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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.co

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रेभाय rebhaya [ rebh-ya ] den. P. shine, beam.

रेरिह्य rerihya [ re-rih-ya ] intv. of &root;rih.

रेपस् repas [ rp-as ] n. [&root;rip] stain (RV.1).

रेफ repha [ reph-a ] m. [&root;riph] burr, letter r; -in, a. containing the letter r.

रेभ rebha [ rebh- ] a. [&root;ribh] crackling, resounding (V.); m. singer; N.

रोह roha [ rh-a ] a. [&root;ruh] mounting, riding on (--ree;); m. rising; height; growth; increase: -ka, a. riding; m. rider.

रोहण rohana [ rh-ana ] m. N. of a mountain (Adam's Peak in Ceylon); n. act of ascending, mount ing, riding, standing, or sitting on (--ree;); act of coming into being, production; healing of a wound (int.): , f. healing herb.

रोहिण rohina [ rohin-a ] a. born under the asterism Rohin; m. N. of various plants.

रोहिणी rohini [ rohin- ] a. f. of roh-in, and rhita; f. (rh-) red cow; (rh- or -in) N. of a lunar mansion (consisting of five stars and variously regarded as resembling a cart, a temple, or a fish; personified as a daughter of Daksha and favourite wife of the moon); lunar day connected with Rohin; young girl in whom menstruation has just commenced; cow (C.); N. of the wife of Vasudeva and mother of Balarma: -knta, m. moon; -tanaya, m. met. of Balarma; -taru, m. a certain tree; -pati, -priya, m. moon; -yoga, m. conjunction of the moon with the asterism Rohin; -ramana, m. moon; -½sa, m. id.; -sakata, m. cart of Rohin (the asterism).

रोहित् rohit [ roh-t ] f. [&root;ruh, be red], red mare (RV.); female antelope (mostly V.).

रोहित rohita [ 1. roh-ita ] pp. of cs. of &root;2. ruh.

रोहित rohita [ 2. rh-ita ] pp. [&root;1. ruh=rudh] red, reddish; m. red or chestnut horse (V.); kind of deer; kind of fish; kind of imperfect rain bow; N. of a son of Hariskandra; n. a metre; kind of imperfect rainbow: -½asva, m. N. of a son of Hariskandra.

रोहिदश्व rohidasva [ rohd-asva ] a. having red steeds (V.).

रोहिन् rohin [ roh-in ] a. (n-) rising; rising to (--ree;); shot up, tall; growing on or in (--ree;); in creasing in number.

रोपय ropaya  [ rop-aya ] cs. of &root;ruh; -ayitri, m. putter on of (ac., g.); planter; -ita, cs. pp. &root;ruh; -in, a. planting (--ree;); -ya, fp. to be planted or sown; to be healed.

रोम roma  [ 2. roma ] m. Rome.

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रोमकूप romakupa [ roma-kpa ] m. n. (hair-pit), pore of the skin.

रोमण्वत् romanvat [ rman-vat ] a. hairy (RV.1).

रोमन् roman [ r-man ] n. hair on the body of men and animals (gnly. excluding the long hair of the head, beard, mane, or tail); plumage; fish-scales (rare).

रोमन्थ romantha [ ro-mantha ] m. ruminating, chewing the cud; chewing (of betel); frequent repe tition.

रोमन्थाय romanthaya [ romanth-ya ] den. . chew the cud.

रोमपुलक romapulaka [ roma-pulaka ] m. bristling of the hair, thrill; -baddha, pp. woven out of hair; -bandha, m. web of hair; -rg&ibrevcirc;, f. line or streak of hair (esp. above the navel in women, as a mark of puberty): (i)-patha, m. waist; -vat, a. hairy; -vikriy, f. horripilation, thrill.

रोमश romasa [ roma-s ] a. hairy, shaggy.

रोमहर्ष romaharsa [ roma-harsha ] m. bristling of the hair, thrill (caused by cold, fear, joy, anger, or wantonness); -harshana, a. causing the hair to bristle, thrilling (with rapture or horror); -harshin, a. whose hair is bristling, thrilled.

रोमाङ्कुर romankura [ roma½a&ndot;kura ] m. a bristling hair.

रोमोद्गति romodgati [ roma½udgati ] f. erection of the hair, thrill; -½udgama, -½udbheda, m. id.

रोरवीति roraviti [ ro-rav--ti ] intv. &root;ru.

रोलम्ब rolamba [ rolamba ] m. bee.

रोष rosa [ rosh-a ] m. wrath, anger, against (--ree;): -m kri, be angry with (prati): -na, a. irasci ble, wrathful; angry, with (g., --ree;): -t, f. irascibility, passionateness; -tmra½aksha, a. having eyes bloodshot with anger; -bhg, a. angry; -maya, a. produced from anger; -½avaroha, m. N. of a warrior.

रोषिन् rosin [ rosh-in ] a. angry, furious.

रेभिन् rebhin [ rebh-in ] a. causing to resound (--ree;); -ila, m. N.: -ka, m. id.

रोचक rocaka [ rok-aka ] a. [&root;ruk] stimulating the appetite; -an, a. (, ) bright, shining; pleasing, lovely; stimulating the appetite; n. (V.) brightness, brilliance, splendour; bright heavens (also pl., three being assumed): pl. lights, stars: , f. gall-stone of the cow.

रोचमान rocamana [ roka-mna ] pr. pt. &root;ruk; m. tuft of hair on a horse's neck.

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रोचिष्णु rocisnu [ rok-ishn ] a. shining, brilliant, sparkling; gaily dressed; stimulating appe tite; -s, n. light, brightness; grace.

रोदन rodana [ rod-ana ] n. weeping.

रोदर rodara [ ra½udara ] a. having an r within; m. the Kakravka bird (Anas Casarca).

रोदस् rodas [ rd-as ] n. du. heaven and earth: (-ah)-kuhara, m., (-o)-randhra, n. cavity between heaven and earth.

रोदसी rodasi [ rdas- ] f. du. heaven and earth; -&isharp;, f. N. of the wife of Rudra and companion of the Maruts, lightning.

रोदितव्य roditavya [ rod-itavya ] fp. n. one should weep.

रोद्धव्य roddhavya [ rod-dhavya ] fp. (&root;rudh) to be closed; -dhri, m. besieger; -dhos, g. inf. of &root;rudh.

रोध rodha [ rodh-a ] m. holding back, restraining; shutting up in (lc.); obstruction (of a road) by (--ree;); blockade, siege; prevention, hin drance, stoppage, suppression; bank, dam: -ka, a. (--ree;) enclosing; blockading.

रोधचक्र rodhacakra [ rdha-kakra ] a. rolling along the banks (river; V.).

रोधन rodhana [ rdh-ana ] n. confinement; restrain ing, stopping, checking; (rdh)-as, n. embank ment, dam; shore, high bank; steep wall (of a well or cloud); mountain slope; -in, a. (--ree;) holding back, keeping off (hand); blocking up (door); preventing, disturbing, obstruct ing; drowning (a sound); filling.

रोधोभू rodhobhu [ rodho-bh ] a. growing on the bank.

रोप ropa [ rop-a ] m. [fr. cs. of &root;ruh] planting; arrow; -ana, a. () putting on; causing to heal (wounds); n. erecting, setting up; heal ing, healing application; planting.

रेतोधस् retodhas [ reto-dhas ] a. impregnating; pi tri, m. natural father; -dh&asharp;, a. impregnating (V.).

रेधक redhaka [ redha-ka ] m. N. (v. r. rekaka).

रेवत् revat [ re-vt ] V. a. [contracted fr. rayivat], wealthy; abundant; splendid, brilliant: -, f. pl. cows (V.); waters (V.); sg. (also pl.) a certain lunar mansion; N., esp. of the wife of Balarma.

रेषण resana [ resh-an ] a. [&root;rish] injuring (RV.1); n. (C.) failure; injury.

रै rai [ ra ] m., rarely f. [gift: &root;r] property, wealth.

रैतिक raitika [ raiti-ka ] a. [fr. rti] made of brass, brazen.

रैभी raibhi [ rabh- ] f. N. of certain ritual verses (containing the word Rebha).

रैवत raivata [ raivat- ] a. () wealthy (RV.1); m. (C.) N. of a mountain: -ka, m. id. (pl. its inhabitants); N. of a janitor.

रोक roka [ rok- ] m. [&root;ruk] light, brightness; (rk)-a, m. or (rk)-as, n. splendour (RV.1).

रोग roga [ rg-a ] m. [&root;rug] infirmity, disease, sickness; diseased spot; -ghna, a. disease-destroying; -da, a. causing disease; -plaka, m. attendant on the sick; -prada, a. causing disease; -bhg, a. suffering from a disease; -vairpya, n. disfigurement through disease; -sama, m. convalescence; -sambaddha, pp. suffering from disease; -hrit, m. (destroyer of disease), physician; -½rta, pp. afflicted with disease, sick; -½vishta, pp. id.

रोगिन् rogin [ rog-in ] a. diseased, sick.

रोच roca [ rok- ] a. [&root;ruk] shining (AV.1).

रेणु renu [ re-n ] m. [whirling: &root;ri, be dispersed], dust; grain of dust; pollen of flowers; N.: ()-kakta, a. whirling up dust (V.); -k, f. N. of the wife of Gamadagni and mother of Parasurma: -tanaya, m. son of Renuk, Parasurma (-t, f. abst. n.), -suta, m. id.

रेणुत्व renutva [ renu-tva ] n. condition of dust; -sas, ad. with kri, turn into dust.

रेतःपात rethpata [ retah-pta ] m. effusion of semen; -ptin, a. having an effusion of semen, coshabiting with a woman (lc.).

रेतस् retas [ r-tas ] n. [&root;ri] effusion, stream (V.); libation (RV.); effusion of semen; semen virile; seed, offspring, generation: reta so&zip;nte, after the effusion of semen.

रेतस्य retasya [ retas-ya ] a. presiding over semen.

रेतःसिच्य rethsicya [ retah-sikya ] n. effusion of semen; -seka, m. id., carnal intercourse with a woman (lc.); -sektri, m. impregnator; -skandana, n. effusion of semen; -skhalana, n. id.

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