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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.co

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UKT notes :

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याथात्म्य yathatmya [ ythtm-ya ] n. real nature.

याथार्थ्य yatharthya [ ythrth-ya ] n. true meaning.

यादुर yadura [ y&asharp;d-ura ] a. embracing ardently (RV.1).

यादृग्गुण yadrgguna [ ydrig-guna ] a. having what kind of qualities.

यातायात yatayata [ yta½y&asharp;ta ] n. going and coming; ebb and flood.

याद् yad [ YD ] only pr. pt. y&asharp;da-mna (RV.), closely united with (in.).

यामुन yamuna [ ymun ] a. belonging to, coming from, or growing in the Yamun; n. kind of collyrium.

यामिनी yamini [ ym-in- ] f. (having watches), night; N.: -dayita, m. lover --, -ntha or -pati, m. lord --, -priya-tama, -ramana, m. lover of night, moon.

यावत् yavat [ y&asharp;-vat ] rel. a. (with its following cor. t&asharp;vat, so great etc.=) as great, much, many, far, long, manifold, or frequent as: yvak karma dru ka, (as much as=) nothing but skin and wood; yvat tvat, how much soever; iti yvat, as much as, that is to say (frequent in commentators); n. y&asharp;vat, indc. as far, much, or often as, to what amount (gnly. w. following cor. -tvat, so far etc.); as long as, while; meanwhile, just (w. 1 prs. pr. or 3 impv., to denote an intended action); till (w. pr., pot., ft., impf., aor., or ellipse of copula); as soon as (w. pr., pot., pf., aor., or ellipse of copula): na yvat -tvat, scarcely -when, no sooner -than; yvan na, while not=till (w. pr., pot., ft., impf., or ellipse of copula); also=if not, whether not; na pa ram or kevalam -yvat, not only -but even; y&asharp;vad yvat -t&asharp;vat tvat, as gradu ally -so; prp. w. (gnly. preceding) ac. during, for (e.g. a year); up to, as far as (e.g. one's house; sts. nm.+iti instead of ac.); till (e.g. the evening): adya yvat, till to-day; w. following ab. till (rare); in. yvat, as far or long as; till (pot.); as soon as (pr.); inas much as, since; w. na, while not=till; lc. y&asharp;vati, as far or as long as (cor. tvati).

यावतिथ yavatitha [ yvati-tha ] a. whichever in order.

यावत्कामम् yavatkamam [ yvat-kmam ] ad. as long as one likes; -klam, ad. as long as it lasts; -kritvas, ad. as often as; -pramna, a. how great; -sattvam, ad. to the best of one's understanding.

यादस् yadas [ y&asharp;d-as ] n. voluptuousness (V.); large aquatic animal, sea-monster (C.): -m pra bhu, m. ep. of Varuna.


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यावदन्तम् yavadantam [ yvad-antam ] ad. to the end; -abhkshnam, ad. as long as a moment lasts; -artha, a. as much or many as required: ree; or -m, ad.; --bhta-samplavam, ad. till the destruction of created beings, till the end of the world; -yusha-m, ad. as long as life lasts, for life; -yus, ad. id.: h-pramna, a. life-long; -ittham, ad. as much as neces sary; -psitam, ad. as much as one desires; -ukta, pp. as far as is stated: -m, ad.

यामभद्र yamabhadra [ yma-bhadra ] m. kind of pavilion; -mtra, n. only a watch; -yama, m. pre scribed occupation for every hour; -vat-, f. (having watches), night; -vritti, f. being on watch or guard; -stamberama, m.=-kuga ra; (y&asharp;ma)-hti, f. cry for help (RV.): -½avasthita, pp. standing ready at stated hours.

यामिक yamika [ ym-ika ] a. being on guard (with purusha, m. or -bhata, m. watchman); m. man on guard, watchman: -t, f. abst. n.; -sthita, pp.=ymvasthita.

याम्य yamya [ y&asharp;m-ya ] a. belonging or relating to Yama; southern: in. or lc. in the south; southwards; m. right hand; servant of Yama; ep. of Siva and of Vishnu: , f. south: -½ayana, n. southerly course of the sun; a½uttara, a. southern and northern; going from south to north.

यायजूक yayajuka [ y-yag-ka ] intv. a. constantly sacrificing.

यायात yayata [ yyt-a ] a. belonging or relating to Yayti; n. history of Yayti.

यायावर yayavara [ y-y-var ] intv. a. wandering about, having no fixed abode; m. vagrant mendicant; n. life of a wandering mendicant.

यायिन् yayin [ y-y-in ] a. going, moving, riding, running, flying, journeying, marching (to etc. --ree;).

याव yava [ 1. yva ] m. red dye, lac: -ka, m. id.

याव yava[ 2. yva ] a. made or consisting of barley (yava): -ka, m. n. kind of food pre pared from barley.

यावच्छक्तितस् yavacchaktitas [ yvat-sakti-tas ] ad. to the utmost of one's power; -khakyam, ad. as far as possible; -khesham, ad. as much as is left.

यान yana [ y&halfacute;ana ] a. leading (road), to (g. or ad. in -tr&asharp;; V.); n. going, walking, marching, riding, to (lc. or --ree;), upon, on (in., --ree;), against (ac.+prati); way, course; vehicle, convey ance, carriage, chariot (drawn by, --ree;); vehi cle leading to knowledge and releasing from transmigration (B.).


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यानक yanaka[ yna-ka ] n. vehicle; -kara, m. wheel wright; -ptra, n. vessel for voyaging, boat, ship: i-k, f. small ship, boat; -bha&ndot;ga, m. shipwreck; -yugya, n. chariot and horses; -vat, a. having or driving in a carriage; -sl, f. carriage-shed.

यादवyadava [ ydava ] a. () relating to or de scended from Yadu; m. (, f.) descendant of Yadu: -kosa, m. T. of a dictionary; -sr dla, m. ep. of Krishna; -½krya, m. N. of a teacher; -½indra, m. Chief of the Ydavas, ep. of Krishna.

यापक yapaka [ y-p-aka ] cs. a. conferring, bestow ing; -ana, cs. a. causing to pass; alleviat ing; supporting life; n., , f. causing time to pass by, delay, procrastination; allevia tion; support, maintenance; practice, exer cise; -ayitavya, cs. fp. (to be rejected), trifling, unimportant; -ya, cs. fp. to be dis charged or expelled (witness); to be alleviated (disease); trifling, unimportant; base (action).

याभिस्yabhis [ y&asharp;-bhis ] in. (f. pl.) in order that (RV.1).

याम yama [ 1. ym ] a. (&isharp;) derived from, relating to, or meant for Yama.

याम yama [ 2. y&asharp;m-a ] m. [&root;yam] cessation, con clusion (V.).

यामyama [ 3. y&asharp;-ma ] m. going, course, way (V.); car (RV.); night watch, period of three hours: pl. a class of gods.

यामककरेणुका yamakakarenuka [ yma-ka-karenuk ] f. female elephant standing ready at appointed hours; -kugara, m. elephant --.

यामकिनी yamakini [ ymak-in- ] f. female servant on guard or watch.

यामचेटी yamaceti [ yma-ket ] f. id.; -trya, n. watch gong (on which night watches are struck); -dundubhi, m. id.

यामन् yaman [ y&asharp;-man ] n. (V.) going, course, flight; coming; march, foray; approaching the gods, invocation: lc. sts.=this time (=turn).

यात्रा yatra  [ y-tr ] f. going, to (--ree;); departure, journey; march, military expedition; festive train, procession; (annual, biennial, etc.) pilgrimage (to the shrine of a deity); fes tivity, festival; livelihood; maintenance; intercourse; kind of dramatic entertain ment: -md, undertake an expedition; -kara, a. affording maintenance; -karana, n. set ting forth on a journey or march; -gam ana, n. military expedition; -mahotsava, m. great festive procession; -½artham, ad. for marching.

यात्रिक yatrika [ ytr-ika ] a. relating to a march or campaign; requisite for the support of life; n. march, campaign; -in, a. expeditionary.

यात्रोत्सव yatrotsava [ ytra½utsava ] m. festive train, procession.

याथाकाम्य yathakamya [ yth-km-ya ] n. acting ac cording to desire, arbitrariness; -tath-ya, n. real state, proper way, truth: -m or in. truly.

यादृच्छिक yadrcchika [ ydrikkh-ika ] a. () accruing or happening accidentally or unexpectedly; act ing at random.

यादोनाथ yadonatha [ ydo-ntha ] m. lord of sea monsters, ep. of Varuna.

याद्राध्यम् yadradhyam [ yd-rdhyam ] ad. as well as pos sible; with utmost speed (ac.).

याद्व yadva [ y&asharp;du½a ] pat. a. belonging to (the race of) Yadu (RV.).

याज्य yajya [ yg-ya ] (cs.) fp. on whose behalf a sacrifice is performed; allowed to be sacrificed; m. institutor of a sacrifice: tilda;, f. sacrificial verse (uttered as the oblation is offered).

यात् yat [ 1. y&asharp;-t ] pr. pt. &root;y, moving etc.

यात् yat [ 2. y&asharp;t ] ab. (of rel. y), ad. cj. (V.) as far as; as long as, while.

यात yata [ y-t ] pp. (&root;y) gone etc.; n. course (RV.); motion; *place gone to; past time.

यातन yatana [ yt-ana ] n. requital: , f. id.; punishment; fine; sg. & pl. anguish, tor ment; tortures of hell: -m d, requite any one; -griha, m. torture chamber; -½arthya, a. destined for torments (body).

यातयज्जन yatayajjana [ ytayg-gana ] a. marshalling the people, arousing men to activity (RV.).

यातयाम yatayama [ yt-yma: ree;�� -n ] a. having gone its gait, exhausted, worn out; spoiled, use less; stale; having spent one's time in (--ree;).

यातवे yatave [ y&asharp;-tave ] d. inf. to travel.

यातव्य yatavya [ y-tavya ] fp. to be gone against, attacked; n. imps. one should go, start, or march: d. for departure.

यातु yatu [ y-t ] m. [&root;y: attack], (V.) sorcery; kind of fiend: -dh&asharp;na, m., , f. kind of fiend or goblin.

यावज्जन्म yavajjanma [ yvag-ganma ] ad. throughout life, for life; -gva, ree;-or -m, ad. id.; -gvika, a. life-long; -gvena, in. ad. for life.


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