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by U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Daw Khin Wutyi, B.Sc., and staff of TIL Computing and Language Centre, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone.

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Though UPMT-PED is in Pal-Lat, for comparison to UHS-PMD in Pal-Myan, I have transcribed entries in UPMT in Pal-Myan. - UKT110625
 Here are three easily forgotten Myanmar and Devanagari grapheme pairs and their conjuncts:
   {za.} ज ja    {z~za.} ज्ज jja
   {Za.} झ jha {z~Za.} ज्झ jjha
   {a.} ञ a  {z~a.} ज्ञ ja :
Note: {z~a.} ज्ञ ja   =  ज ् ञ  is being considered to be included in Romabama - UKT110702
A similar but reversed conjunct is {~za1} ञ्ज ja = ञ ् ज


ज ् ञ

UKT: Though {Za.} is present in Pal-Myan, it is almost absent in Skt-Dev.. There are no less than 104 entries in UHS-PMD-0018 to 0021.

The short vowels, such as //, can be checked by various consonants. And, amongst the rimes formed, those of the voiceless (tenuous and not aspirated) palatal and retroflex stops, {ic} {T}, and the unusual nasals {ng}, {i}, {N} are the most interesting in inter-language transcription, either because of their fricative or nasal sounds. Before we go into inter-transcription between Burmese and English, we will study the relationship between Pali and Sanskrit, because Pal-Myan is related to Bur-Myan (Tibeto-Burman), and Skt-Dev to Eng-Lat (Indo-European). Our study will serve as an introduction to BEPS Pali English Dictionary which I hope to write later - UKT110625.

UKT notes

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अज्ञ ajna
= अ ज ् ञ
- a. ignorant; senseless (animals & things);
stupid, foolish, inexperienced.

अज्ञता ajna-ta
- f. ignorance, stupidity.

अज्ञात a-jnata = अ ज ् ञ ा त
- pp. unknown, unrecognised:
ad. without the knowledge of (g.);
sla, a. whose family and character are unknown;
pp. eaten unawares;
m. unknown abode; a. whose abode is unknown:
ad. unknown, incognito.

अज्ञाति a-jnati
- m. no blood-relation.

अज्ञात्वा a-jna-tva
- gd. without knowing.

अज्ञान a-jnana
- 1. n. ignorance; inadvertence: ab. inadvertently;
non-intelligence: name of primeral matter as
the ultimate material cause ;
a. ignorant, foolish, inexperienced.

अज्ञानतस् a-jnanatas
- ad. unwittingly.

अज्ञानार्थ a-jnanartha
- a. not having the meaning 'knowledge'

अज्ञास् a-jnas
- a. without kin.

अज्ञेय a-jneya
- fp. not to be known or recognised.

अज्म aj-ma = अ ज ् म {iz~ma.}
- m. road; course; train;
n. id.

अज्यानि a-jyani = अ ज ् य ा न ि
- f. intactness, safety.

अज्येष्ठ a-jyestha = अ ज ् य े ष ् ठ
- a. not the eldest: pl. of whom none is the eldest; not the best;
ritti, a. not behaving as an elder brother.

अज्र ajra = अ ज ् र {iz~ra.}
- m. pasture, field, plain.


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{iz~Za.} अज्झ = अ ज ् झ



Pal: ajjhakkha {iz~Zak~hka.} - m. a village head-man, superintendent -- UPMT-PED006
Pal: {iz~Zak~hka.} - - UHS-PMD0018
     UKT from UHS: m. leader, official



Pal: ajjhatta {iz~Zt~ta.} - n. subjective, personal, internal -- UPMT-PED006


अज्झल ajjhala = अ ज ् झ ल
Skt: अज्झल ajjhala - m. burning coal - SpkSkt

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Pal: ajjhācarati  {iz~Za-sa.ra.ti.} - v. (ajhi + ā √car) to practise, enjoin, cāra,
   m. offence -- UPMT-PED006


Pal: ajjhāpatti - f. ( √pad) an offence, transgression -- UPMT-PED006
Pal: {iz~Za-pt~ti.} - - UHS-PMD0019
     UKT from UHS: f. breaking a law either common or ecclesiastical

Pal: ajjhāpeti - v. (adhi + ā + apa √i) to teach, instruct -- UPMT-PED006


Pal: ajjhāya {iz~Za-ya.} - m. the chapter of a book -- UPMT-PED007
Pal: {iz~Za-ya.} - - UHS-PMD0019
     UKT from UHS: m. reading, studying


Pal: ajjhāropeti {iz~Za-rau:p-ti.}
   - caus. ( √ruh ) to raise, transfer, apply -- UPMT-PED007


Pal: ajjhāvasati {iz~Za-wa.a.ti.} - v. ( √vas) to dwell, inhabit -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhāvasatha {iz~Za-wa.a.hta.}
   - m. ( √vas) a covered place, house, dwelling -- UPMT-PED007
Pal: {iz~Za-wa.a.hta.} - - UHS-PMD0020
     UKT from UHS: m. a dwelling

Pal: ajjhāvāhanika {iz~Za-wa-ha.ni.ka.} - n. ( √vah) a dowry -- UPMT-PED007


Pal: ajjhāsaya {iz~Za-a.ya.}
   - ( adhi + ā √si ) intention, inclination, wish, vote -- UPMT-PED007 
Pal: {iz~Za-a.ya.} - - UHS-PMD0020

Pal: ajjhāseti {iz~Za--ti.} - v. ( √si ) to lie or rest upon -- UPMT-PED007


अज्ञका  ajakā 
= अ ज ् ञ क ा  
Skt: अज्ञका  ajakā  - f. ignorant woman - SpkSkt

आज्ञाकर  ājākara
= आ ज ् ञ ा क र  
Skt: आज्ञाकर  ājākara - adj. submissive. m. executing an order, servant - SpkSkt

आज्ञाकरी  ājākarī
= आ ज ् ञ ा क र ी  
Skt: आज्ञाकरी  ājākarī  - f. female servant - SpkSkt

आज्ञाकारिन्  ājākārin
= आ ज ् ञ ा क ा र ि न ्  
Skt: आज्ञाकारिन्  ājākārin - adj. one who executes orders, a minister - SpkSkt

अज्ञात ajāta
= अ ज ् ञ ा त
Skt: अज्ञात ajāta - adj. unknown, unexpected, unaware - SpkSkt

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Note: Romabama transliterations and the corresponding Pal-Myan for UPMT entries are mine. - UKT

UKT: {Za.} which is quite frequently met in Pal-Myan is quite rare in Skt-Dev. The following needs to be checked with entries in Devanagari in both MonWilliWash and Mac. So far, I haven't been successful. I still have to check taking the English meanings as a cue. -- UKT110624

Pal: ajjhena {iz~Z-na.} - n. vedic learning -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhesati {iz~Z-a.ti.} - v. ( √is ) to request, invite -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhokāsa {iz~Zau:ka-a.}
   - m. (√kas ) the open sky, space -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhogāḷha {iz~Zau:gaaL-ha.}
   - ppp. ( √gah) plunged, sunk, immersed -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhottharati  {?} - v. ( √thar) to strew about, scatter -- UPMT-PED007
*Pal: {iz~Zaut~hta.ra.ti.} - - UHS-PMD0021

Pal: ajjhosita {iz~Zau:i.ta.} - ppp. ( √si ) bent upon -- UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajjhoharati {iz~Zau:ha.ra.ti.} - v. ( √ har ) to swallow, eat -- UPMT-PED007
Pal: {iz~Zau:ha.ra.ti.} -   - UHS-PMD0021

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