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Remember we are talking about {ic} as in <kick> /kɪk/ that stops with a palatal-plosive-stop, NOT {iS} that do not really stop, but ends with a hissing dental-sibilant-fricative sound as in <sis> of <sister> /'sɪs.t|əʳ/.

{ic} अच्
{ic~hsa.} अच्छ = अ च ् छ
{ic~hs} अच्छे = अ च ् छ े

UKT notes

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{ic} अच्
Not entered in OnlineSktDict

Pal: {ic~sa.na} - - UHS-PMD0014
Pal: accanā - f. offering, worship - UPMT-PED005

Pal: {ac~sn~ta.} - - UHS-PMD0014
Pal: accanta - adj. exceeding, extreme.
   aṁ, adv. very, exceedingly - UPMT-PED005

Pal: {ac~sa.ya.} - - UHS-PMD0015
Pal: accaya - m. (ati √i + a) lapse, death, offence, sin - UPMT-PED005

Pal: {ic~si.} - - UHS-PMD0015
Pal: acci - mfn. a ray of light, sunbeam, flame - UPMT-PED005

Pal: {ic~si.ma} - - UHS-PMD0015
Pal: acci-mā - m. fire - UPMT-PED005

Pal: {ic-su.ta.} - - UHS-PMD0015

Pal: {ic~su.ti.}
Pal: a-ccuti - f. (√cu) the deathless, nibbāna - UPMT-PED005

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{ic~hsa.} अच्छ = अ च ् छ

अच accha
= अ च  [UKT: Is this spelling wrong?]
Skt: अच accha - adj. not shaded, transparent, pure, pellucid, lucid, not dark.
   m. bear, crystal [transparent] - SpkSkt
Skt: accha 2 - accha  m. (corruption of ṛkṣa ), a bear - MonWilliWash

अच्छाय  acchāya
= अ च ् छ ा य  
Skt: अच्छाय  acchāya  adj.  without shadow; casting no shadow - SpkSkt

अच्छ accha
= अ च ् छ
Skt: अच्छ accha - 1. ad. near at hand; -or prp. with ac. to, towards. 2. a. clear; bright, pure. - Mac
Pal: {ic~hsa.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: accha - adj. clear, transparent;  m. a bear, crystal - UPMT-PED005

अच्छभल्ल  acchabhalla 
=  अ च ् छ भ ल ् ल  
Skt: अच्छभल्ल  acchabhalla  m.  bear  - SpkSkt
Skt: accha 1 - a-ccha mfn. (fr. a + cha for chad or chaya, √chad), 'not shaded',
  'not dark, pellucid, transparent, clear
  # m. a crystal L - MonWilliWash

Pal: {ic~hsa.ra} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: accharā - f. a celestial nymph, the snapping of a finger - UPMT-PED006

अप्सरस् apsaras
= अ प ् स र स ्
Skt: अप्सरस् apsaras  f.  nymph - SpkSkt

UKT note: The English <s> at the end of anglicized words may not necessarily be indicative of the plural : it can also mean the killed स ् = स्  - UKT110926


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Pal: {ic~hsa.ri.ya.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: acchariya - adj. wonderful - UPMT-PED006

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{ic~hs} अच्छे = अ च ् छ े

अच्छद्यः (achchhedyaH)
Skt: अच्छद्यः (achchhedyaH) - unbreakable - OnlineSktDict

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{ic~yu.} अच्यु = अ च ् य ु

अच्युत (achyuta)
= अ च ् य ु त
Skt: अच्युत (achyuta) - O infallible one - OnlineSktDict
Skt: acyuta - -cyuta or a-cyut mfn. not fallen
  # firm, solid # imperishable, permanent # not leaking or dripping
  # m. N. of vishṇu # of Kṛishṇa # of a physician, the plant Morinda Tinctoria
  # N. of a gift to Agni ŚBr - MonWilliWash

अच्युतम् (achyutam.h)
Skt: अच्युतम् (achyutam.h) - the who does not slip - OnlineSktDict

अच्युत  acyuta 
= अ च ् य ु त  
Skt: अच्युत  acyuta  adj.  not slipping;  steadfast ; imperishable; firm - SpkSkt

अच्युतज  acyutaja
Skt: अच्युतज  acyutaja  m. class of jaina deities - SpkSkt
Skt: acyutaja - ○ ja m. pl. a class of Jaina deities - MonWilliWash


---the following to be incorporated into above---

Pal: {ic~hsa-da.na.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: acchādana - n. (√chad) a covering, lid, clothes - UPMT-PED006

Pal: {ic~hsa-d-ti.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: Pal: acchādeti {ic~hsa-d-ti.} - v. (ā √chad) to wear (clothes), dress, cover, hide
   ppp. Acchanna - UPMT-PED006

Pal: {ic~hsi.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: acchi - f. the eye - UPMT-PED006

Pal: {ic~hsain~da.ti.} - - UHS-PMD0016
Pal: acchindati - v. (ā √chid) to take away, rob, plunder, daka,
   m. a robber - UPMT-PED006

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