb used as medicine - UPMT-PED061
Pal: {AU:ŝa.Da.}
-- - UHS-PMD0272
     UKT from UHS: n. medicinal plant root, medicinal plant, medicine

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• औषध (aushhadha)
Skt: औषध (aushhadha) - medicine - OnlineSktDict

• औषधं (aushhadhaM)
Skt: औषधं (aushhadhaM) - medicine - OnlineSktDict

• औषधम् (aushhadham.h)
Skt: औषधम् (aushhadham.h) - (n) medicine - OnlineSktDict

• औषधसूची (aushhadhasuuchii)
Skt: औषधसूची (aushhadhasuuchii) - (f) syringe, injection - OnlineSktDict

• औषधिवन (aushhadhivana)
Skt: औषधिवन (aushhadhivana) - medicinal garden - OnlineSktDict

• औषधीः (aushhadhiiH)
Skt: औषधीः (aushhadhiiH) - vegetables - OnlineSktDict

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