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  {da.} द / {dn} दं
{da.ka.} दक
{dak~} दक्
{dak~hka.} दक्ष = द क ् ष dakṣa
  examples of {hka.} changing into dental sibilant-fricative {Sa.} /s/
  (not palatal plosive-stop {sa.} /c/)
{da.Ta.} दट
{da.ta.} दत
{da.da.} दद
{da.Da.} दध
{dn~} दन्
{da.ma.} दम
{dm~bha.} दम

Pal-Myan is not fricative compared to Skt-Dev.
  As an example we can cite velar-plosive {hka.} changing into dental-fricative {Sa.} /s/ (not palatal-plosive {sa.} /c/).
  e.g. {dak~hka.} -> दक्ष  dakṣa
We see the changing of {th:th:ting} of Skt changing into {na.tht} in Pali:
  e.g. दंड -> {dN~a.} , and दंती -> {dn~ti.}.
  From these few examples can we speculate that this is a general rule between Sanskrit and Pali? And what about Burmese. - UKT100808, 110827

UKT notes
Dandasana - the Staff pose

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{da.} द / {dn} दं


दंडः (da.nDaH)
Skt: दंडः (da.nDaH) - punishment - OnlineSktDict
Pal: daṇḍa  m. a staff, stick, handle, stalk, stem, punishment, penalty - UPMT-PED108
Pal: {dN~a.} - UHS-PMD0458
Bur: {dN} - n. 1. chastisement, punishment. 2. injury, adverse effects of weather, etc. - MED2010-214

दंती (da.ntii)
Skt: दंती (da.ntii) - the tusked one - OnlineSktDict
Pal: danti  m. an elephant - UPMT-PED109
Pal: {dn~ti.} - UHS-PMD0460

दंश् (da.nsh.h)
Skt: दंश् (da.nsh.h) - to bite - OnlineSktDict

दंष्द्र (da.nshhTra)
Skt: दंष्द्र (da.nshhTra) - tooth - OnlineSktDict

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दंष्द्रा (da.nshhTraa)
Skt: दंष्द्रा (da.nshhTraa) - (fem) tooth, fang - OnlineSktDict

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{da.ka.} दक

{dak~} दक्

{dak~hka.}  दक्ष  dakṣa
no entry in OnlineSktDict

दक्ष  dakṣa 
Skt: दक्ष  dakṣa  adj.  wise, clever, prompt, diligent - SpkSkt
Pal: dakkha  adj. clever, skilful - UPMT-PED108
Pal: {dak~hka.} - UHS-PMD0456

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दक्षता (dakShataa)
Skt: दक्षता (dakShataa) - (f) efficiency, care - OnlineSktDict

दखिण (dakhiNa)
Skt: दखिण (dakhiNa) - right side - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: dakkhiṇa adj. right, the southern, dexterous; f. a gift, offering - UPMT-PED108
*Pal: {dak~hki.Na.}    - UHS - PMD0456

दग्ध (dagdha)
Skt: दग्ध (dagdha) - burned - OnlineSktDict

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{da.Ta.} दट

दण्ड (daNDa)
Skt: दण्ड (daNDa) - a staff; monetary punishment for wrong doing - OnlineSktDict
Pal: daṇḍa  m. a staff, stick, handle, stalk, stem, punishment, penalty - UPMT-PED108
Pal: {dN~a.} - UHS-PMD0458

दण्डं (daNDaM)
Skt: दण्डं (daNDaM) - stick (walking) - OnlineSktDict

दण्डासन (daNDaasana)
Skt: दण्डासन (daNDaasana) - the staff posture - OnlineSktDict

See my note on Dandasana - the Staff pose

दण्डी (daNDii)
Skt:  दण्डी (daNDii) - dandii - OnlineSktDict
Pal: daṇḍī  m. a mendicant - UPMT-PED109
Pal: {dN~i}  - UHS-PMD0458

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{da.ta.} दत

दत्तं (dattaM)
Skt: दत्तं (dattaM) - given - OnlineSktDict

दत्तान् (dattaan.h)
Skt: दत्तान् (dattaan.h) - things given - OnlineSktDict

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{da.da.} दद

ददति (dadati)
Skt: ददति (dadati) - give, donate - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: dadāti , deti , dajjati  v. (dā) to give, grant, allow - UPMT-PED108
*Pal: {da.da-ti.} - UHS-PMD0458

ददामि (dadaami)
Skt: ददामि (dadaami) - I give - OnlineSktDict

ददासि (dadaasi)
Skt: ददासि (dadaasi) - you give , confer upon - OnlineSktDict

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ददौ (dadau)
Skt: ददौ (dadau) - gave (from daa : to give) OnlineSktDict

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{da.Da.} दध

दधतमुरुजटा (dadhatamurujaTaa)
Skt: दधतमुरुजटा (dadhatamurujaTaa) - bearing, head adornments - OnlineSktDict

दधातु (dadhaatu)
Skt: दधातु (dadhaatu) - let them give (us welfare) - OnlineSktDict

दधामि (dadhaami)
Skt: दधामि (dadhaami) - create - OnlineSktDict

दधिची (dadhichii)
Skt: दधिची (dadhichii) - a sage who gave his bones to the gods to make a thunderbolt - OnlineSktDict

दध्मुः (dadhmuH)
Skt: दध्मुः (dadhmuH) - blew - OnlineSktDict

दध्मौ (dadhmau)
Skt: दध्मौ (dadhmau) - blew - OnlineSktDict

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{dn~} दन्

दन्डदीप (danDadiipa)
Skt: दन्डदीप (danDadiipa) - (m) tubelight - OnlineSktDict

दन्डयति (danDayati)
Skt: दन्डयति (danDayati) - (10 up) to punish - OnlineSktDict

दन्तः (dantaH)
Skt: दन्तः (dantaH) - m. tooth - OnlineSktDict
Pal: danta  m. a tooth, tusk, ivory - UPMT-PED108
Pal: {dn~ta.} - UHS-PMD0459

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दन्तपाली (dantapaalii)
Skt: दन्तपाली (dantapaalii) - (f) gums - OnlineSktDict

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{da.ma.} दम

दम (dama)
Skt: दम (dama) - self-control - OnlineSktDict
Pal: dama  m. (√dam)  self-subjugation, self-control - UPMT-PED109
Pal: {da.ma.} UHS-PMD0461

दमः (damaH)
Skt: दमः (damaH) - control of the senses - OnlineSktDict

दमयतां (damayataaM)
Skt: दमयतां (damayataaM) - of all means of suppression - OnlineSktDict

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{dm~bha.} दम्भ = द म ् भ

दम्भ (dambha)
Skt: दम्भ (dambha) - of pride - OnlineSktDict

दम्भः (dambhaH)
Skt: दम्भः (dambhaH) - pride - OnlineSktDict
Pal: dambha m. pride, boasting - UPMT-PED109
Pal: {dm~bha.} UHS-PMD0461

दम्भेन (dambhena)
Skt: दम्भेन (dambhena) - out of pride - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes

Dandasana - the Staff pose  

From: http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/2480 100717

Step by Step

1. Sit on the floor with your legs together and extended in front of your torso. If your torso is leaning back, it may be because tight hamstrings are dragging the sitting bones toward the knees and the back of the pelvis toward the floor. It may be helpful to sit on a blanket or a bolster to lift the pelvis.

2. A simple way to check alignment is to sit with your back against a wall. The sacrum and the shoulder blades should touch the wall, but not lower back or the back of the head. Put a small rolled-up towel between the wall and the lower back.

3. Sit towards the front of the sitting bones, and adjust the pubis and tail bone equidistant from the floor. Without hardening the belly, firm the thighs, press them down against the floor (or your support), rotate them slightly toward each other, and draw the inner groins toward the sacrum. Flex your ankles, pressing out through your heels.

4. To lengthen your front torso perpendicular to the floor, think of energy streaming upward from the pubis to the sternum, then down the back from the shoulders to the tail bone. Then imagine the tail lengthening into the floor.

5. Imagine your spine as the "staff" at the vertical core of your torso, rooted firmly in the Earth, the support and pivot of all you do. Hold the pose for one minute or longer.

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