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/ {kiir}/{ki:r} कूर्

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/ {kiir}/{ki:r} कूर्

UKT: Keep in mind the Two-three tone problem between IE (Indo-European) and the Burmese-Myanmar. We have already seen the checking of a short vowel in Skt: कर्कटी karkaṭī  f.  cucumber (SpkSkt) changing into Pal: kakkaṭī  f.  a kind of cucumber, snake, pot (UPMT-PED061) in a previous file. Here, when there is need to check the long vowel, the emphatic has to be checked.



कीर्त् (kiirt.h)
Skt: कीर्त् (kiirt.h) - to tell - OnlineSktDict

कीर्तयन्तः (kiirtayantaH)
Skt: कीर्तयन्तः (kiirtayantaH) - chanting - OnlineSktDict

कीर्ति (kiirtiM)
Skt: कीर्ति (kiirtiM) - reputation - OnlineSktDict

कीर्तिः (kiirtiH)
Skt: कीर्तिः (kiirtiH) - fame - OnlineSktDict

कीर्ती (kiirtii)
Skt: कीर्ती (kiirtii) - fame - OnlineSktDict
Pal: kitti  f.  fame, report - UPMT-PED074
Pal: {kait~ti.} - UHS-PMD0318

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UKT notes


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