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UKT: The transform:
Skt: {iz~a.} अज्ञ ajna = अ ज ् ञ
  --> Pal: {i~a.} अज्ञ anna = अ ज ् ञ  
is being checked in this file.

अज्ञ ajna
= अ ज ् ञ
Skt: अज्ञ ajna - a. ignorant; senseless (animals & things); stupid, foolish, inexperienced. - Mac

अज्ञता ajna-ta
= अ ज ् ञ त ा
Skt: अज्ञता ajna-ta - f. ignorance, stupidity. - Mac

अज्ञात a-jnata
= अ ज ् ञ ा त
- pp. unknown, unrecognised:
ad. without the knowledge of (g.);
sla, a. whose family and character are unknown;
-bhukta, pp. eaten unawares;
-vsa, m. unknown abode; a. whose abode is unknown:
-m, ad. unknown, incognito.

अज्ञाति a-jnati
= अ ज ् ञ ा त ि = {iz~a-ti.}
Skt: अज्ञाति a-jnati - m. no blood-relation. - Mac
Pal: {i~a-ti.} - - UHS-PMD0023
     UKT from UHS: m. a person not related by blood.

अज्ञात्वा a-jna-tva
Skt: अज्ञात्वा a-jna-tva - gd. without knowing. - Mac

अज्ञान a-jnana
Skt: अज्ञान a-jnana - 1. n. ignorance; inadvertence: ab. inadvertently; non-intelligence:
   name of primeral matter as the ultimate material cause ; a. ignorant, foolish, inexperienced. - Mac

अज्ञानतस् a-jnanatas
Skt: अज्ञानतस् a-jnanatas - ad. unwittingly. - Mac

अज्ञानार्थ a-jnanartha
Skt: अज्ञानार्थ a-jnanartha - a. not having the meaning 'knowledge' - Mac

अज्ञास् a-jnas
Skt: अज्ञास् a-jnas - a. without kin. - Mac

अज्ञेय a-jneya
Skt: अज्ञेय a-jneya - fp. not to be known or  recognised. - Mac



---the following do not belong to this file---

अज्म aj-ma
= अ ज ् म {iz~ma.}
- m. road; course; train;
n. id.

अज्यानि a-jyani
= अ ज ् य ा न ि
- f. intactness, safety.

अज्येष्ठ a-jyestha
= अ ज ् य े ष ् ठ
- a. not the eldest: pl. of whom none is the eldest; not the best;
ritti, a. not behaving as an elder brother.

अज्र ajra
= अ ज ् र {iz~ra.}
- m. pasture, field, plain.

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