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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.co

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युत yuta [ yu-ta ] pp. (&root;1. yu) joined etc.; -t, pp. (&root;2. yu) separated.

युति yuti [ yu-ti ] f. junction, union, with (--ree;); acquirement of (in. or --ree;); sum.

युद्ध yuddha [ yud-dh ] pp. (&root;yudh) combatted; n. fight, battle, combat; conflict or opposition (of planets): -ka, n. contest, battle; -knda, n. Book of the Battle, T. of the sixth book of the Rmyana; -kr-in, a. making war, fighting: (i)-tva, n. conflict; -gndharva, n. battle-music; -tantra, n. military science; -dyta, n. game of war; -dharma, m. laws of war; -pravna, a. skilled in war; -bh, -bhmi, f. battle-field; -maya, a. derived from war; -mrga, m. sg. pl. methods of war, military tactics; -medin, f. battle field; -ra&ndot;ga, m. arena of battle, battle field; -varna, m. sort of battle; -vastu, n. implements of war; -vra, m. hero in war, champion; heroism (as a sentiment: rh.); -slin, a. brave; -½krya, m. military pre ceptor; -½adhvan, a. going to war, engaging in battle; -½arthin, a. eager for war; -½ud yoga, m. vigorous preparation for war; un matta, pp. frenzied in fight; -½upakarana, n. implements of war.

युध् yudh [ ydh ] m. fighter, warrior; f. fight, battle.

युधये yudhaye [ yudhye ] d. inf. (&root;yudh) to fight (RV.).

युधाजित् yudhajit [ yudh-git ] a. conquering (by: in. =) in fight; m. N.; -manyu, m. N. of a warrior.

युगक्षय yugaksaya [ yuga-kshaya ] m. end of (an age=) the world; -drgha, a. long as a yoke (arm); -dhra, m. yoke-pin (attaching the yoke to the pole); -m-dhara, n. (?) (yoke-supporting), pole; m. N. of a people (pl.), of a prince, of a mountain, and of a forest; -pat-prpti, f. simultaneous arrival at; -pad, ad. [even footedly, side by side], ad. simultaneously, all at once, at the same time, together: -bhva, m. simultaneousness; -bhu, m. (yoke-like=) long arm; -bha&ndot;ga, m. break ing of the yoke; -mtra, n. length of a yoke (=four hand-lengths): -dris, a. looking (a yoke-length=) on the ground (at one's feet).

युगल yugala [ yuga-la ] m. n. pair, couple: -ka, n. id.; double stanza (forming one sentence).

युगलाय yugalaya [ yugal-ya ] den. represent a pair: pp. i-ta, representing a pair of (--ree;).

युगव्यायतबाहु yugavyayatabahu [ yuga-vyyata-bhu ] a. hav ing arms as long as a yoke, long-armed; -sahasr-ya, den. . seem a thousand ages, appear infinitely long.

युगादि yugadi [ yuga½di ] m. beginning of (an age=) the world; -½adhyaksha, m. surveyor of a cosmic age, ep. of Pragpati; -½anta, m. end of the yoke; end of a generation; end of an age or of the world; meridian: -m adhir- dhah savit, the sun has reached the meri dian, it is noon; -½antara, n. another or later generation; second half of the sun's arc divided by the meridian: -m rdhah savit, the sun has entered the second part of his course, it is past midday.

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युगाय yugaya [ yug-ya ] den. . seem an age= eternity.

युग्म yugma [ yug-ma ] a. even (not odd); n. pair, couple; twins; Gemini (sign of the zodiac); double stanza (forming one sentence); con fluence; often incorr. for yugya: -ka, a. id.; n. pair, couple; double stanza; -krin, a. going about in pairs; -ganman, m. du. twins; -½apaty, a. f. having twin offspring, being the mother of twins.

युग्य yugya [ yug-ya ] fp. n. (to be yoked), carriage; draught animal, chariot horse: -vha, m. charioteer, driver.

युजान yujana [ yug-n ] pr. pt. . (V.) preparing (ac.); in company with (in.).

युज्य yujya [ yg-ya ] a. (V.) joined, associated, re lated, closely allied; suitable; n. (RV.) alli ance, relationship.

यियासा yiyasa [ yi-y-s ] f. desire to go; -su, des. a. about or wishing to go, start, fly away, march, or attack (ac. prati or d.).

यु yu [ yu ] prn. base of the 2nd pers. in yuv&asharp;m, yuvs, yym, yushm&asharp;n, etc.

युक्त yukta [ yuk-t ] pp. (&root;yug) yoked, to (lc.), with (in.); employed, occupied, engaged in, devoted to, intent on (lc. or --ree;); applied; equipped, prepared, for (d., --ree;); busied or occupied with (in.); absorbed in (lc.); con centrated, intent, attentive (cpv. -tara, very much on one's guard against: lc.; spv. -tama, supremely concentrated or intent); skilled, experienced, in (lc.); joined, united, combined, following in regular succession; furnished or endowed with, accompanied by, possessed of (in., --ree;); being in conjunc tion with a constellation (in.); making use of (an opportunity, klena); come into connexion with (in.); connected with, re lating to (--ree;); bound to, dependent on (--ree;); fit, proper, becoming, for (g., lc.); right, cor rect; suitable to (--ree;); auspicious, favourable (fate, moment); prosperous, thriving; faring or acting (thus, tath); primitive (opp. de rivative: gr.): ree;-or -m, suitably, properly, duly, rightly; yuktam yad, it is suitable that --; na yuktam anayos tatra gantum, it is not suitable for them to go there; na yuktam bhavat, it is not seemly for you to (inf.); n. yoke, team; connexion, combina tion; fitness: in. yuktna, suitably; con formably to (reason, --ree;).

युक्तक yuktaka [ yukta-ka ] n. little pair; -karman, a. acting suitably, adapted to the purpose; -krin, -krit, a. doing what is fit, acting suitably; ()-grvan, a. having set the Soma stones in motion; -tva, n. employ ment (of, g.); occupation; fitness, appro priateness; -danda, a. inflicting punishment; punishing justly: -t, f. just infliction of pun ishment; ()-manas, a. attentive-minded; -rpa, a. suitable, fit, proper (w. g. or lc.): -m, ad.; -rpaka, n. appropriate metaphor; ()-vat, a. containing a form of the verb yug; -vdin, a. speaking suitably; -sena, a. hav ing an army ready to march; -½artha, a. (having an adequate sense), sensible, significant, rational.

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युक्ति yukti [ yuk-ti ] f. union, connexion; combination of words, sentence (rare); preparation for (lc. or --ree; of vbl. n.); application, employ ment, use; means, expedient, contrivance, artifice, trick (w. d. or lc. of vbl. n., or yath and pot.); magical agency; reasoning, argu ing; argument, proof; reason, motive (rare); suitableness, propriety, aptness, correctness; sensible reflexion, contemplation of the cir cumstances (dr.): -m kri, discover an ex pedient, employ or point out a device; --ree;, in. sg. & pl., -tas, by means of (--ree;); ree;-or in. pl. subtilely, artfully; by means of a cunning device, under some pretext; in. and -tas, suitably, properly, justly; -tas, ad. by means of an argument.

युक्तिकर yuktikara [ yukti-kara ] a. suitable, justifiable; -ga, a. skilled in proper expedients; -mat, a. joined with (--ree;); skilled in (inf.); sup ported by arguments; suitable; -yukta, pp. experienced; suitable, justifiable; -sstra, n. doctrine of propriety.

युग yuga [ yug- ] n. yoke (exceptionally m.); pair, couple; double stanza (forming one sen tence); race (of men); generation; period of life; period of five (sts. six) years; cosmic age (of which there are four: Krita or Satya, Tret, Dvpara, and Kali).

यावद्गमम् yavadgamam [ yvad-gamam ] ad. as fast as one can go; -grahanam, ad. till he has grasped or mastered it; -balam, ad. to the utmost of one's power; -rgyam, ad. for the whole reign; -vypti, ad. as far as anything extends.

यावन् yavan [ y-van ] m. foeman (RV.1); a. going (--ree;).

यावन yavana [ yvana ] a. born in the land of the Yavanas or Greeks.

यावन्मात्र yavanmatra [ yvan-mtr ] a. having which measure, as great or extensive as; moderate, trifling, insignificant: -m, ad. as long as (RV.); a little, somewhat.

यावयद्द्वेषस् yavayaddvesas [ yvay-d-dveshas ] a. driving away enemies (RV.).

याष्टीक yastika [ ysht-ka ] a. armed with a staff or club.

यास्क yaska [ ysk ] m. pat. N. of the author of the Nirukta (flourished probably about 450 b. c.): pl. the descendants of Yaska.

यियक्ष yiyaksa [ yi-yak-shu ] des. a. (&root;yag) being about to sacrifice.




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