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{a.Ta.} अट

{T~Ta.} अट्ट 
{T~Hta.} अट्ठ

The rimes of the fricative-stops {ic} {iz} {i}, retroflex-stops {T} {N}, and unusual nasals {ng}, {i}, {N} as codas are the most interesting in inter-transcription between Pali and Sanskrit, and serve as an introduction to BEPS Pali English Dictionary which I hope to write later - UKT110520. Click to see the entries in UPMT-PED, British Burma Press1920.

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{a.Ta.} अट

अटति (aTati)
Skt: अटति (aTati) - to roam - 1 pp. to roam - OnlineSktDict
Pal: अटति aṭati - v. (√aṭ) to roam - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {a.Ta.ti.} - UHS-PMDict0023

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{T~Ta.} अट्ट 
no entry in OnlineSktDict

UKT: Though written as a vertical conjunct in Pali-Myanmar, it does not show clearly in small fonts. Because of this I have given it above as a spread-out 'horizontal' conjunct. Notice that there is no white space between the two {Ta.}, and also notice the change in Romabama vowel from {a} to {} to reflect the change in pronunciation of the rime.

अट्ट  aṭṭa = अ ट ् ट  
Skt: अट्ट  aṭṭa  m.  attic; an apartment on the roof or upper story; tower; buttress  - SpkSkt
Skt: aṭṭa - aṭṭa ind. high, lofty L
  # loud L # m. a watch-tower # a market, a market-place (corruption of haṭṭa)
  # N. of a Yaksha Rājat # over-measure L # (a). f. overbearing conduct(?) Pāṇ. 3-1, 17 Comm
  # (am), n. boiled rice, food L # (mfn.), dried, dry L - MonWilliWash
Pal: aṭṭa - m. (√ar) a lawsuit; (√aṭ) a watch-tower, an upper storey of a house; adj. suffering; - UPMT-PED008
Pal: {T~Ta.} 1.
Pal: {T~Ta.} 2.
Pal: {T~Ta.} 3.
Pal: {T~Ta.} 4. - UHS-PMD0024

अट्टहास  aṭṭahāsa 
Skt: अट्टहास  aṭṭahāsa  m.  boisterous laughter - SpkSkt
Pal: aṭṭahāsa - m. (√ has) violent laughter - UPMT-PED008
Pal: {T~Ta.ha-a.} - - UHS-PMD0024

अट्टहास्य  aṭṭahāsya
Skt: अट्टहास्य  aṭṭahāsya  adj.  laughing boisterously - SpkSkt

अट्टहासति { हस् } aṭṭahāsati { has } 
Skt: अट्टहासति { हस् } aṭṭahāsati { has }  v.1 Par  laugh boisterously - SpkSkt

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{T~Hta.} अट्ठ = अ ट ् ठ
no entry in OnlineSktDict

UKT: The conjunct {T~Hta.} is met frequently in Pali-Myanmar. It may also be given
in a spread-out form: -- Waiting for comments from my Bur-Myan peers.

अष्ट aṣṭa (ashhTa)
Skt: eight
Pal: अट्ठ aṭṭha - num. eight: aka, n. an octad, set of eight - UPMT-PEDict008 
Pal: {T~Hta.} - - UHS-PMDict0024

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UPMT-PED, British Burma Press, 1920

Note: Romabama transliterations and the corresponding Pal-Myan for UPMT entries are mine. - UKT

Pal: aṭaṭa - n. a very high numeral - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aṭati - v. (√aṭ) to roam - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aṭani - f. the frame of a bedstead, the notch of a bow to catch the bow-string - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aṭavī - f. (√aṭ) a forest - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aṭṭa - m. (√ar) a lawsuit; (√aṭ) a watch-tower, an upper storey of a house; adj. suffering; *yoga, m. (√yuj) litigation - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭahāsa - m. (√ has) violent laughter - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭahāsaka - m. the wild jasmine - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭāla - m. (√at) a watch tower; likā, f. a palace - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭyati - v. to loathe - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭha - num. eight; aka, n. an octad, set of eight - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhakathā, f. ( √ kath) a commentary - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhagādha -  m. a spider - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhapāda - f. the eightth day of a lunar half month - UPMT-PED008

Pal: a-ṭṭhāna - n. (√ṭhā) wrong place, wrong occasion. Aṭṭhāne, adv. loc. out of place,
unseasonably - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhāpada - mn. a picture-frame, a chequered board for dice etc., spider, worm, safety pin. gold - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭārasa - num. eighteen - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi - n. a bone, kernel of a fruit; *ka, a skeleton, seed - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhikaṅkala - m. a heap of bones - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhija - *a, *sāra, m. a mirror, glass - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-tuṇaḍa - m. a bird - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhitoda - n. (√tud) bone-disease, disease of the bones - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-thūṇa - m. the body - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-mālā - f. a rosary of bones - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-mija-meda -fn. marrow - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-saṁhāraka - m. the adjutant bird - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-sacaya - m. (√ci ) a heap of bones, ashes obtained from a cremated body - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhi-sosa - m. (√sus) a disease causing the bones to dry up - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aṭṭhuppatti - f. ( √pat ) the circustances of an occurrece - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aḍḍha - adj. half, wealthy - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aḍḍha-tiya - adj. to and a half; -teyyasata, adj. two hundred and fifty; - teyyasahassa, adj. two thousand and fifty - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aḍḍha-porisa - n. two cubits and one span - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aḍḍha-ratta - n. midnight  - UPMT-PED008

Pal: aḍḍhuḍḍha - adj. three and a half; sata, adj. three hundred and fifty - UPMT-PED008

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