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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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रथ्य rathya [ rth-ya (or -y) ] a. belonging or used to a chariot; m. chariot-horse: , f. carriage road, highway; host of chariots; a-kaya, m. team of horses; -pa&ndot;kti, f. street; -mukha, n. entrance to a street (Pr.); ½upa-sarpana, n. walking in the street.

रद rada [ rad-a ] a. (--ree;) splitting; gnawing at; m. tooth; tusk of an elephant; -ana, m. id.: -kkhada, m. lip; -anik, f. N.

रदाङ्कुर radankura [ rada½a&ndot;kura ] m. point of a tooth; -½vali-dvandva, den. P. appear like two rows of teeth.

रथकार rathakara [ ratha-kr ] m. wheelwright, car penter; a mixed caste (offspring of a Mhishya and a Karan): -tva, n. trade of a carpenter; -krit, m. wheelwright, carpenter; -kshobha, m. jolting of a chariot; -grits, m. skilful charioteer; -ghosha, m. sound or rumbling of a chariot; -kakr, n. chariot-wheel; -karana, m. id.; -kary, f. driving in a chariot (often pl.); -gna, n. skill in driving; -gnin, a. skilled in driving; -dhur, f. pole of a chariot; -nbh, f. nave of a chariot-wheel; -nirghosha, m. rum bling of a chariot; -nisvana, m. sound of a chariot; -nda, m. n. interior or seat of a chariot; -nemi, f. felly of a chariot-wheel; -m-tar, n. N. of various Smans; m. a form of Agni (son of Tapas); -bandha, m. fastenings of a chariot; -bha&ndot;ga, m. break down of a chariot; -mahotsava, m. solemn procession of an idol in a car; -ytr, f. id.; -mrga, m. carriage road; -yg, a. yoking or yoked to a car (RV.); m. charioteer; -yuddha, n. chariot fight; -yoga, m. chariot team; use of a chariot, art of driving; -yog aka, m. yoker of a car; -yodha, m. chariot fighter; -rasmi, m. chariot-trace; -vamsa, m. multitude of chariots; (rtha)-vat, a. having a chariot, consisting in chariots (RV.); containing the word ratha; -vara, m. excellent chariot; -vartman, n. chariot-road, high road; -vh, a. (&isharp;) drawing a chariot; m. chariot-horse; charioteer: -ka, m. charioteer; -vigna, n., -vidy, f. knowledge of or skill in driving; -vth, f. carriage road, high road; -sakti, f. flagstaff on a war-chariot; -sl, f. carriage-shed, coach-house; -siksh, f. art of driving; -siras, n. fore-part of a chariot; -stha, a. standing on or fighting from a chariot; -svana, m. sound or rattle of a chariot.

रथाक्ष rathaksa [ ratha½aksh ] m. chariot-axle.

रथाङ्ग rathanga [ ratha½a&ndot;ga ] n. part of a chariot; carriage-wheel; discus, esp. of Krishna or Vish-nu; potter's wheel; m. ruddy goose: -dhvani, m. rumble of chariot-wheels; -nman, m. ruddy goose; -nemi, f. felly of a chariot-wheel; -pni, m. ep. of Vishnu; -samga, -shva, -½hva, m. ruddy goose; -½hvayana, a. called after a wheel, with dviga, m. ruddy goose.

रथानीक rathanika [ ratha½anka ] n. host of chariots; -½antara, n. another chariot; -½roha, m. chariot-fighter; mounting a chariot; -vatta, m. N.; -½asva, m. carriage-horse; n. carriage and horse.

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रथिकrathika [ rath-ika ] m. owner or driver of a carriage; -n, a. owning or driving in a chariot; m. owner of a chariot; car-fighter; coachman; consisting of chariots (army); belonging to a chariot (horse); -ir, a. own ing or driving in a chariot; speedy (RV.).

रथी rathi [ 1. rath- ] f. small carriage, car.

रथी rathi [ 2. rath-&isharp; ] a. (V.) driving in or belong ing to a chariot; m. (V.) charioteer; car fighter; leader; lord.

रत्नेद्र ratnedra [ ratna½indra ] m. very costly jewel; -½svara, m. N.; -½udbhava, m. N.

रथेशrathesa [ ratha½sa ] m. owner of a chariot; car fighter; -½sh, f. carriage-pole; -½uttama, best of chariots; -½utsava, m. solemn pro cession of an idol in a car; -½upasth, m. seat of a chariot, driving-box.

रति rati [ r-ti ] f. [&root;ram] rest (V., rare); plea sure, enjoyment, satisfaction, in (lc., --ree;); sexual enjoyment or union; personified as one of the wives of Kma, Rati: -m kri, labh, vid, or bandh, find pleasure in (lc.).

रतिकर ratikara [ rati-kara ] a. () causing pleasure; -kriy, f. sexual intercourse; -griha, n. pleasure-house; -ga, a. skilled in the arts of love; -pati, m. husband of Rati, god of love; -parikaya, m. frequency of sexual union; -priya, a. pleasant during sexual in tercourse; -phala, a. productive of sensual pleasure, aphrodisiacal; -bandhu, m. lover, husband, -bhavana, n. pleasure-house; -mat, a. joyful, glad; delighting in (lc.); enamoured; accompanied by Rati; -mandira, n. cham ber of love; -ramana, m. lover of Rati, god of love; -rasa, m. sexual enjoyment; a. having the flavour of love; -rahasya, n. secrets of love, T. of a work; -vall, f. creeper of love; -sarvasva, n. quintessence of sexual pleasure; T. of an erotic work; -sahakara, m. companion of Rati, god of love; -sena, m. N. of a prince; -½sa, m. husband of Rati, god of love.

रतोत्सव ratotsava [ rata½utsava ] m. festival of love.

रत्न ratna [ r-tna ] n. [&root;r] V.: gift; goods, wealth; C.: treasure, precious stone, jewel, sp. pearl, (--ree;, jewel of a,=best of, most excellent); mag net; m. N.; -kalasa, m. N.; -kta, n. N. of an island; -kosha-nikaya, m. heap of jewels and treasure; -khni, f. mine of jewels; -garbha, a. filled or studded with jewels: , f. earth; -kandr-mati, m. N.; -kkhy, f. reflexion or glitter of jewels; -talpa, m. jewelled couch; -traya, n. the three jewels (=Bud dha, dharma, and samgha: B.); -datta, m. N.; -darpana, m. mirror of jewels; -dpa, m. lamp of jewels (which supply the place of a burning wick); -druma, m. coral; -dvpa, m. N. of an island; -dh, -dh&asharp;, a. (V.) be stowing gifts or wealth; possessing wealth; -nad, f. N. of a river; -nidhi, m. mine of pearls, ocean; -parvata, m. mountain (= repository) of jewels, Meru; -pura, n. N. of a city; -praksa, m. T. of a dictionary; -pra dpa, m. (--ree; a. -ka)=-dpa; -prabha, m. N.: , f. earth; N.; T. of the seventh Lambaka of the Kathsaritsgara; -prsda, m. jewelled palace; -bandhaka, m. seller of gems, jeweller; -bhta, pp. resembling a jewel; -magar, f. N. of a fairy; -maya, a. () consisting of or abounding in jewels; -ml, f. necklace of gems or pearls; T. of various works; -mlin, a. wearing a necklace of jewels; -ratna, n. pearl of pearls; -rgi, f. string of pearls; -rsi, m. heap of gems, quantity of pearls; -rekh, f. N. of a princess; (rtna)-vat, a. attended with gifts (RV.1); abounding in jewels or pearls, jew elled; -vardhana, m. N.; -varman, m. N. of a merchant; -varsha, m. N. of a prince of the Yakshas; -samghta, m. quantity of jewels; -s, a. producing gems; -sti, f. earth; -svmin, m. N. of a statue (erected by Ratna).

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रत्नाकर ratnakara [ ratna½kara ] m. mine of jewels; m. ocean; N.; N. of a mythical horse; T. of variousworks: -mekhal, f. (sea-girt), earth; -½a&ndot;guryaka, -½a&ndot;gulyaka, n. jewelled fin ger-ring; -dev, f. N. of a princess; -½adhi pati, m. lord of treasures: ep. of Agastya and N. of a prince; -pura, n. N. of a town.

रत्नायित ratnayita [ ratn-y-i-ta ] den. pp. resembling jewels.

रत्नावली ratnavali [ ratna½val ] f. string of pearls; N.; N. of various works, esp. of a well known play; -½sana, n. jewelled throne.

रत्निन् ratnin [ ratn-n ] a. possessing or receiving gifts (RV.).

रथ ratha [ r-tha ] m. [goer: &root;ri] car, (two-wheeled) war chariot; vehicle; warrior, hero.

रण rana [ ran- ] m. [&root;ran] gladness, joy, delight (V.); m. (n.) [joy of battle], combat, fight, battle, for (--ree;): -karman, n. fight; -kmya, P. be eager to fight; -krin, a. causing bat tle; -krit, a. causing joy (RV.1); m. fighter, combatant; -kshiti, f., -kshetra, n., -ksho- ni, f. battle-field; -khala, m. id.; -gokara, a. engaged in battle.

रणत्कार ranatkara [ ranat-kra ] m. jingling sound, rattle; humming (of bees).

रणदुन्दुभि ranadundubhi [ rana-dundubhi ] m. militarydrum; -dhur, f., -dhur, f. brunt of battle; -priya, a. delighting in battle; -bhata, m. N.; -bh, -bhmi, f. battle-field; -mukha, n. fore front of battle; vanguard; -mrdhan, m. id.; -yaga, m. sacrifice of battle; -ra&ndot;ga, m. arena of conflict, battle-field; -rana-ka, m., , f. regretful longing for a beloved object; m. god of love; -ran-y-ita, den. pp. rattling or sounding aloud; -rasika, a. eager for bat tle, with (--ree;); -lakshm, f. luck of war; goddess of battle; -visrada, a. skilled in war; -siksh, f. art of war; -siras, n. front of battle; vanguard; -sra, m. hero in bat tle; -samudyama, m. stress of battle; -sam rambha, m. storm of battle; -stha, a. en gaged in battle; -sthna, n. battle-field; -svmin, m. statue of Siva as lord of battles.

रणाग्नि ranagni [ rana½agni ] m. fire of battle; -½agra, n. front of battle; vanguard; -½a&ndot;gana, -½a&ndot;gana, n. battle-field; -½agira, n. id.; -½todya, n. military drum; -½ditya, m. N.; -½rambh, f. N. of a princess: -svmi deva, m. N. of a statue erected by her; -½avani, f. battle-field.

रणितranita [ ran-ita ] pp. &root;ran; n. ringing, jin gling, rattling; humming (of bees).

रणोत्कट ranotkata [ rana½utkata ] a. raging in battle; -½uddesa, m. battle-field.

रण्ड randa [ randa ] m. betrayer of (--ree;): , f. widow; contemptuous designation of women: slut.

रण्व ranva [ ran-v ] a. (RV.) pleasant, delightful, lovely; joyful.

रतrata [ ra-ta ] pp. (&root;ram) pleased, gratified, glad; delighting in, devoted or addicted to (in., lc., --ree;); having sexual intercourse with (--ree;); n. sexual enjoyment or union: -kla, m. dog; -vat, a. containing a form of the root ram.

रटित ratita [ rat-ita ] pp. &root;rat; n. cry, howl, yell; creaking.

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