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Though UPMT-PED is in Pal-Lat, for comparison to UHS-PMD in Pal-Myan, I have transcribed entries in UPMT in Pal-Myan. - UKT110625
 Here are three easily forgotten Myanmar and Devanagari grapheme pairs and their conjuncts:
   {za.} ज ja    {z~za.} ज्ज jja
   {Za.} झ jha {z~Za.} ज्झ jjha
   {a.} ञ a  {z~a.} ज्ञ ja :
Note: {z~a.} ज्ञ ja   =  ज ् ञ  is being considered to be included in Romabama - UKT110702
A similar but reversed conjunct is {~za1} ञ्ज ja = ञ ् ज

{a.za.} अज
{a.zi.} अजि

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{a.za.} अज

अज aja
Skt: अज (aja) - goat - OnlineSktDict
Skt: aja 1 - aj m. a drove, troop (of Maruts) AV
  # a driver, mover, instigator, leader
  # N. of Indra, of Rudra, of one of the Maruts [aj ka-pā́ RV.,
    and aj ka-pāda AV.], of Agni, of the sun, of Brahmā, of Vishṇu, of Śiva, of Kāma (cf. 2. a-ja)
    # the leader of a flock # a he-goat, ram [Gk. [9, 2] ?,? # Lith. ?]
    # the sign Aries # the vehicle of Agni # beam of the sun (Pūshan)
    # N. of a descendant of Visvāmitra, and of Daśaratha's or Dīrghabāhu's father
    # N. of a mineral substance # of a kind of rice # of the moon
    # (ā́s), m. pl., N. of a people RV. vii, 18, 19 # of a class of Ṛishis MBh
    # (ā), f. N. of Prakṛiti, of Māyā or Illusion, a-jā (s.v. 2. a-jā)
    # a she-goat # N. of a plant whose bulbs resemble the udder of a goat Suśr -- MonWilliWash
Skt: aja 2 - a-j mfn. not born, existing from all eternity
  # (s), m. N. of the, first uncreated being RV. AV # Brahmā, Vishṇu, Śiva, Kāma
  # (ā), f. N. of Prakṛiti, Māyā or Illusion ( also 1. aj and 1. ajana) - MonWilliWash
Pal: {a.za.} - -  UHS-PMD0017
     UKT from UHS: m. goat, domesticated Myanmar goat.
        I have come across quite a few Myanmar households in rural towns and villages
     who has a milk-goat to provide a child or an infirm adult with fresh milk. The mother-goat
     usually has a kid of her own, and the little goat usually becomes a playmate to the human
     child until the little goat becomes an adult to be sold to the butcher much to the sorrow of
     the whole family.
Pal: aja  m.  (√aj)  a goat, ram - UPMT-PED006

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अजं ajaṃ ? (ajaM)
Skt: अजं (ajaM) - unborn - OnlineSktDict

अजः (ajaH)
Skt: अजः (ajaH) - unborn - OnlineSktDict



Pal: {a.za.kN~Na.}
Pal: aja-kaṇṇa - m. a goat's ear, chilli leaf -- UPMT-PED006

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{a.za.ga.} अजग

Pal: ajaga {a.za.ga.} - m. fire -- UPMT-PED006


अङ्गज्वर  aṅgajvara - adj. causing fever - SpkSkt

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अजगः  ajagara
Skt: अजगरः (ajagaraH) - m.  python - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अजगर  ajagara - m. python, boa constrictor, boa [Zool.], huge serpent - SpkSkt
Skt: ajagara - ○gar m. ('goat-swallower'), a huge serpent, boa constrictor AV. &c
   # N. of an Asura # (ī), f. N. of a plant
Pal: {a.za.ga.ra.} - - UHS-PMD0017
Pal:  ajagara  {a.za.ga.ra.} - m.  boa constrictor - UPMT-PED006



Pal: aja-jīvaka {a.za. zi-wa.ka.} - m. (√jīv) a goat-herd -- UPMT-PED006



Pal: ajaa {a.zi~a.} - n. an evil omen ; adj. socially unbefitting  -- UPMT-PED006
Pal: {a.zi~a.} - - UHS-PMD0017



Pal: ajaṭākāsa {a.za.Ta-ka-a.} - m. the open space  -- UPMT-PED006



अजन  ajana 
Skt: अजन  ajana  adj.  deserted  - SpkSkt

Pal: a-jananī - f. (√jan) a step mother  -- UPMT-PED006

Pal: ajapa {a.za.pa.} - m. ( √pā) a goat-herd -- UPMT-PED006



Pal: {a.za.pa-la.} - - UHS-PMD0017
Pal: ajapāla {a.za.pa-la.} - m. the goat-herd's banyan tree -- UPMT-PED006

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अजपा (ajapaa)
Skt: अजपा (ajapaa) - involuntary repetition (as with a mantra) - OnlineSktDict

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Pal: ajambha {a.zm~Ba.} - m. a frog -- UPMT-PED006



अजमोदा  ajamodā
Skt: अजमोदा  ajamodā - f. species of Parsley , goat's delight,
       common Carroway , species called Ajwaen - SpkSkt
Pal: ajamodā {a.za.mau:da} - f. the radish plant -- UPMT-PED006



Pal: ajaya {a.za.ya.} - ( √ji) defeat, fire; adj. unconquerable: f. the flax plant -- UPMT-PED006



Pal: ajarā {a.za.ra} - f. (√jar, jīr) a spirit, the aloe plant -- UPMT-PED006



Pal: ajalambana {a.za.lum-ba.na.} - n. antimony -- UPMT-PED006

अजस्रं (ajasraM)
Skt: अजस्रं (ajasraM) - the unborn one - OnlineSktDict

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{a.za} अजा

अजा (ajaa)
Skt: अजा (ajaa) - (f) goat - OnlineSktDict



Pal: {a.za-zi} - - UHS-PMD0017
Pal: ajājī - f. cummin seeds of plant -- UPMT-PED006


अजामि  ajāmi
Skt: अजामि  ajāmi  adj. not of kin, not related, not corresponding. n. not allowed between relations,
   incest - SpkSkt

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अजानं (ajaanaM)
Skt: अजानं (ajaanaM) - do not understand - OnlineSktDict

अजानत् (ajaanat.h)
Skt: अजानत् (ajaanat.h) - knew - OnlineSktDict

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अजानता (ajaanataa)
Skt: अजानता (ajaanataa) - without knowing - OnlineSktDict

अजानन्तः (ajaanantaH)
Skt: अजानन्तः (ajaanantaH) - without knowing - OnlineSktDict

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{a.zi.} अजि
not entd in OnlineSktDict

अजिन ajina
Skt: ajina - ajna n. (probably at first the skin of a goat, aja)
   # the hairy skin of an antelope, especially a black antelope
    (which serves the religious student for a couch seat, covering &c.)
  # the hairy skin of a tiger, &c., m. N. of a descendant of Pṛithu VP -- MonWiliWash
Pal: ajina {a.zi.na.} - n. the hide of the black antelope -- UPMT-PED006
Pal: {a.zi.na.} - - UHS-PMD0018
     UKT from UHS: m. leopard, hide of black panther

अजिनपत्त्रि   ajinapattri
Skt: अजिनपत्त्रि  ajinapattri - f. bat - SpkSkt
Skt: ajinapattri - ○pattri or f. a bat - MonWilliWash
Pal: {a.zi.na.pt~ta} - - UHS-PMD0018
Pal: ajinapatta - f. a bat - UPMT-PED006

Pal: {a.zi.na.yau:ni.} - - UHS-PED0018
Pal: ajinayoni - m. a wild goat, large kind of deer -- UPMT-PED006

अजिनपत्त्रिका  ajinapattrikā
Skt: अजिनपत्त्रिका  ajinapattrikā - f. bat - SpkSkt

Pal: {a.zi.ra.} - - UHS-PMD0018
Pal: ajira - n. a court-yard , frog, wind  -- UPMT-PED006

Pal: ajimhaga {a.zaim~ha.ga.} - m. ( √gam) an arrow -- UPMT-PED006

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not entd in OnlineSktDict

Pal: a-jīva {a.zi-wa.} - adj. ( √jīv) lifeless; m. a corpse -- UPMT-PED006

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