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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.co

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युष्टग्राम yustagrama [ yushta-grma ] m. N. of a village.

युष्म yusma [ yushm ] prn. base of 2nd prs. pl.; cp. �� yu.

योगाग्निमय yogagnimaya [ yoga½agni-maya ] a. having passed through the fire of Yoga; -½a&ndot;ga, n. constituent part of Yoga (of which eight, seven, or six are assumed); -½kra, m. prac tice or observance of Yoga; -½krya, m. teacher of magic; teacher of the Yoga sys tem; -½dhamana, n. fraudulent pledge or mortgage; -½patti, f. modification of em ployment or application; -½ayoga, m. pl. proper quantity; du. suitableness and un suitableness; -½sana, n. sitting posture suit able to abstract meditation.

योगिता yogita [ yog-i-t ] f. connexion with, relation to (--ree;); -tva, n. id.; condition of a Yogin.

योगिन् yogin [ yog-in ] a. joined with, accompanied by (--ree;); being in conjunction with (--ree;); con nected with, relating to (--ree;); practising Yoga; m. devotee of Yoga, Yogin: -, f. female devotee; sorceress, witch; fairy.

योगेश्वर yogesvara [ yoga½svara ] m. lord of mystic power; adept in magic; ep. of Ygavalkya; N. of a demon: , f. female adept in Yoga; fairy; a form of Durg; N. of a fairy.

योग्य yogya [ yg-ya ] a. adapted for draught (V.); serviceable, suitable, fit, or adapted (for), capable (of), qualified or equal to (d., g., lc., inf., --ree;; a rbl. N. ree;-or an inf. has sts. a ps. sense); perceptible (rare); m. draught ani mal (V.): , f. practice, of (--ree;); bodily or military exercise; (a)-t, f. capability, fit ness, for (--ree;); appropriateness or compati bility of sense (ph.); (a)-tva, n. id.

यूप yupa [ y&usharp;p-a ] m. post, beam, pillar; sp. sacrificial post: -tva, n. condition of a post; -vat, a. connected with the sacrificial post (rite); -vh, a. bringing the sacrificial post; -vra sk, a. hewing the sacrificial post.

यूयम् yuyam [ y-ym ] nm. pl. of 2nd prs. prn. you; cp. �� yu.

यूष yusa [ ysh-a ] m. n. soup, broth; -n, only in weak cases=ysha.

युष्मत् yusmat [ yushmt ] ab. pl. of prs. prn. of 2nd prs. (V.); ree;-- in some cpds.; -tas, ad.=ab. from or of you; d-artham, ad. on your account; d-yatta, pp. dependent on you.

येन yena   [ yna ] in. (of ya) ad. cj. whither; where; in which manner, as (cor. tena); whereby, wherefore, on account of which; that, as; be cause, since (cor. tena); in order that (w. pr. or pot.); so (tath etc.) that (w. pr., ft., or pot.).

येष्ठ yestha  [ y&asharp;½ishtha ] spv. going best, swiftest (RV.).

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योक्तव्य yoktavya [ yok-tavy ] fp. to be employed or practised; -inflicted (punishment); -supplied or provided with (in.); -concentrated (mind); n. imps. one should prepare oneself for (lc.).

योक्त्र yoktra [ yk-tra ] n. rope, thong, halter, girth.

योग yoga [ yg-a ] m. [&root;yug] yoking; team; vehi cle; equipment (of an army); performance, employment, use, application, of (g., --ree;); remedy, cure; means, expedient; device, trick; spell, magic; fraud (ree;-=spurious); opportunity; undertaking (V.); union, con tact, with (in. saha or --ree;); combination, mixture; connexion, relation; connexion with, acquisition of (in., --ree;); gain, profit; order, succession; aggregate, sum; fitness, propriety; strenuousness, exertion, endea vour, zeal, assiduity; occupation; mental concentration, systematic abstraction, Yoga system of philosophy; follower of the Yoga system; unity of the soul and nature (Sm khya ph.); connexion of a word with its root, etymology, etymological meaning of a word; syntactical dependence of a word, construc tion; (concentrated sentence), grammatical rule; conjunction (of stars); constellation: in. yogena, by means of an expedient or stratagem; by means or in consequence of, in accordance with (--ree;, also -yogt and -yoga tas); suitably, duly, in the correct manner; yogatas, id.; strenuously, assiduously.

योगकरण्डक yogakarandaka  [ yoga-karandaka ] m. N.; ik, f. N. of a mendicant nun; -kshem, m. sg. & pl. (C. also m. du. & sg. n.) possession or security of property; property; prosperity (ordinarily explained as meaning acquisi tion and preservation of property); property meant for pious uses; -krna, n. magic pow der; -ga, a. produced by meditation or Yoga; -tantra, n. Yoga doctrine, treatise on Yoga; -dharmin, a. practising Yoga; -nanda, m. the pseudo-Nanda; -nidr, f. sleep induced by the practice of Yoga, somnolent condi tion, dozing; Vishnu's sleep at the end of an age; -m-dhara, m. N.; -pati, m. lord of Yoga (Vishnu); -patha, m. path to Yoga; -bhraka, m. shoulderyoke for the carrying of burdens; -bhrashta, pp. lapsed from devotion or contemplation; -maya, a. () produced from contemplation or Yoga; -my, f. magic; illusion produced by abstract meditation; -mrga, m. road to Yoga; -ytr, f. recourse to mental ab sorption or Yoga; -yukta, pp. absorbed in meditation, practising Yoga; -ratna, n. magic jewel; -rdha, pp. having an etymo logical and a conventional meaning (e. g. pa&ndot;ka-ga, growing in the mud and lotus); -rokan, f. kind of magical ointment (ren dering invisible or invulnerable); -vat, a. joined, united; practising Yoga; -vartik, f. magic wick; -vaha, a. bringing about, furthering (--ree;); -vh-in, a. intriguing: (-i) tva, n. intrigue; -vid, a. knowing the right means or method; knowing what is fitting or suitable; versed in Yoga; -vidy, f. knowledge of Yoga; -vibhga, m. splitting of a grammatical rule into two; -sabda, m. the word yoga; etymological word (the mean ing of which results from the derivation); -syin, a. somnolent in consequence of medi tation; -sstra, n. Yoga doctrine (esp. of Patagali); -samdhi, m. mental absorp tion resulting from Yoga; -sra, m. univer sal remedy; -siddha, pp. perfected by Yoga; -siddhi, f. simultaneous accomplishment: -mat, a. versed in magic; -stra, n. the S tras on the Yoga (attributed to Patagali).

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युवप्रत्यय yuvapratyaya  [ yuva-pratyaya ] m. suffix forming patronymics termed yuvan (gr.); -mrin, a. dying young; -rga, m. crown-prince, heir-apparent (associated to the throne): -tva, n. dignity of an heir-apparent: -rgya, n. id.

युवश yuvasa [ yuva-s ] a. youthful; m. youth.

युवाकु yuvaku [ yuv&asharp;-ku ] a. (RV.) belonging to you two (sts. uninflected with a g. or d.).

युवानक yuvanaka [ yuvna-ka ] a. young.

युवाम् yuvam [ yu-vm ] prn. du. you two.

युष्मदीय yusmadiya [ yushmad-ya ] a. belonging to you, your; m. countryman of yours; -vidha, a. one like you.

युष्माक yusmaka [ yushm-ka ] a. your (RV.): -m, n. used as g. pl. of you.

युष्मानीत yusmanita [ yushm-nta ] pp. guided by you (RV.1).

युष्मेषित yusmesita [ yushma&halfacute;ishita ] pp. sent by you (RV.1).

यूक yuka [ y-ka ] m., , f. (more common) louse: (a)-dev, f. N. of a princess.

यूथ yutha [ y-th [union: &root;1. yu] ] n. (V., C.), m. (C.) herd, flock; host, multitude: -krin, a. going about in troops (pl.); -ntha, m. lord or leader of a troop or herd; -pa, m. id. (said esp. of elephants); -pati, m. id.; -paribhrash- ta, pp. strayed from the herd; -bhrashta, pp. id.; -mukhya, m. chief of a host; -sas, ad. in flocks, herds, or troops; -½agran, m. leader of a host.

यूथिका yuthika [ yth-ik ] f. kind of jasmine (Jas minum auriculatum).

यूथ्य yuthya [ yth-y ] a. belonging to the herd (RV.); belonging to the host of (--ree;): a, f. herd, pack.

यून yuna [ y-na ] n. band, cord (S.).

युधिष्ठिर yudhisthira [ yudhi-shthira ] m. (steadfast in battle), N. of the eldest son of Pndu and Kunt (begotten by the god Dharma), and leader of the Pndavas in their war with the Kurus; N. of two princes of Cashmere and of a potter.

युध्म yudhma [ yudh-m ] m. warrior.

युध्वन् yudhma [ ydh-van ] a. warlike (RV.).

युयुत्सा yuyutsa  [ yu-yut-s ] f. desire to fight; -su, des. a. wishing to fight (in. srdham); m. N.

युयुधिyuyutsa  [ y-yudh-i ] a. warlike (RV.).

युवyuva  [ yuva ] prn. st. of 2nd prs.; cp. �� yu.

युवक yuvaka [ yuva-ka ] m. youth.

युवत् yuvat [ 2. y-vat ] a. youthful (RV.1).

युवता yuvata [ yuva-t ] f. youth; -tva, n. id.

युवति yuvati [ yuva-t (or ) ] a. f. (of yuvan) young; f. young woman, maiden (said of the Dawn, the fingers, and in du. of night and morn ing, heaven and earth: V.); Virgo (sign of the zodiac).

युवद्रिक् yuvadrik [ yuvad-rk ] ad. [n. abbreviated form of -ri½ak: &root;ak] directed towards you two (RV.1).

युवन् yuvan [ yv-an ] a. (weak base yn), young; m. young man, youth (said of Agni, Indra, the Maruts, and other gods in RV.); younger descendant (the elder being still alive: gr.).



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