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{aa-pa.}  आप
{aa-pu.} आपु
{aa-pRi.} आपृ
{aa-pau:} आपो
{aap} आप्
{aab} आब्
{aa-Ba.} आभ
{aa-ma.} आम


UKT notes
• Brahmaloka

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{aa-pa.} आप

• आप् (aap.h) 
Skt: आप् (aap.h) -to botain - OnlineSktDict

• आपः (aapaH)
Skt: आपः (aapaH) - water - OnlineSktDict

• आपणः (aapaNaH)
Skt: आपणः (aapaNaH) - (m) shop - OnlineSktDict

• आपणिकः (aapaNikaH)
Skt: आपणिकः (aapaNikaH) - (m) shop-keeper - OnlineSktDict

• आपद् (aapad.h)
Skt: आपद् (aapad.h) - calamity - OnlineSktDict

• आपदां (aapadaaM)
Skt: आपदां (aapadaaM) - dangers - OnlineSktDict

• आपन्नं (aapannaM)
Skt: आपन्नं (aapannaM) - achieved - OnlineSktDict

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• आपन्नाः (aapannaaH)
Skt: आपन्नाः (aapannaaH) - gaining - OnlineSktDict

• आपह  (aapah) sp?
Skt: आपह  (aapah) - water - OnlineSktDict

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{aa-pu.} आपु

• आपुर्यमाणं (aapuryamaaNaM)
Skt: आपुर्यमाणं (aapuryamaaNaM) - always being filled - OnlineSktDict

• आपूर्य (aapuurya)
Skt: आपूर्य (aapuurya) - covering - OnlineSktDict

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{aa-pRi.} आपृ

Note: Pronounce the vowel with a very high rhoticity more than what you would do for Pal-Myan.

• आपृच्छ (aapRichchha)
Skt: आपृच्छ (aapRichchha) - take leave of - OnlineSktDict

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{aa-pau:} आपो

• आपोक्लिम (aapoklima)
Skt: आपोक्लिम (aapoklima) - The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses - OnlineSktDict

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{aap} आप्

• आप्तुं (aaptuM)
Skt: आप्तुं (aaptuM) - afflicts one with - OnlineSktDict

• आप्नुयां (aapnuyaaM) = आ प ् न ु य ा ं
Skt: आप्नुयां (aapnuyaaM) - may have - OnlineSktDict

• आप्नुवन्ति (aapnuvanti)
Skt: आप्नुवन्ति (aapnuvanti) - attain - OnlineSktDict

• आप्नोति (aapnoti)
Skt: आप्नोति (aapnoti) - achieves - OnlineSktDict

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• आप्रवासी (aapravaasii)
Skt: आप्रवासी (aapravaasii) - (m) immigrant - OnlineSktDict

• आप्लुता (aaplutaa)
Skt: आप्लुता (aaplutaa) - immersed - OnlineSktDict

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{aab} आब्

• आब्द (aabda)  
Skt: आब्द (aabda) - year - OnlineSktDict

• आब्दफल (aabdaphala)
Skt: आब्दफल (aabdaphala) - yearly prognostication, also varshhaphala - OnlineSktDict

• आब्रह्मभुवनात् (aabrahmabhuvanaat.h)
Skt: आब्रह्मभुवनात् (aabrahmabhuvanaat.h) - up to the Brahmaloka planet - OnlineSktDict

UKT: The word "planet" does not mean either the astronomical or the astrological planet. It means an 'existence' or a {lau:ka.}. See my note on Brahmaloka


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{aa-Ba.} आभ

• आभरणं (aabharaNaM) 
Skt: आभरणं (aabharaNaM) - ornaments - OnlineSktDict

• आभरणम् (aabharaNam.h)
Skt: आभरणम् (aabharaNam.h) - (n) ornaments, jewellery - OnlineSktDict

• आभा (aabhaa)
Skt: आभा (aabhaa) - colour - OnlineSktDict

• आभासं (aabhaasaM)
Skt: आभासं (aabhaasaM)  - the original source - OnlineSktDict

UKT: The graphemes भ bha and म ma are so similarly shaped that they can be easily mistaken for each other. They are easily differentiated by the top bar which is short for भ bha and long for म ma .

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{aa-ma.} आम 
not entered in OnlineSktDict

€ आम अहिफेन   āma ahiphena  n.  crude opium (Pharm.)  - SpkSkt
€ आम उत्तैल  āma uttaila  n.  crude naphtha - SpkSkt
€ आम घृषि  āma ghṛṣi  m.  crude rubber - SpkSkt
€ आम न्यासव  āma nyāsava  m.  crude tartar, argol - SpkSkt
€ आम प्रोभूजिन  āma probhūjina  m.  crude protein (Biochem.)  - SpkSkt
  Pal: āma  interject.  yes, indeed ; adj.  raw, uncooked  - UPMT-PED036

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• आमनस्क (aamanaska)
Skt: आमनस्क (aamanaska) - the mind free from desire - OnlineSktDict

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• आमय (aamaya)
Skt: आमय (aamaya) - disease - OnlineSktDict

• आम्रफलम् (aamraphalam.h)
Skt: आम्रफलम् (aamraphalam.h) - (n) mango (the king of fruits) - OnlineSktDict

• आम्ल (aamla)
Skt: आम्ल (aamla) - sour - OnlineSktDict

€ आमोद   āmoda   m.   fragrant smell

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• आम्लं (aamlaM)  = आ म ् ल ं
Skt: आम्लं (aamlaM) - (n) acid - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes


From: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/77058/brahma-loka 120101

brahma-loka, in Hinduism and Buddhism, that part of the many-layered universe that is the realm of pious celestial spirits. In Theravāda Buddhism, the brahma-loka is said to consist of 20 separate heavens: the lower 16 are material worlds (rūpa-brahma-loka) inhabited by progressively more radiant and subtle gods, the remaining 4 higher realms are devoid of substance and form and are said to constitute the arūpa-brahma-loka. Theravāda Buddhists hold that rebirth in the brahma-loka is the reward enjoyed by an individual who has accompanied great virtue with meditation. The actual level an individual attains is determined by his faithfulness to the Buddha, the dhamma (Sanskrit dharma, “teachings”), and the saṅgha (the religious community), as well as the depth of his insight into the true formless nature of the universe. Like all other worlds in Theravāda cosmology, the brahma-loka undergoes constant change, destruction, and re-creation.

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