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{a.ya.} अय
{a.yu.} अयु
{a.yau:} अयो
{čý} अय् - probably unknown in Pali and Skt.: UKT

UKT: The question that is of utmost importance in transcription of Burmese to English and back is the treatment of the so-called "semi-vowels" sic "semi-consonants", the first member being {ya.}. What happens when a killed semi-consonant follows a vowel as in {čý}? Does the semivowel become a "vowel"? We note that it is used as a middle pitch-register in the Burmese-Myanmar (Bur-Myan) series, {č.} {čý} {č:} . We also note that in Bur-Myan, {ya.} and {ra.} behave very similarly. For example, {rűn-koan} is pronounced // /{yűn-koan}/ by most of the population except those of the west coast - the inhabitants of the {ra.hkaing} state. -- UKT 100307

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{a.ya.} अय 

• अयं (ayaM) 
Skt: अयं (ayaM)  - him ( from idaM.h) - OnlineSktDict

• अयजन्त (ayajanta)
= अ य ज न ् त
Skt: अयजन्त (ayajanta) - 3rd.per.pl imperfect aatmanpada of yaj, to worship - OnlineSktDict

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• अयतिः (ayatiH)
Skt: अयतिः (ayatiH) - the unsuccessful transcendentalist - OnlineSktDict

• अयथावत् (ayathaavat.h)
Skt: अयथावत् (ayathaavat.h) - imperfectly - OnlineSktDict

• अयनेषु (ayaneshhu)
Skt: अयनेषु (ayaneshhu) - in the strategic points - OnlineSktDict

• अयम (ayama)
Skt: अयम (ayama) - length, extension , restraint - OnlineSktDict

• अयशः (ayashaH)
Skt: अयशः (ayashaH)  - infamy - OnlineSktDict

• अयसः (ayasaH)
Skt: अयसः (ayasaH) - (m).  iron  - OnlineSktDict
Pal:  aya  mn.  iron  - UPMT-PED26

• अयज्ञस्य (ayaGYasya)
Skt: अयज्ञस्य (ayaGYasya)  - for one who performs no sacrifice - OnlineSktDict

¤ अयश   ayaśa   m.   infamy  - SpkSkt

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{a.yu.} अयु

• अयुक्तः (ayuktaH)
Skt: अयुक्तः (ayuktaH) - one who is not in KRishhNa consciousness - OnlineSktDict

• अयुक्तस्य (ayuktasya)
= अ य ु क ् त स ् य ?
Skt: अयुक्तस्य (ayuktasya) - of one who is not connected ( with KRishhNa consciousness)- OnlineSktDict

¤ अयुक्त  ayukta  ppp.  absurd
¤ अयुक्ताभास  ayuktābhāsa  adj.  paradoxical

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{a.yau:} अयो

• अयोगतः (ayogataH)
Skt: अयोगतः (ayogataH) - without devotional service - OnlineSktDict

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• अयोजयिष्यत् (ayojayishhyat.h)
Skt: अयोजयिष्यत् (ayojayishhyat.h) - if one does not join or connect - OnlineSktDict

• अयोभाण्डम् (ayobhaaNDam.h)
Skt: अयोभाण्डम् (ayobhaaNDam.h)  - (n) a wooden barrel - OnlineSktDict

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