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{a-ga.} आग
{īīn~ga.} आङ्ग

UKT notes

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{a-ga.} आग
not entd in OnlineSktDict

¤ अघ agha
Skt: अघ agha - adj. impure, bad, dangerous, sinful. m. impurity, pain, suffering.
  n. evil, mishap, sin - SpkSkt
Pal: agha - n. evil - UPMT-PED004

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• आगच्छेत् (aagachchet.h)
Skt: आगच्छेत् (aagachchet.h) - one should come - OnlineSktDict

• आगतः (aagataH)
Skt: आगतः (aagataH) - having attained - OnlineSktDict

• आगताः (aagataaH)
Skt: आगताः (aagataaH) - attained - OnlineSktDict

• आगम (aagama)
Skt: आगम (aagama) - arrival - OnlineSktDict

• आगमन (aagamana)
Skt: आगमन (aagamana) - coming - OnlineSktDict

• आगमे (aagame)
Skt: आगमे (aagame) - on the arrival - OnlineSktDict

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{īīn~ga.} आङ्ग

UKT: Here we see the {king:si:} orthography again.
This is not indicated in Pali-Latin, but is an outstanding feature
in Pali-Myanmar. It should not be mixed up with {a.nga.} . It literally
means 'ridden by a centipede'. On the right is shown three types of conjuncts
for the same word. The problem here is what do we do for the change from
अ to आ . At this point, the only suggestion is to use double īī .


• आङ्ग्ल  (aa.ngla)
Skt: आङ्ग्ल  (aa.ngla) - English - OnlineSktDict

• आङ्ग्लभाषा (aa.nglabhaashhaa)
Skt: आङ्ग्लभाषा (aa.nglabhaashhaa) - English language - OnlineSktDict

¤ आङ्ग्ल  āṅgla  m. Englishman
¤ आङ्ग्लभाष  āṅglabhāṣa  adj.  English

¤ आङ्ग्लभाषा  āṅglabhāṣā  fEnglish
¤ आङ्ग्लभाषा -प्राध्यापक   āṅglabhāṣā -prādhyāpaka  mEnglish lecturer

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UKT notes


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