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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{a.nu.ta.} : contd
{a.nu.na.} {a.nu.ma.}

अनुप्रहारम् anu-praharam
= अ न ु प ् र ह ा र म ्
- ad. with a blow.

{a.nu.pa.} : Labial tenuis-voiceless
{a.nu.ba.} : Labial voiced
{a.nu.Ba.}: Labial deep-H
{a.nu.ma.}: Labial nasal

{a.nu.ya.} : Approximant-semiconsonant 

{a.nu.sha.} : Approximant-fricative husher-sibilant


UKT notes :


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अनुत्तम [ an-uttama ]
- a. (without a highest), highest, most excellent; mightiest; -uttara, a. not answering; unanswerable; n. unsatisfactory answer in court: -tva, n. abst. n.; -uttaraṅga, a. not billowy; -utthna, n. lack of energy; -utpatti, f. non-production; -utpda, m. id.; non-appearance; -utsha, m. absence of energy; -utshin, a. weak willed; -utsuka-t, f. unassumingness, modesty; -utstra-pada-nysa, a. without a step against the rules of policy; without a word against grammatical rules; -utseka, . lack of presumption, modesty; -utsekin, a. unassuming, modest, humble.


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अनुदक [ an-udak ]
- a. waterless; -udaya, m. non-appearance: -bhg, a. not rising (moon).



अनुदर्श [ anu-darsa ]
- m. representation, admonition: -na, n. consideration; -darsin, a. perceiving; considering.



अनुदात्त [ an-udtta ]
- a. not elevated, vulgar; lowered, grave (accent); pronounced with the low tone; m. grave accent; -tara, m. lowered grave accent preceding acute or circumflex; -tva, n. tonelessness.



अनुदार [ 1. an-udra ] a. ignoble.



अनुदार [ 2. anu-dra ]
- a. ruled by his wife.



अनुदासीन [ an-ud-sna ]
- pp. not indifferent to (prati).



अनुदित [ 1. n-ud-i-ta ]
- pp. not risen (sun).



अनुदित [ 2. n-ud-ita ]
- pp. undiscussed; not to be uttered.



अनुदिन [ anu-dina ] - or -m, ad. every day



- id.



अनुदेश [ anu-desa ]
- m. subsequent enumeration corresponding to a previous one; injunction; -deham, ad. behind; from behind.



अनुद्घात [ an-udghta ]
- m. no jolt, no shock; -ud-dhata, pp. not haughty, humble; -ud-dhrita, pp.
not taken out beforehand.



अनुद्यम [ an-udyama ]
- m. absence of exertion; -udyoga, m. id.; inactivity; -udyogin, a. not exerting oneself, lazy; -ud-vigna, pp. not agitated, not frightened: -m, ad.; -udvega, m. absence of excitement, calmness: -kara, a. not agitating, not frightening; -ud-vegaka, a. causing no excitement, giving no offence to (g.); -ud-vegayat, pr. pt. not agitating.

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अनुधावन [ anu-dhvana ]
- n. running after; cleansing; -dhyna, n. meditation; -dhyyin, a. reflecting; indulging in longing; -dhyeya, fp. to be reflected on.


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अनुनय [ anu-naya ]
- a. friendly; m. conciliation; friendliness; courtesy; flattery.



अनुनाद [ anu-nda ]
- m. echo; sound; -ndin, a. echoing; -nyaka, a. (ik) reconciling; -nyana, a. reconciling; -nyik, f. secondary heroine; -nsika, a. nasal; m. nasalised vowel: -bhva, m. nasality.



अनुनिशम् [ anu-nisam ]
- ad. every night.



अनुनीति [ anu-nti ]
- f. friendliness.



अनुनेय [ anu-neya ]
- fp. to be conciliated.



अनुन्मत्त [ an-un-matta ]
- pp. not mad, sane.



अनुन्मदित [ n-un-madita ]
- cs. pp. unfrenzied, restored to one's senses.


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अनुपकारिन्् [ an-upakrin ]
- a. not doing or unable to do a friendly service.



अनुपक्रम्य an-upa-kramya, ˚क्राम्य [ -krmya ]
- fp. not to be cured.



अनुपघ्नत् [ an-upa-ghnat ]
- pr. pt. not injuring.



अनुपचर्य [ an-upa-karya ]
- fp. who need not be waited on; unpretending; unselfish.



अनुपत्‍ित्रका [ anu-pattrik ]
- f. letter.



अनुपदम्् [ anu-padam ]
- ad. immediately after (g., --); repeatedly; at every step.



अनुपदिन् [ anu-padin ]
- a. pursuing, searching.



अनुपदेष्टव्य [ an-upa-deshtavya ]
- fp. not to be reported; -nyasta, pp. unexplained.


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अनुपपत्ति [ an-upapatti ]
- f. not coming to pass, impossibility; a. inadmissible, impossible; -upa-panna, pp. unsuitable; unproved, in admissible; -upa-bhugyamna, pr. pt. ps. not being enjoyed (riches); -upa-bhogya, fp. not to be enjoyed; -upama, a. incomparable; -upa-yat, pr. pt. not cohabiting with; -upa-yukta, pp. unserviceable, useless; unfit; -upa-yugyamna, pr. pt. ps. good for nothing; -upayogin, a. unserviceable: (i)-tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -uparodha, m. not prejudicing, not injuring: -tas, ad. without inconvenience; -upa-lakshita, pp. unnoticed; -upalabdhi, f. non-perception; imperceptibility; -upalambha, m. id.; -upasamhrin, a. non-exclusive (fallacious middle term); -upasarga, a. not combined with a preposition; -upa-skrita, pp. unprepared; simple; unfurnished with (in.); disinterested; blameless; -upa-hata, pp. healthy; undisputed: -‿tmaka, a. not dejected, cheerful; -upa-hita, pp. unconditioned, unappropriated.

अनुपम  [anupama]
Skt: -upama, a. incomparable; -- Mac016c2
Skt: - adj. incomparable, matchless, unparallel, excellent, best  -- SpkSkt



अनुपाकृत [ an-upa‿-krita ]
- pp. unconsecrated.



अनुपात [ anu-pta ]
- m. going after, following; -ka, n. minor crime equal to a mortal crime; -ptin, a. following.



अनुपारत [ an-upa‿-rata ]
- pp. not desisting from (ab.).



अनुपालक [ anu-plaka ]
- a. guarding, preserving.



अनुपालभ्य [ an-upa‿labhya ]
- fp. not to be blamed; to be observed.



अनुपालिन् [ anu-plin ]
- a. guarding, protecting (-- ).



अनुपूर्व [ 1. anu-prva ]
- a. compounded w. anu.



अनुपूर्व [ 2. anu-prva ]
- a. following the one preceding; regular: --, -m, ad. in regular order; -sas, ad. in successive order; according to the order of (g.).



अनुपेक्षण [ an-upekshana ]
- a. not neglecting; not hvg. the consent of (in.); -tva, n. abst. ɴ.



अनुपेत [ n-upeta ]
- pp. who has not yet gone to his teacher; -prva, a. id.



अनुप्रपत्तव्य [ anu-pra-pattavya ]
= अ न ु प ् र प त ् त व ् य
- fp. to be followed; -pra-vakanya, fp. requisite for learning the Veda; -pravesa, a. entering, penetrating into (feelings, &c.); accommodation to (--); -prasna, m. enquiry after (g.); -prasakti, f. connexion; -prsa, m. alliteration.

अनुप्रहारम् [ anu-prahram ]
= अ न ु प ् र ह ा र म ्
- ad. with a blow.


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अनुबन्ध [ anu-bandha ]
- m. attachment; continuity; series; posterity; consequence; motive; mute letter (gr.); indispensable element: -na, n. uninterrupted series; -bandhin, a. connected with (--); extensive; lasting long: (i)-tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -bala, n. rear (of an army); -bodha, m. noticing, perceiving; reviving an evaporated smell; -bodhya, fp. to be recognised; to be made acquainted with.


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अनुभव [ anu-bhava ]
- m. perception, feeling; spirit; -bhva, m. enjoyment; power, dignity; -bhvin, a. perceiving; m. eye-witness; -bhshitri, a. addressing; -bhta, pp. experienced, felt, enjoyed; -bhti, f. perception, apprehension.


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अनुमत [ anu-mata ]
- pp. approved; permitted; n. consent: lc. with the consent of (g.); (nu)-mati, f. approbation, assent; -mantri, m. one who assents; -mantrana, n. recitation of a verse to (g., --); -marana, n. following in death (esp. of widows).



अनुमा [ anu-m ]
- f. conclusion; -mdya, fp. to be hailed; -mna, n. inference; argument; -mnana, n. persuasion; -mrga, m. following; seeking: in. after (g.); -mrdava, n. pity; -mlin-tram, ad. on the bank of the M.; -miti, f. conclusion, inference; -mrit, a. following in death; -meya, fp. to be inferred.


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अनुयाज [ anu-yg ]
- m. after-sacrifice: -vat, a. accompanied with an --; -ytavya, fp. to be followed; -ytri, m. companion; -ytra, n., , f. retinue; escort; -ytrika, m. pl. retinue; -yna, n. following; -yyi-t, f. following, -tva, n. id.; -yyin, a. following; m. follower; -yugam, ad. according to the (4) ages; -yoga, m. question, enquiry; -yogya, fp. at the disposal of (--); to be asked.


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अनुरक्त [ anu-rakta ]
- pp. devoted, attached, fond; -rakti, f. attachment, fondness; -ragaka, a. gratifying; -ragana, n. gaining the affection of; -rathy, f. footpath, pavement; -rga, m. colouring; redness; affection; attachment; fondness for (--); contentment: -vat, a. red; fond; enamoured of (saha): -, f. N.: -sriṅgravatyau, du. f. Anurgavat and Sriṅgravat; -rgi-t, f. attachment; -rgin, a. attached to; worldly; enamoured; lovely; -rtram, ad. by night.

अनुरक्त [ anu-rakta ]
Skt: अनुरक्त [ anu-rakta ] - pp. devoted, attached, fond; -- Mac016c3
Skt: अनुरक्त anurakta - adj. fond of, attached, pleased, beloved -- SpkSkt
Pal: {a.nu.rak~hka.ti.} - UHS PMD0072
  UKT from UHS: always guarding

अनुरागवत् anurāgavat - for Anurgavat
- adj. affectionate, attached, in love with, red - SpkSkt

श्रीसरस्वती śrīsarasvatī - for Sriṅgravat
- f. Lakshmi and Sarasvati

UKT 160620: Lakshmi Dvi represents "pursuit of Wealth", and Sarasvati Dvi represents "pursuit of Knowledge" and they "always fight and avoid staying in the same place. This is based on the observation that rich businessmen tend to be uneducated (both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were college dropouts, we are repeatedly told) and educated people tend to be poor (the eternally groaning and abused middle class)."
See: http://devdutt.com/articles/battle-of-lakshmi-and-sarawati.html 160620



अनुरूप [ nu-rpa ]
- a. suitable; conformable to; fit for (g.): -m, -tas, in. ad. in proportion to (--); -rpaka, a. suitable, conformable, corresponding; -rodha, m. compliance, gratification; regard, consideration; -rdhana, n. compliance; partiality; -rodhin, a. considering (--): (i)-t, f. complaisance.


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अनुलाप anulāpa
- m. repetition of what has been said, tautology -- SpkSkt



अनुलेप [ anu-lepa ]
- m. anointing; ointment: -na, n. id.; -lepin, a. anointed with (--); -loma, a. following the hair, with the grain: --, in. in the natural direction, downwards; in. in a friendly way: f. , spell (sc. vidy); girl of lower caste than the man she marries: -ga, a. born of such a union; -lomana, a. putting in due order; n. purging.



अनुल्बण [ an-ulban ]
- a. not too much or too little, moderate; -ul-laṅgh-anya, fp. not to be infringed; -ita, pp. not transgressed.


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अनुवंश [ anu-vamsa ]
- m. genealogical table; a. equal by birth: -m, by birth; -vamsya, a. relating to one's genealogy; -vkana, n. repetition; study; lesson; -vanam, ad. in the forest; in every forest; -vana‿antam, ad. in the forest; -vandin, a. praising; -vapram, ad. on the bank; -vartana, n. continuation; compliance, tractableness; - vartanya, fp. to be followed; -varti-tva, n. compliance; -vartin, a. following, yielding, obedient; -vartman, a. following, serving; -vartya, fp. to be followed; -vasa, m. obedience; a. obedient; -vashat-kra, m. repetition of the concluding sacrificial invocation.



अनुवाक [ anu-vk ]
- m. repetition; lesson, section (of a Vedic text); -vkya, fp. to be recited; f. , verse to be recited by the Hotri or Maitrvaruna priest.



अनुवाच्  [anu-vk
- f. = anu-vky; -vta , m. following wind; -vda , m. repetition; rediscussion; translation; -vdin , a. repeating; harmonising with like; -vsaram , ad. day by day; -vsin , a. abiding (in, -); -vidhyin , a. conforming to; compliant, obedient; -vidheya , fp. to be conformed to; to be prescribed according to (in.); -vritta , pp. oval ; n. obedience, compliance; -vritti , f. continuance; carrying on a word to a following stra (gr.); repetition; compliance; conformity with; attachment.



अनुवेलम् [ anu-velam ]
- ad. continually; occasionally.



अनुवेश [ anu-vesa ]
- m. entering.



अनुव्याध [ anu-vydha ]
- n. filling; -vyhara-na, n. repeated recitation; -vyhra, m. cursing; -vragya, fp. to be accompanied; -vragy, f. attendance on a person departing; (nu)-vrata, a. devoted to (ac., g.).


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अनुशक्ति [ anu-sakti ]
= अ न ु श क ् त ि
- f. a subordinate Sakti.


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