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{a.hta.} अथ
{a.hta} अथा
{a.htau} अथौ

Remember the Indian th is {hta.} /tʰ/ , and Myanmar {tha.} is /θ/ . Myanmar {tha.} is a fricative thibilant equal to Indian s /s/ a fricative sibilant.

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{a.hta.} अथ

अथ (atha)
  Skt: अथ (atha) - thereupon - OnlineSktDict
  Pal: {a.hta.} - UHS-PMD0040
  Pal: अथ atha - adv. and, but, then, now - UPMT-PED011

अधशब्द (athashabda)
Skt: अधशब्द (athashabda) - the word atha (prayers are started with words atha or AUM) - OnlineSktDict

अर्थः (a-tha.rH)
Skt: अर्थः (a-tha.rH) - object, meaning - OnlineSktDict

अधशब्द (atharvaNvaakyaM)
Skt: अधशब्द (atharvaNvaakyaM) - 'atharvaNa' word-piece - OnlineSktDict

अथर्वशीर्ष (atharvashiirshha)
Skt: अथर्वशीर्ष (atharvashiirshha) - atharva (?) - OnlineSktDict

अथर्वशीर्षं  (atharvashiirshhaM) = अ थ र ् व श ी र ् ष ं  
Skt: अथर्वशीर्षं  (atharvashiirshhaM) - 'atharva' heading or head - OnlineSktDict

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अथवा (athavaa) 
  Skt: अथवा (athavaa) - or - OnlineSktDict
  Pal: atha vā  conj. or  - UPMT-PED011

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{a.hta} अथा

अथातः (athaataH)
Skt: अथातः (athaataH) - atha and ataH: then and therefore - OnlineSktDict

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{a.htau} अथौ

अथौ (athau)
Skt: अथौ (athau) - or in other words - OnlineSktDict

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