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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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वल्गुलिका [ valgul-ik ] f. box, chest.

वल् [ val ] pratyhra for all consonants but y.

वल्कवासस् [ valka-vsas ] n. garment made of bark.

वशी [ vas- ] f. [&root;vas] in ur-vs.

वल्कलिन् [ valkal-in ] a. yielding bark (branch); wearing a garment made of bark.

वरूथ्य [ varth-y ] a. protecting, sheltering (V.).

वशित्व [ vas-i-tva ] n. freedom of will, inde pendence; command of (lc.); self-control.

वल्गु [ valg- ] a. (f. id.) comely, handsome, fine, lovely, attractive (esp. of sound, voice, speech).

वरोरु [ vara½uru ] a. (&ubrevcirc;) having beautiful thighs.

वल्गन [ valg-ana ] n. bounding, galloping; -, f. bridle; N.; -ita, pp. &root;valg; n. gallop; leaping (for joy).

वशिन् [ vas-n ] a. ruling; willing, obedient (rare); self-controlled (ord. mg.); (disposable =) empty (rare); m. ruler, lord of (g.): -, f. mistress (RV.).

वशीकर [ vas-kara ] a. subjecting, subduing (--ree;); -karana, n. subjection (also by magical expedients) of (g., --ree;); -kra, m. id.

वश्य [ vas-ya ] a. subject to the power or will of, submissive, docile, obedient; n. power; supernatural power over any one, or magical rite for its obtainment: -t, f. subjection to (g., --ree;); submissiveness, obedience.

वशनी [ vasa-n&isharp; ] a. subject to (g., RV.1); -vartin, a. being in the power of, subject, submissive, or obedient to (g., --ree;); -stha, a. being in the power of any one.

वशा [ vas-&asharp; ] f. [lowing: &root;vs] cow (V.); barren cow; female elephant (C.).

वशानुग [ vasa½anuga ] a. following one's will; subject to the will of, obedient to (g., --ree;).

वशिक [ vas-ika ] a. empty (very rare).

वषट्कार [ vashat-kr ] m. exclamation vashat; (vshat)-kriti, f. id. (RV.); -kritya, fp. n. one should utter vashat.

वष्टि [ vsh-ti ] a. eager (RV.1).

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वस् [ 2. vas ] a. clothed in (--ree;).

वल्लभ [ valla-bha ] a. beloved, of (g., lc., --ree;); dearer than (ab.); m. favourite; lover; N.: -gana, m. beloved, mistress; -t, f. popu larity with (g., lc., --ree;); -deva, m. N. of a poet; -sakti, m. N. of a king; -½krya, m. N. of a teacher and founder of a Vaishnava sect.

वल्लापुर [ vall-pura ] n. N. of a town.

वल्लि valli (rare), वल्ली [ vall ] f. creeper (often fig. of arms, brows, lightning, etc.): i-k, f. dim. of id.; i-mat, a. having a creeper (--ree;).

वल्ली [ vall ] f. more usual form of valli.

वल्लूर [ vallra ] n. dried flesh.

वल्श [ vlsa ] m. shoot, branch (V., P.; also spelt blsa).

वव्र [ va-vr- ] a. [&root;1. vri] concealing oneself (RV.); m. hiding-place, cavern (RV.).

वव्रि [ va-vr- ] m. (RV.) [cover: &root;1. vri] lurking-place; covering, vesture; body.

वल्क [ valk ] m. n. bark of a tree: (a)-la, m. n. id.; cloth made of bark, bark garment: -vat, a. wearing a garment made of bark, -½agina-samvta, pp. clothed in bark and skins.

वश [ 1. vs-a ] m. will, wish, desire; power, control, authority, dominion; N. of a protg of the Asvins; N. of a people (pl.): --ree;, a. subject to, under the influence of, overcome by; in., ab., -tas, by command of, by force of, on account of, by means of, in accordance with (g., gnly. --ree;); ac. with vbs. of going, i, gam, y (and cps.), fall into the power of, become subject to, give way to (g., --ree;); with n or -n, reduce to subjection, subdue; vase bh, vrit, or sth, be in the power of (g., --ree;); vase kri, sthpaya, or sam-sth paya, reduce to subjection, subdue, keep under control.

वश [ 2. vs-a ] n. liquid fat (V., rare).

वशंवद [ vasam-vada ] a. (gnly. --ree;) obedient to the will of, submissive, completely under the influence of, entirely dependent on, filled with, overcome by: -tva, n. complaisance.

वशकर [ vasa-kara ] a. () subduing, winning over; -kraka, a. leading to subjection; -ga, a. subject, obedient, being in the power of, dependent on (g., --ree;); -gata, pp. id.; -ga tva, n. dependence on (--ree;); -t, f. id. (g., --ree;); command of (lc.).

वलक [ vala-ka ] n. procession.


वलन [ val-ana ] n. turning round; waving; appearing.

वलन्तिका [ valant-ik ] f. kind of gesticulation.

वलभिद् [ vala-bhid ] m. smiter of Vala, Indra.

वलभी [ valabh ] f., v. valabhi; N. of a town in Saurshtra.

वलय [ val-aya ] m. n. [&root;1. vri] bracelet, arm let (worn by men and women); circle; cir cumference (--ree; a. encircled by); m. kind of circular military array; multitude, swarm (rare).

वलयित [ valay-ita ] den. pp. surrounded or encircled by (in., --ree;); put round the arm (bracelet); forming a circle; -in, a. provided with a bracelet; encircled with (--ree;); --kri, turn into or use as a bracelet; --bh, become a circle: pp. encircling.

वलवत् [ vala-vat ] a. containing the word vala: -vritra, m. Vala and Vritra: -nishd ana, -han, m. ep. of Indra.

वलित [ val-ita ] pp. (&root;val) bent round, etc.

वलिन [ vali-na ] a. wrinkled, shrivelled; -bha, a. id.; -mat, a. id.

वल्मीक [ valm&isharp;-ka ] m. n. ant-hill; n. N. of a locality: -½agra, n. N. of a peak of Rma giri.

वल्ल [ valla ] m. kind of wheat; a certain weight.

वल्लकी [ vallak ] f. kind of lute.

वर्षत्र [ varsha-tra ] n. (protection from rain), umbrella; -trna, n. id.; -dhara, m. range separating divisions of the world; ruler of a varsha; eunuch; -dhr-dhara, a. holding showers of rain (cloud); -pada, n. calendar; -pta, m. fall of rain; -pga, m. n. sg. & pl. quantity of rain; series of years; -prati bandha, m. drought; -½ritu-msa-paksha½a ho-vel-desa-pradesa-vat, a. stating the year, season, month, fortnight, day, hour, country, and locality.

वर्षय [ varsh-aya ] cs. of &root;vrish.

वर्षवर [ varsha-vara ] m. eunuch; -shatka, n. period of six years; -sahasra, n. a thousand years: -ya, den. . appear like a thousand years.

वर्षा [ varsh&asharp; ] f. rain (rare): (sg.) pl. rains, rainy season (very common): ()-kla, m. rainy season; -½gama, m. beginning of the rains; -½ambu, n. rain water; -samaya, m. rainy season.

वर्षिक [ varsh-ika ] a. (so many) years old (--ree;); -i-t, f. showering (of rain or wealth); -i-tri, m. showerer, bestower; -in, a. rain ing, showering, bestowing (--ree;, very common); shedding copious tears (rare); (so many) years old (--ree;; rare).

वर्षिष्ठ [ vrsh-ishtha ] spv. [of base contained in varsh-man; in sense, of vriddha; almost exclusively V.] highest, uppermost, longest, greatest; very large (P.); -yas, cpv. (chiefly V.) higher, upper; longer, greater, than (ab.); great, considerable; thriving (earth); better than (ab.); aged.

वर्षुक [ vrsh-u-ka ] a. rainy; raining, shower ing (ac.; C.).

वर्षोपल [ varsha½upala ] m. hail; -½ogha, m. torrent of rain.

वर्ष्मन् [ 1. varsh-mn ] m. (V.) height, top; crown of the head.

वर्ष्मन् [ 2. vrsh-man ] n. height, top, surface, chief (V., P.); height, size, extent; body.

वल [ val- ] m. [enclosure: &root;1. vri] cave (V.); personified as a demon withholding the heavenly waters from man; brother of Vritra and vanquished by Indra (often writ ten Bala).

वर्धय [ vardh-aya ] cs. (&root;1. vridh) increase; -ayitri, m. educator, rearer of (--ree;): tr, f.

वर्धापन [ vardh-p-ana ] n. [fr. cs. of &root;2. vridh] cutting the navel-cord, commemora tion of this ceremony; birthday or other festival implying congratulations: -ka, n. id.; congratulatory gift.

वर्धापय [ vardhp-aya ] cs. P. 1. congratu late; 2. out (the umbilical cord).

वर्धित [ vardh-ita ] pp. of &root;1. & 2. vridh; n. (?) kind of key; -i-tavya, fp. n. one should increase; -in, a. f. increasing (--ree;); -ishnu, a. growing, increasing.

वर्ध्र [ vardh-ra ] n. strap, thong (= varatr).

वर्पस् [ vrp-as ] n. (RV.) assumed form, phan tom; form, image; artifice, device, design.

वर्मन् [ vr-man ] n. [envelope: &root;1. vri] ar mour, mail (V., C.); protection, shelter (V.); often --ree; in names of Kshatriyas.

वर्मय [ varma-ya ] den. P. provide with a coat of mail: pp. varmita, armoured.

वर्महर [ varma-hara ] a. (old enough for) wearing armour.

वर्मि [ varmi ] m. kind of fish: -matsya, m. the varmi fish.

वर्मित [ varm-ita ] pp. (of varmaya); -n, a. armoured.

वर्य [ vr-ya ] fp. to be chosen, eligible (f.); excellent, best, chief of (g., --ree;).

वर्वरक [ var-var-aka ] m. N. (less correct for barbaraka).

वर्ष [ varsh- ] a. [&root;vrish] raining (--ree;, C.); m. (C.), n. (V., C.), rain; shower, of (flowers, ar rows, dust, etc., g., --ree;); the rains, rainy season (pl.: AV., rare); year (commonly applied to age); division of the world, plain between mountain ranges (seven or nine are assumed): in. within a year; ab. after a year; lc. rep. every year: (a)-ka, a. raining, showering; -karman, n. action of raining; (a)-gana, m. pl. long series of years.

वरुण्य [ varun-y ] a. belonging to or coming from Varuna (V.).

वर्षण [ varsh-ana ] a. () raining (gnly. --ree;); n. raining, showering (also fig.); bestowing abundantly on (--ree;).

वर्तिन् [ vart-in ] a. abiding, staying, resting, being, situated, in (gnly. --ree;); being in a con dition etc. (--ree;); practising (--ree;); engaged in, making (a request, --ree;); behaving, acting (--ree; or w. ad.); behaving properly towards (--ree;); m. meaning of a suffix.

वर्तिस् [ vart-s ] n. (turning in), lodging, abode (RV.).

वर्ती [ vart- ] f., v. varti.

वर्तुल [ vart-ula ] a. [&root;vrit, turn], round; n. circle.

वर्त्मन् [ vrt-man ] n. [&root;vrit: turning mark of a wheel], rut, track; path, road, way, course (also fig.); eyelid: in. vartman, by way of = along, through, by; nad½adri vana-vartmasu, through rivers, mountains, and forests.

वर्त्मपात [ vartma-pta ] m. coming into the way; -ptana, n. waylaying.

वर्त्र [ var-tra ] a. [&root;1. vri] warding off (S.); dam, embankment (V.).

वर्ध [ vrdh-a ] a. [&root;1. vridh] increasing, glad dening (--ree;); m. granting of prosperity (RV.1).

वर्धक [ vardh-aka ] a. [&root; 2. vridh] cutting off; m. carpenter; i: -n, m. id.

वर्धन [ 1. vrdh-ana ] a. () growing, increas ing, prospering, getting richer; causing in crease, strength, or prosperity, augmenting (in C. very often --ree;); gladdening (gnly. --ree;); m. increaser, bestower of prosperity; n. growth, increase, prosperity; increase of power; augmentation, elevation; educating, rearing; refreshment, comfort (RV.).

वर्धन [ 2. vardh-ana ] n. [&root;2. vridh] cutting off (--ree;); --ree; with names of towns prob.=town (rare): -svmin, m. N. of a temple or statue.

वर्धनीय [ vardh-anya ] fp. [&root;1. vridh] to be increased; to be caused to thrive.

वरूथ [ vr--tha ] n. [&root;1. vri] protection, shelter, secure abode (V.); n. (?) guard or fender of a chariot (C.); host, herd, swarm, multitude (P.).

वर्धमान [ vardha-mna ] pr. pt. . (&root;1. vridh) growing, etc.; m. N. of a mountain and dis trict, now Burdwan; N. of a village; N.: , f. N. of a form of the Gyatr metre: (a)-ka, m. N.; (a)-pura, n. N. of a town, Burdwan: -ya, a. belonging to Burdwan.

वर्णिका [ varn-ik ] f. pigment, paint, un guent; actor's mask or dress: -parigraha, m. assumption of a mask or part.

वर्णितवत् [ varn-ita-vat ] pp. act. (he) re lated, depicted, etc.

वर्णिन् [ varn-in ] a. coloured; --ree;, having the appearance of; belonging to the (Brhman etc.) caste; m. man belonging to one of the four castes; Brhman in the first stage, re ligious student, Brahmakrin: pl. a certain monastic order: -, f. woman; woman of high caste.

वर्णोदक [ varna½udaka ] n. coloured water.

वर्तक [ varta-ka ] m. quail.

वर्तन [ vart-ana ] a. [&root;vrit] setting in motion, quickening (rare); n. staying or sojourn in (lc.); living on (in.), subsistence, livelihood, occupation (ord. mg.); wages; association with (saha); proceeding, conduct; applica tion of (--ree;).

वर्तनि [ vart-an ] f. (V.) felly of a wheel; rut; track, road, path; course of rivers; eyelashes.

वर्तनीय [ vart-anya ] fp. n. one should apply oneself or attend to (lc.).

वर्तमान [ vart-a-mna ] pr. pt. (&root;vrit) pre sent, existing; n. the present: , f. (per sonal terminations of) the present tense: (a)-kla, m. present; (a)-½kshepa, m. de claration of dissatisfaction with something going on.

वर्तय [ vart-aya ] cs. (&root;vrit) subsist, etc.

वर्तवे [ vr-tave ] d. inf. (of &root;1. vri) to cover (RV.).

वर्तव्य [ vartavya ] fp. incorr. for vartitavya.

वर्तिका [ vart-ik ] f. 1. [&root;vrit, roll] wick, paint-brush; paint (incorr. for varnik); 2. (vrt)-ik, quail.

वरेण्य [ vr-enya ] fp. [&root;2. vri] to be wished for, desirable; pre-eminent, most excellent, chief, of (g.): -kratu, a. (V.) of excellent might or wisdom.

वर्तितव्य [ vart-i-tavya ] fp. to be tarried in (country); -practised or observed (conduct); -treated; n. imps. one should stay or remain in (lc.); one should apply oneself to (lc.); live or exist; -proceed or behave (w. ad. or in.), towards any one (g., lc., in. with saha): asmad-vase --, we should be obeyed.

वर्तित्व [ vart-i-tva ] n. treatment as of (--ree;).

वर्णक [ varna-ka ] a. (ik) describing; m. n. specimen, model; m. pigment, unguent, paint; n. section, chapter (rare); -krama, m. order of the castes; -guru, m. king; -grathan, f. artificial method of writing verses; -kaura, m. thief of the colour of=resembling (g.) in hue; -gyyas, cpv. superior by caste; -gye shtha, spv. higher or highest by caste.

वर्णट [ varna-ta ] m. N.; -tva, n. connexion with caste; -dshaka, a. defiling caste; -dvaya-maya, a. () dissyllabic; -dharma, m. sg. & pl. duties of the castes.

वर्णन [ varn-ana ] n., , f. description, ac count; statement; -anya, fp. to be described or stated.

वर्णपरिध्वंस [ varna-paridhvamsa ] m., , f. loss of caste; -ptha, m. alphabet; -buddhi, f. notion connected with the sound; -mtra, n. mere colour.

वर्णय [ varna-ya ] den. P. (. metr.) colour, paint; depict, delineate, describe, relate, ex plain, state; regard (rare): pp. varnita, de scribed, etc. anu, describe, relate, explain, state. vi½, relate, describe. upa, describe, narrate, tell, state. nis, look attentively, at (ac.); describe, depict (rare). vi-nis, look at attentively, regard. sam, relate, tell; praise.

वर्णयितव्य [ varnay-itavya ] fp. to be de scribed; -itri, m. describer.

वरूथिन् [ varth-n ] a. wearing armour (V.); having a wooden fender (car); protecting, sheltering; seated in a chariot; surrounded by a crowd or quantity of (--ree;); m. war chariot: -, f. army.

वर्णराशि [ varna-rsi ] m. alphabet; -lopa, m. dropping of a letter; -varti: -k, f. paint brush; -vikriy, f. violation of the rules of caste; -vritta, n. metre measured by the number of syllables; -vyatikrnt, pp. f. having transgressed with a man of lower caste; -vyavasthiti, f. caste system; -sik sh, f. phonetics; -sreshtha, m. best man by caste, Brhman; -samsarga, m. mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samhra, m. assem bly representative of castes; -samkara, m. mixture of colours (rare); mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samghta, m., -samghta, m., -sammnya, m. (combination of letters), alphabet; -sthna, n. place (in the mouth) of the production of a letter.

वर्ग [ varg-a ] m. [&root;vrig] division, separate homogeneous collection, group, class, com pany, of (g., --ree;; often pl. for sg.); classified group of words, category; class of consonants in the alphabet (gutturals, palatals, etc.); section (in a book); subdivision of an Adhy ya in the RV. and the Brihaddevat: --ree; with numerals, group or division consisting of (e. g. three=dharma, kma, and artha).

वर्गीय [ varg-ya ] a. belonging to the group, party, or category of (--ree;); -ya, a. (--ree;) id.; m. class-fellow, colleague.

वर्चस [ varkas- ] n. (--ree;) brilliance, lustre; colour; -ka, n. brilliance; ordure; -ya, a. conferring vigour; -vn, a. vigorous; m. energetic man.

वर्ज [ varg-a ] a. (--ree;) free from, destitute of; excepting; -ana, n. avoidance, abandonment; neglect of, deviation from (g.); omission; ex clusion; -anya, fp. to be avoided; -am, abs. excluding, excepting, without; -aya, cs. &root;vrig; -ayitavya, fp. to be avoided; -ayitri, m. avoider; -ita, pp. cs. (&root;vrig) destitute of (in.); -in, a. avoiding (--ree;); -ya, fp. to be avoided; -given up; excepting (--ree;).

वर्ण [ vr-na ] m. [covering, coating: &root;1. vri] cover, lid (C., rare); exterior, appear ance, colour (very common); (good) complex ion (C.); pigment (for writing or painting; C.); (colour=) race, species, kind; character, nature, form; caste (prob. from contrast of colour between aboriginal slaves and their fair conquerors); (coloured mark), letter; sound; vowel; syllable; word; musical note (rare); praise (rare); fame, renown (rare).

वर्णात्मक [ varna½tmaka ] a. articulate (sound); -½anuprsa, m. alliteration, paronomasia; -½antara, n. another letter, change of sound; another caste: -gamana, n. change of caste; -½anya-tva, n. change of colour; -½apeta, pp. deprived of caste; -½srama, m. pl. the castes and the religious orders.

वरिवस्य [ varivas-y ] den. P. grant free space, vouchsafe (RV.); wait upon, cherish, tend (C.): -mna, pr. pt. with ps. mg. cherished.

वरिवस्या [ varivas-y&asharp; ] f. devotion, service, attendance.

वरिवोधा [ varivo-dh&asharp; ] a. bestowing free dom (RV.).

वरिष्ठ [ vr-ishtha ] spv. 1. broadest, widest, most extensive (V.); 2. (mostly C.) most ex cellent, best, among (g., --ree;); better than (ab., rare); chief=worst, of (g., rare); m. N.

वरीयस् [ 1. vr-yas ] cpv. (V.) wider, broader, than (ab.); freer; n. ad. farther, -off; n. wider space, than (ab.); free space, freedom.

वरीयस् [ 2. var-yas ] cpv. better, more ex cellent; best, most excellent, of (g.).

वरुण [ vr-una ] m. [&root;1. vri] Encompasser (of the world), N. of an ditya, chief among the Vedic gods; he specially presides over the waters, the night, and the west; he is om niscient, punishes sin and is prayed to for forgiveness; he is also the sender of disease; often associated with Mitra and Indra (--ree; du.); in C. he is god of the waters or ocean, and regent of the west: -grihta, pp. seized by Varuna=attacked by disease, esp. dropsy (V.); -ps, m. Varuna's noose or fetter (V.); -purusha, m. servant of Varuna; -loka, m. Varuna's world; Varuna's sphere, the waters; -sarman, m. N. of a mythical warrior; -se n, -senik, f. N. of a princess; -½adri, m. N. of a mountain.

वरुणानी [ varun-n ] f. Varuna's wife.

वरुणालय [ varuna½laya ] m. Varuna's abode, ocean; -½vsa, m. id.

वरयुवति [ vara-yuvati (or ) ] f. beautiful maiden; -yogya, fp. worthy of a boon; fit for a husband, marriageable; -yoshit, f. beautiful woman; -ra, a. granting boons; -ruki, a. fond of boons (Siva); m. N. of a poet, physician, grammarian, and lexicogra pher, sts. identified with Ktyyana, and enumerated among the nine gems at the court of Vikramditya; -varana, n. choice of a boon; choice of a bridegroom; -varna, m. (?) gold; -varnin, a. having a beautiful com plexion: -, f. fair-faced, beautiful, or excel lent woman; ep. of Durg; -vrita, pp. chosen as a boon.

वरस् [ vr-as ] n. breadth, expanse (RV.).

वरसुन्दरी [ vara-sundar ] f. very beautiful woman; -surata, a. initiated in the arts of love; -str, f. excellent or noble woman; -srag, f. bridegroom's garland (put round his neck by the girl who chooses him).

वराक [ var-ka ] a. () [rejected: &root;1. vri] wretched, miserable, pitiable (gnly. of living beings); vile (gold).

वराङ्ग [ vara½a&ndot;ga ] n. (best part), head; pudendum muliebre; chief part; -½a&ndot;gan, f. beautiful woman.

वराट [ varta ] m. small shell called cowrie (used as a coin): -ka, m. (i-k, f.) cowrie; seed-vessel of the lotus.

वराडिराग [ vardi-rga ] m. a kind of rga; -rga, m. id.

वरातिसर्ग [ vara½atisarga ] m. bestowal of a boon; -½nan, a. f. fair-faced.

वराय [ var-ya ] den. represent a boon: only pp. i-ta, n. imps.

वरारोह [ vara½roha ] a. having beautiful hips; -½arthin, a. requesting a boon; -½arha, a. highly honoured; very valuable; -½sana, n. splendid seat, throne.

वराह [ varh ] m. V., C.: boar, hog; C.: boar-incarnation of Vishnu (who raised the earth from the bottom of the sea with his tusks); boar-shaped military array; N. of a Daitya; N.; -datta, m. N.; -deva, m. N.; -mihira, m. N. of an astronomer (sixth cen- tury a. d.); -mla, n. N. of a locality with a statue of Vishnu's boar-incarnation; -sv min, m. N. of a mythical king.

वराहु [ var&asharp;hu ] m. boar, hog (RV.).

वरिमन् [ vr-i-man ] n. [&root;1. vri] expanse, broad space, wide tract (V.); -i-mn, m. id. (V.).

वर [ 2. vr-a ] m. [&root;2. vri] choice, wish; object to be chosen as a gift or reward, boon; privilege (rare); dowry (rare): -m vri, choose a boon; -m pra½arth or yk, express a wish; supplicate a blessing; -m d, grant a boon or blessing; -m pra-yam, grant a wish; vr am &asharp; or vrya, according to wish, to one's heart's content (RV.); mad-vart, in conse quence of the boon granted by me.

वर [ 3. vr-a ] m. [enclosing: &root;1. vri] cir cumference, space (V.); hindering, checking (RV.).

वर [ 4. var- ] m. [chooser: &root;2. vri] suitor; lover, bridegroom, husband; son-in-law (C., rare).

वरक [ vara-ka ] m. groomsman; -krti, m. N.

वरटा [ varat ] f. goose.

वरण [ var-ana ] m. [protective: &root;1. vri] a tree (having medicinal and magical power; Crataeva Roxburghii); 2. n. [&root;2. vri] choos ing, wishing; wooing; -ml, f. garland given by a girl to the man of her choice; -srag, f. id.

वरणीय [ var-anya ] fp. to be chosen.

वरण्डक [ varanda-ka ] m. small mound; ram part separating two combatant elephants.

वरतनु [ vara-tanu ] a. () having a beautiful form; f. beautiful woman; -tantu, m. N. of an ancient teacher; -t, f. condition of being a blessing.

वरत्रा [ vara-tr&asharp; ] f. [that which fastens or secures: &root;1. vri] thong, strap.

वरद [ vara-da ] a. conferring or granting boons: , f. N. of a river; -dna, n. grant ing of a boon; -nr, f. excellent woman; -paksha, m. party of the bridegroom; -prada, a. conferring or granting a boon; -pradna, n. granting of a boon.

वरम् [ vram ] ad., v. �� 1. vara.

वरय [ var-aya ] cs. base of &root;2. vri, choose; -ay-i-tavya, fp. to be chosen, out of (ab.).

वयुन [ vay-na ] n. (V.), [&root;1. v] mark, aim; rule, order, custom; distinctness, clearness; (P.) knowledge: in. according to rule: -vat, a. clear, bright (RV.); -vd, a. knowing the rule.

वयोगत [ vayo-gata ] pp. (arrived at age), aged; n. advanced age, loss of youth; -(a)ti-ga, a. ad vanced in age, aged; -dh&asharp;, a. (V.) bestowing health or strength; strong, vigorous; -(a)dhi ka, a. superior in age, older; advanced in age; m. aged man; -rpa-samanvita, pp. endowed with youth and beauty; -(a)vasth, f. stage or time of life; -visesha, m. differ ence of age; -vriddha, pp. old in years, aged.

वय्य [ vayy ] m. companion (RV.).

वर [ 1. vr-a ] a. [select: &root;2. vri] best, choicest, most excellent or beautiful, among (ab., g., lc., --ree;); better, more excellent, than (ab., rarely g.), among (ab., v. r.); n. vr am, ad. specially, rather, better, than (ab. &asharp;; RV.); with pr. or impv. it is or were better that or if (the vb. being sts. omitted); with pot. it were more likely that; predica tively without a vb. is or are better, than (ab., in V. id.&asharp;); varam -na, na ka, na tu, na punah, tad api na, or tath½api na, (it is) better (that) or rather -than (with vb. in pr. or pot.); predicatively with ellipse of copula: -is the best thing, and not = -is better than (nm., very rarely in.); varam varam na or na ka khalu varam, better than (nm.).

वरिवस् [ vr-i-vas ] n. (V.) [&root;1. vri; cp. ur-] expanse, space; freedom, ease: w. kri, dh, or vid, bring comfort or liberty to (d.), clear the path, to (d.).

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