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{a.ta.} अत
{a.ti.} अति
{a.ti} अती
{a.tu.} अतु
{a.tu} अतू

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{a.ta.} अत

• अतः ataḥ (ataH) 
Skt: अतः ataḥ (ataH) - hence - OnlineSktDict
Skt: indecl.  for this reason, hence, next, so, therefore, from here, from that time - SpkSkt

• अतत्तवार्थवत् (atattvaarthavat.h) = अ त त ् त व ा र ् थ व त ्
Skt: अतत्तवार्थवत् (atattvaarthavat.h) - without knowledge of reality - OnlineSktDict
*Skt: atattvavid - a-tattva-vid mfn. not knowing the truth, i.e. the soul's identity with Brahma - MonWilliWash

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• अतन्द्रितः (atandritaH)
Skt: अतन्द्रितः (atandritaH) - with great care - OnlineSktDict

• अतपस्काय (atapaskaaya) = अ त प स ् क ा य
Skt: अतपस्काय (atapaskaaya) - to one who is not austere - OnlineSktDict

€ अतःपरम् 
Skt: अतःपरम्  indecl.  henceforth -- SpkSkt

€ अतः परम्  ataḥ param 
Skt: अतः परम्  ataḥ param  indecl.  after this, next, hereafter, farther on, from then on -- SpkSkt

€ अतस, अतः  atas, ataḥ 
Skt: अतस, अतः  atas, ataḥ  adv.  from this, hence -- SpkSkt

€ atala
Skt: atala - a-tala n. bottomless
  # N. of a hell beneath the earth # m. N. of Śiva - MonWilliWash
Pal: atala - n. a hell below the earth - UPMT-PED009

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{a.ti.} अति

• अति (ati)
Skt: अति (ati) - extremely - OnlineSktDict
Skt: ati - ati is often prefixed to nouns and adjectives, and rarely to verbs,
  in the sense excessive, extraordinary, intense
  # excessively, too # exceedingly, very # in such compounds the accent is generally on αti - MonWilliWash
Pal: अति  ati - pref. (with v.)   over, beyond; (with n.) excessive, surpassing;
  (with adv.) very exceedingly - UPMT-PED009
Pal: {a.ti.} - - UHS-PMD0028

• अतिपरिचय (atiparichaya)
Skt: अतिपरिचय (atiparichaya) - excessive familiarity - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिवीर्यं (ativiiryaM) 
Skt: अतिवीर्यं (ativiiryaM) - super power - OnlineSktDict

• अतिचार (atichaara)
Skt: अतिचार (atichaara) - Accelerated planetary motion - OnlineSktDict

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• अतितरन्ति (atitaranti)
Skt: अतितरन्ति (atitaranti) - transcend - OnlineSktDict

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• अतितरलं (atitaralaM)
Skt: अतितरलं (atitaralaM) - ati+tarala, very+unstable - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिथि (atithi)
Skt: अतिथि (atithi) - (m) guest - OnlineSktDict
Skt: atithi - αtithi m. (√at, or said to be from a-tithi, 'one who has no fixed day for coming'),
  a guest, a person entitled to hospitality
  # N. of Agni # of an attendant on Soma # N. of Suhotra (king of Ayodhyā,
  and grandson of Rāma) - MonWilliWash
Pal: atithi - m. guest, visitor - UPMT-PED009
Pal: {a.ti.hti.} - - UHS-PMD0030

€ atithi kriyā
Skt: atithi kriyā - ○kriyā f. hospitality - MonWilliWash
Pal: atithi kriyā - f. hospitality, duty towards guests - UPMT-PED009

• अतिथिः (atithiH)
Skt: अतिथिः (atithiH) - (m. Nom. sing.) guest (literally undated) - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिदारूणमन् (atidaaruuNaman.h)
Skt: अतिदारूणमन् (atidaaruuNaman.h) - adj. very dreadful - OnlineSktDict

• अतिदुर्वृत्त (atidurvRitta)
Skt: अतिदुर्वृत्त (atidurvRitta) - of exceedingly bad conduct - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिरिच्यते (atirichyate)
Skt: अतिरिच्यते (atirichyate) - becomes more - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिवर्तते (ativartate)
Skt: अतिवर्तते (ativartate) - transcends - OnlineSktDict

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• अतिशय (atishaya) = अ त ि श य
Skt: अतिशय (atishaya) - wonderful - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अतिशय { आतिश् }  atiśaya {ātiś} adj. wonderful - SpkSkt
Pal: ati-sāya - m. excess, excellence - UPMT-PED010
Pal: {a.ti.ώa-ya.} - - UHS-PMD0034

• अतिशयोक्ति (atishayokti) = अ त ि श य ो क ् त ि
Skt: अतिशयोक्ति (atishayokti) - exaggeration - OnlineSktDict

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{a.ti} अती

• अतीतः (atiiaH)
Skt: अतीतः (atiiaH) - surpassed - OnlineSktDict

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• अतीत्य (atiitya) = अ त ी त ् य
Skt: अतीत्य (atiitya) - transcending - OnlineSktDict

• अतीन्द्रियं (atiindriyaM)
Skt: अतीन्द्रियं (atiindriyaM) - transcendental - OnlineSktDict

• अतीव (atiiva)
Skt: अतीव (atiiva) - very much - OnlineSktDict

€ अतीव सुलभा आसीत्   atīva sulabhā āsīt sent.  It was very easy. - SpkSkt

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{a.tu.} अतु

• अतुलनीय (atulaniiya)
Skt: अतुलनीय (atulaniiya) - uncomparable - OnlineSktDict
*Skt: atula - a-tula mfn. unequalled
  # m. (destitute of weight), the Sesamum seed and plant - MonWilliWash
*Pal: a-tula  adj.  (√tul)  incomparable  - UPMT-PED010
*Pal: {a.tu.la.) - - UHS-PMD0035

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{a.tu} अतू

• अतूल्यं (atuulyaM)
Skt: अतूल्यं (atuulyaM) - uncomparable - OnlineSktDict

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