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{ga} गा
{gi.} गि


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{ga} गा

गां (gaaM)
Skt: गां (gaaM) - the planets - OnlineSktDict

गाङ्ग (gaa.nga)
Skt: गाङ्ग (gaa.nga) - of the ganga river - OnlineSktDict

गाण्डीवं (gaaNDiivaM)
Skt: गाण्डीवं (gaaNDiivaM) - the bow of Arjuna - OnlineSktDict

गाजर  gājara  n.  carrot -- SpkSkt

गात्राणि (gaatraaNi)
Skt: गात्राणि (gaatraaNi) - limbs of the body - OnlineSktDict

गान (gaana)
Skt: गान (gaana) - singing - OnlineSktDict

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गायकः (gaayakaH)
Skt: गायकः (gaayakaH) - (m) singer - OnlineSktDict

गायति (gaayati)
Skt: गायति (gaayati) - 1pp. to sing - OnlineSktDict
Pal: gāyati  v. (√gā) to sing - UPMT-PED086
Pal: {ga-ya.ti.} - UHS-PMD0364

गायत्री (gaayatrii)
Skt: गायत्री (gaayatrii) - the Gayatri hymns - OnlineSktDict

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गायिका (gaayikaa)
Skt: गायिका (gaayikaa) - (f) singer - OnlineSktDict

गाहते (gaahate)
Skt: गाहते (gaahate) - (1 ap) to plunge - OnlineSktDict

गाहमान (gaahamaana)
Skt: गाहमान (gaahamaana) - (present participle)  - OnlineSktDict

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{gi.} गि

गिर् (gir.h)
Skt: गिर् (gir.h) - language - OnlineSktDict

गिरः (giraH)
Skt: गिरः (giraH) - words - OnlineSktDict
Pal: girā  f. voice, speech - UPMT-PED086
Pal: {gi.ra} - UHS-PMD0365

गिरां (giraaM)
Skt: गिरां (giraaM) - of vibration - OnlineSktDict

गिरि (giri)
Skt: गिरि (giri) - mountain - OnlineSktDict
Pal: giri  m. a mountain - UPMT-PED086
Pal: {gi.ri.} - UHS-PMD0366

गिरिकन्दर (girikandara)
Skt: गिरिकन्दर (girikandara) - (neut) ravine - OnlineSktDict

गिरिजा (girijaa) See my notes on Parvati
Skt: गिरिजा (girijaa) - paarvati - OnlineSktDict

गिरिश (girish)
Skt: गिरिश (girish) - God of mountain attributed of Lord Shiva - OnlineSktDict

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गिलति (gilati)
Skt: गिलति (gilati) - to swallow - OnlineSktDict
Pal: gilati  v. (√glā) to swallow, devour - UPMT-PED086
Pal: {gi.la.ti.} - UHS-PMD0366

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गीत (giita)
Skt: गीत (giita) - n. song - OnlineSktDict
Pal: gīta  n.  a song, hymn - UPMT-PED086
Pal: {gi-ta.} - UHS-PMD0367

गीतं (giitaM)
Skt: गीतं (giitaM) - described - OnlineSktDict

गीता (giitaa)
Skt: गीता (giitaa) - Shrimad.h Bhagavad.h gItA - OnlineSktDict

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