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{a.ka.} अक
{a.ka} अका
{a.ki} अकी
{a.ku.} अकु
{a.kRi.} अकृ
{a.kri.} अक्रि
{a.krau:} अक्रो

UKT notes

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{a.ka.} अक
not entd in OnlineSktDict

अकच  akaca
Skt: अकच  akaca - adj.  hairless, bald - SpkSkt 
Skt: akaca - a-kaca mfn. hairless, bald
  # cf. ut-, ūrdhva-, vi- 
  # m. N. of Ketu, the dragon's tail or descending node (having a headless trunk) L - MonWilliWash
Pal: akaca - m. a banner - UPMT-PED001
Pal: {a.ka.sa.} - UKT trans. from UPMT-PED001 - not entd in UHS-PMD

अकरणि akaraṇi
Skt: अकरणि akaraṇi - f. non-accomplishment, failure, disappointment - SpkSkt
Skt: akaraṇi - a-karaṇi f. non-accomplishment, failure, disappointment
  (used in imprecations, e.g. tasykaraṇir evstu bad luck to him!) L - MonWilliWash
Pal: a-karaṇi - m. failure, deficiency - UPMT-PED001
*Pal: {a.ka.ra.na.} - - UHS-PMD0002

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अकर्तारं  (akartaaraM) 
= अ क र् ता रं  / /
Skt: अकर्तारं  (akartaaraM) - as the non-doer - OnlineSktDict

अकर्म  akarman 
= अ क र् म  /
Skt: अकर्म  (akarma) - inaction - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अकर्मन्  akarman n.  inaction = अ क र् म न्  -- SpkSkt
Skt: अकर्मन् a-karman - n. inaction; a. (-mn) doing nothing, idling; wicked. -- Mac

See my note on Skt: akarma


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अकर्मकृत् (akarmakRit.h) . 
Skt: अकर्मकृत् (akarmakRit.h) - without doing something - OnlineSktDict

अकर्मणः (akarmaNaH)
Skt: अकर्मणः (akarmaNaH) - than no work - OnlineSktDict

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अकर्मणि (akarmaNi)
Skt: अकर्मणि (akarmaNi) - in not doing prescribed duties - OnlineSktDict
Skt: akarman - a-karmn mfn. not working
  # not performing good works, wicked RV. x, 2 2, 8
  # inefficient # (in Gr.) intransitive # (a), n. absence of work
  # observances # improper work, crime - MonWilliWash

अकल्मषं (akalmashhaM) = अ क ल ् म ष ं
Skt: अकल्मषं (akalmashhaM) - freed from all past sinful reactions - OnlineSktDict 

Skt: akala - a-kala mfn. not in parts, entire
   # not skilled in the arts (kalās) - MonWilliWash

Do not confuse with:
Skt: अकाल [ a-kla ] m. unseasonable time: --, -tas, lc. unseasonably. - Mac001
Pal: a-kāla - m. (√kal) unseasonable time, wrong time - UPMT-PED001


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अकस्मात् (akasmaat.h)
Skt: अकस्मात् (akasmaat.h) - by chance - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अकस्मात्् [ a-kasmt ] (ab.) ad. without apparent cause; suddenly; accidentally. - Mac001

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{a.ka} अका
not entd in OnlineSktDict

Skt: akāṇḍa - a-kāṇḍa mfn. without a trunk T
   # causeless, unexpected # (e), ind. causelessly, unexpectedly - MonWilliWash

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अकारः (akaaraH)
Skt: अकारः (akaaraH) - the first letter - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अकार [ a-kra ] m. the sound or letter ă. [-ness. - Mac001

UKT: The word अकारः (akaaraH) = अ क ा र ः  
appears to be the antonym of क्षर (kShara) = क ् ष र
implying indestructibility. To be checked further. - UKT 110514

क्षर (kShara)
Skt: क्षर (kShara) - prone to end, destructible - OnlineSktDict

अकारो (akaaro)
Skt: अकारो (akaaro) - the letter 'a' - OnlineSktDict

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अकार्य (akaarya)
Skt: अकार्य (akaarya) - and forbidden activities - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अकार्य akārya  n.  what ought not to be done ; crime -- SpkSkt
Skt: अकार्य [ a-krya ] fp. not to be done; n. misdeed: -tas, ad. by doing wrong. - Mac001
Skt: akārya - a-kārya mfn. not to be done, improper
   # (am), n. a criminal action

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अकार्यं  (akaaryaM)   = अ का र् यं  //
Skt: अकार्यं  (akaaryaM) - what ought not to be done - OnlineSktDict

अकार्ये (akaarye)
Skt: अकार्ये (akaarye) - and what ought not to be done - OnlineSktDict

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{a.ki} अकी

अकीर्ति (akiirti)
Skt: अकीर्ति (akiirti) - infamy - OnlineSktDict

अकीर्तिं (akiirtiM)
Skt: अकीर्तिं (akiirtiM) - infamy - OnlineSktDict

अकीर्तिः (akiirtiH)
Skt: अकीर्तिः (akiirtiH) - ill fame - OnlineSktDict

अकीर्तित akīrtita
Skt: अकीर्तित akīrtita - adj. infamous - SpkSkt

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{a.ku.} अकु
not entd in OnlineSktDict

Skt: akuṇṭha - a-kuṇṭha mfn. not blunted, not worn out
  # vigorous, fixed # ever fresh, eternal - MonWilliWash

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अकुर्वत् (akurvat.h)
Skt: अकुर्वत् (akurvat.h) - did - OnlineSktDict

अकुर्वत (akurvata)
Skt: अकुर्वत (akurvata) - did they do - OnlineSktDict

Skt: akula - a-kula mfn. not of good family, low
  # (as) m. N. of Śiva L  # (ā) f. N. of Pārvatī L - MonWilliWash

अकुशलं (akushalaM)
Skt: अकुशलं (akushalaM) - inauspicious - OnlineSktDict
Skt: akuśala - a-kuśala mf (ā) n. inauspicious, evil
  # not clever # (am), n. evil, an evil word Mn - MonWilliWash

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{a.kRi.} अकृ

Not to be mistaken for {a.kri.} which is pronounced in the Irrawaddy basic dialect as /{a.kyi.}/.
   Remember the R here is not a consonant: it is a highly rhotic vowel: the vowel letter and vowel sign being ऋ and ृ . The sound of R is absent in Bur-Myan.


अकृतबुद्धित्वात् (akRitabuddhitvaat.h)
Skt: अकृतबुद्धित्वात् (akRitabuddhitvaat.h) - due to unintelligence - OnlineSktDict

अकृतात्मानः (akRitaatmaanaH)
Skt: अकृतात्मानः (akRitaatmaanaH) - those without self-realisation - OnlineSktDict

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अकृतेन (akRitena)
Skt: अकृतेन (akRitena) - without discharge of duty - OnlineSktDict

अकृत्वा (akRitvaa)
Skt: अकृत्वा (akRitvaa) - without doing (from kRi) - OnlineSktDict

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अकृत्स्नविदाः (akRitsnavidaaH)  = अ क ृ त ् स ् न व ि द ा ः
Skt: अकृत्स्नविदाः (akRitsnavidaaH) - persons with a poor fund of knowledge - OnlineSktDict

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{a.kri.} अक्रि

अक्रियाः (akriyaaH)
Skt: अक्रियाः (akriyaaH) - without duty - OnlineSktDict

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{a.krau:} अक्रो - must not be pronounced as /{a.kyau:}/

अक्रोध akrodha (akrodha) Skt: adj. free from anger -- SpkSkt
Skt: अक्रोध akrodha (akrodha) - freedom from anger - OnlineSktDict
Skt: akrodha - a-krodha m. suppression of anger
   # (mfn.), free from anger - MonWilliWash

अक्रोधः (akrodhaH)
Skt: अक्रोधः (akrodhaH) - freedom from anger - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes


From: http://vedabase.net/bg/4/16/ 110514

Chapter 4: Transcendental Knowledge: Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 4.16

kiḿ karma kim akarmeti
kavayo 'py atra mohitāḥ
tat te karma pravakṣyāmi
yaj jātvā mokṣyase 'śubhāt


kim what is; karma action; kim what is; akarma inaction; iti thus; kavayaḥ the intelligent; api also; atra in this matter; mohitāḥ are bewildered; tat that; te unto you; karma work; pravakṣyāmi I shall explain; yat which; jātvā knowing; mokṣyase you will be liberated; aśubhāt from ill fortune.


Even the intelligent are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction. Now I shall explain to you what action is, knowing which you shall be liberated from all misfortune.

UKT: More in the source.

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