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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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UKT notes :

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यतोमूल yatomula [ yato-mla ] a. originating in which.

यत्रत्य yatratya [ yatra-tya ] a. being or dwelling in which place.

यतिभ्रष्ट yatibhrasta [ yati-bhrashta ] pp. lacking the requisite caesura.

याज्ञ yajna[ yga ] a. relating to sacrifice: -valk ya, a. derived from or relating to Yga valkya; n. Ygavalkya's law-book; (y&asharp;ga) valkya, m. pat. N. of an ancient teacher; -sena, m. pat. of Sikhandin: , f. pat. of Draupad.

याज्ञिक yajnika[ yg-ik ] a. () belonging or re lating to sacrifice; m. one versed in sacrifice, ritualist; -ik-ya, n. rules of the ritualists; -iya, a. belonging to or suitable for sacrifice; m. one conversant with sacrifice, ritualist.

यष्टि yasti [ yash-t ] f. [support: &root;yakh=&root;yam], staff, stick, cudgel, club; flagstaff; perch; stalk, twig; pearl necklace; liquorice: --ree;= long, slender (arm or body); --ree; (w. sword)= blade: -k, f. staff; -grma, m. N. of a locality; -nivsa, m. perching-pole for pea cocks, pigeon-house resting on a pole; y-ut thna, n. rising with the help of a staff.

यस्मात् yasmat[ yasmt ] ab. (of ya), cj. as, because ( corr. atas, tatas, tad, tasmt, tena).

यहु yahu [ yh-u ] a. mighty (RV.).

यह्व yahva [ yah-v ] RV. a. () restless, active, swift; constant; ever-flowing.

यहूत् yahut [ yah-u½t ] pr. pt. (-) ever-flowing.

या ya [ 1. y ] a. going (--ree;).

या ya [ 2. y&asharp; ] f. of rel. y.

याक्ष yaksa [ yksha ] a. belonging to the Yakshas.

याग yaga [ yg-a ] m. sacrifice; offspring, presenta tion: -karman, n. sacrificial rite; -mandapa, n. sacrificial shed; -stra, n. sacrificial cord.

याचक yacaka [ yk-aka ] m. petitioner, beggar: , f. female beggar; -ana, n. begging, soliciting, asking for (--ree;); asking in marriage (--ree;): -ka, m. beggar; -an, f. asking, soliciting; request, petition, entreaty for (--ree;); solicita tion of any one (--ree;): -m kri, fulfil a request; -anya, fp. to be requested; -ita, pp. asked, etc.: -ka, a. borrowed; n. borrowed sum or object; -i-tavya, fp. to be asked; to be asked for a girl (ac.) in marriage by (in.); -in, a. begging for (--ree;); -ishnu, a. asking, soliciting; m. petitioner: -t, f. solicitation of favours.

याच्ञा yacna [ yk-&asharp; ] f. soliciting, asking, for (--ree;); begging, mendicity; request, entreaty, peti tion; asking for (a girl) in marriage: -m kri, fulfil a request; -gvana, n. subsistence by begging; -bha&ndot;ga, m. vain request; -vakas, n. pl. words of solicitation.

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याच्य yacya [ yk-ya ] fp. to be requested, -asked for alms; -demanded; asked for; to be wooed (women); n. begging, mendicancy.

याजुर्वेदिक yajurvedika[ ygur-ved-ika ] a. relating to the Yagur-veda; -vaidika, a. id.

यशःकेतु yashketu [ yasah-ketu ] m. N. of various princes; -khandin, a. fame-destroying; -sarra, n. body consisting of fame; -sesha, a. surviv ing in fame only: -t, f. abst. n.: -m pra-y, die, -m n, kill.

यशस् yasas [ 1. ys-as ] n. beauty, dignity, grandeur, splendour (V.); reputation, praise, fame, glory, renown; object of honour or respect (Br.); graciousness, favour (RV.).

यशस् yasas [ 2. yas-s ] a. (V.) beautiful, grand, splendid; honoured, respected; agreeable, acceptable.

यशस्कर yasaskara [ yasas-kara ] a. () conferring glory, rendering famous, glorious, for (--ree;); m. N. of various men; (ysas)-kma, a. desirous of fame, ambitious.

यशस्य yasasya [ yasas-y ] a. leading to fame, glori ous; honoured; (ysas)-vat, a. (V.) beau tiful, splendid, magnificent; glorious; accept able: -, f. N.; -vn, a. beautiful, splendid, magnificent; famous, renowned, illustrious (gnly. of persons).

यशोघ्न yasoghna [ yaso-ghna ] a. destroying reputa tion; -d, f. (bestowing fame), N. of the cowherd Nanda's wife, foster-mother of Krishna: -suta, m. son of Yasod, met. of Krishna; -dhana, a. whose wealth is fame, rich in fame, renowned (person); m. N. of a prince; -dhara, m. (supporter of fame), N.: , f. N.; -bhrit, a. possessing or conferring fame; -rga, m. N.; -lekh, f. N.; -vat-, f. (famous), N.; -vartman, n. road to glory; -varman, m. N.; -han, a. destructive of beauty; destroying fame; -hara, a. depriv ing of fame, disgracing.

यष्टवे yastave [ ysh-tave ] d. inf. of &root;yag, to sacrifice (RV.).

यष्टव्य yastavya [ yash-tavya ] fp. to be sacrificed to; n. imps. one should sacrifice.

याजुष yajusa [ ygush-a ] a. (&isharp;) relating to the Yagus formulae.

यवन yavana [ 2. yavana ] m. (Ionian), Greek, prince of the Greeks; N. of a caste; foreigner, Ma hommedan (late): pl. the Greeks; Greek as trologers; -desa-ga, a. coming from the land of the Greeks; -pura, n. city of the Greeks, N. probably of Alexandria; -sena, m. N.

यवनानी yavanani [ *yavan-n ] f. writing of the Greeks.

यवनिका yavanika [ yav&atod;n-ik ] f. 1. Greek woman; 2. curtain (=gavanik); -, f. Greek woman.

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यवनेश्वर yavanesvara [ yavana½svara ] m. N. of a prince of the Greeks.

यवपिष्ट yavapista [ yava-pishta ] pp. barley-meal; (y va)-mat, a. containing barley; m. corn grower (RV.); n. abundance of corn (RV.); (yva)-madhya, a. like a barley-corn in the middle, thickest in the middle (a term applied also to certain metres); n. (diameter of a barley-corn), a measure of length; kind of Kndryana or lunar penance (also -ma dhyama); -mya, a. made or consisting of barley; -mardana, n. threshing-floor; -mushti, m. f. handful of barley.

यवस yavasa [ yvasa ] m. n. sg. & pl. grass, fodder, pasturage; -mushti, m. f. handful of grass; a&halfacute;ad, a. eating grass, grazing (RV.); -½an na½udaka½indhana, n. grass, corn, water, and fuel; -½indhana, n. grass and fuel; -½udaka, n. du. fodder and water.

यवागू yavagu [ yav-g&usharp; ] f. gruel of rice (also of other kinds of grain).

यवासक yavasaka [ yavsa-ka ] m. manna-plant (which withers at the commencement of the rainy season).

यविष्ठ yavistha [ yv-ishtha ] spv. youngest (often said of fire just produced from the fire-sticks or placed on the altar); hence ep. of Agni; -yas, cpv. younger (also said of Sdras as opp. to the three older castes); lesser; worse; m. younger brother: -, f. younger sister.

यवोर्वरा yavorvara [ yava½urvar ] f. barley-field.

यमल yamala[ yama-la ] a. forming a pair, double; m. twin; the number two; -loka, m. world of Yama; -vat, a. self-restrained, control ling one's passions; -vishaya, m. Yama's realm; -vrata, n. Yama's method; -sikha, m. N. of a Vetla; -sadana, n. Yama's abode; -sabh, f. Yama's tribunal; -sda n, n. Yama's abode; -s&usharp;, a. bearing twins; -skta, n. the Yama hymn; -svasri, f. Yama's sister, ep. of the Yamun.

यमानुग yamanuga [ yama½anuga ] a. attending on Yama; -½anukara, m. Yama's servant; -½antaka, m. Yama, god of death.

यमाय yamaya [ yam-ya ] den. . represent the god of death.

यमारि yamari [ yama½ari ] m. Yama's foe, ep. of Vishnu; -½laya, m. Yama's abode.

यमिन् yamin [ yam-in ] a. self-controlled.

यमी yami [ yam-&isharp; ] f. twin-sister of Yama; in C. =Yamun.

यमुना yamuna [ yam-n ] f. N. of a river (now Jum na); in C. identified with Yam; N.: -datta, m. N. of a frog; -pati, m. ep. of Vishnu; -prabhava, m. source of the Yamun (a place of pilgrimage).

यमुषदेव yamusadeva [ yamusha-deva ] kind of fabric.

ययाति yayati [ ya-y&asharp;t-i ] m. [Striver: &root;yat], N. of an ancient patriarch, son of Nahusha.

ययि yayi [ ya-y- (or &isharp;) ] a. [&root;y] racing, swift (RV.).

ययु yayu[ y-y-u ] a. [&root;y] swift; m. horse.

यर्हिyarhi [ y-rhi ] cj. when (w. ind. and pot. and corr. trhi and etrhi, in TS. & Ait. Br. only; w. pr., pot., impf., pf., aor. or no vb. and corr. atha, tatra, tad, tatprabhriti, in Bhgavata-P. only; in the latter also with meaning since, because).

यव yava  [ yva ] m. grain, corn (V.); barley (C.: pl. barley-corns); barley-corn as a measure (a) of length,=1/6 or 1/8 a&ndot;gula; (b) of weight, = 6 or 12 mustard-seeds or 1/2 gug.

यत्रकामावसाय yatrakamavasaya [ yatra- kma½avasya ] m. magical power of transferring oneself any where at will; -tatra-saya, a. lying down anywhere, not minding where one sleeps.

यम yama [ 1. ym-a ] m. (restrainer), rein (RV.1); driver (RV.1); suppression, restraint, self restraint; general law of morality, paramount duty (opp. niyama, minor duty); observance, rule.

यम yama [ 2. yam- ] a. (&asharp;, &isharp;) forming a pair; m. twin (du. twins; designation of the Asvins); N. of the male Twin of Yam, the first man, son of Vivasvat (RV.); in the Veda Yama is the god who rules over the departed fathers in heaven; in C. he is regarded as the god of death, presiding in the lower regions (his name being supposed to mean subduer or punisher), younger brother of Manu (the first man), regent of the south, and reputed author of hymns and of a law-book; planet Saturn; n. pair.

यमक yamaka [ yama-ka ] a. double, twofold; n. double bandage; repetition of syllables iden tical in sound but different in meaning, paro nomasia; -kimkara, m. Yama's servant, messenger of death; -ketu, m. Yama's flag, sign of death; -kshaya, m. Yama's abode; -gth&asharp;, f. verse treating of Yama; -griha, n. Yama's abode; -ghna, a. destroying death, ep. of Vishnu; -ga, a. twin-born; m. du. twins; -gta, pp.: -ka, a., m. id.; -gihv, f. (Yama's tongue), N. of a procuress; -t, f. condition of Yama: -m y, become the god of death to, cause the death of (g.); -tv, n. id.; -damshtra, m. N. of an Asura, of a Rkshasa, and of a warrior; -damshtr, f. Yama's tooth: -½antaram gata, having en tered the jaws of death; -danda, m. Yama's rod; -dis, f. Yama's quarter, south; -dt, m. Yama's messenger; ()-devata, a. having Yama as a deity; -dhn, f. Yama's abode.

यमन yamana [ ym-ana ] a. () restraining, guiding (V.); n. act of restraining or curbing.

यमपट yamapata [ yama-pata ] m. cloth of Yama (on which the god of death and the tortures of hell are depicted): i-ka, m. man who car ries about a Yama cloth; -pada, n. repeated word; -plaka, m. Yama's watchman; -p la-purusha, m. id.; -purusha, m. id.; -mandira, n. Yama's abode; -mrga, m. Yama's path; -yga, m. kind of Ygy; -rga, m. N.; -rgan, m. king Yama; () rgan, a. having Yama as a king; m. subject of Yama; -r&asharp;gya, n. Yama's rule; -rshtra, n. Yama's realm.

यवक्षेत्र yavaksetra [ yava-kshetra ] n. barley-field; -kha la, m. threshing-floor; -godhma-vat, a. abounding in barley and wheat; -krna, n. barley-meal; -dvpa, m. island of Java.

यवन् yavan [ yvan ] m. light half of the month.

यवन yavana [ 1. yv-ana ] a. [&root;2. yu] warding off (only --ree;); n. [&root;1. yu] mixing, esp. with water.

यन्त्र yantra [ yan-tr ] n. means of holding, support, barrier (V.); leather-thong, traces (of a car riage); (blunt surgical) instrument (opp. knives); apparatus, appliance, mechanical contrivance, engine, machine; bolt, lock (on a door); means of propulsion (in a boat, =oars, sails, etc.); ree;--or--ree;, mechanical (ele phant, etc.); magical (car); amulet, mystical diagram used as an amulet.

यन्त्रक yantraka [ yantra-ka ] m. (f. ik) restrainer; mechanist; -karandik, f. magical basket; -karma-krit, m. mechanist; -karman, n. em ployment of instruments; -keshtita, (pp.) n. magical contrivance, enchantment; -kkhed ya, n. kind of art (incorr. for pattra-).

यन्त्रण yantrana[ yantr-ana ] n. bandaging; restric tion, restraint, constraint (caused by, --ree;).

यन्त्रतक्षन् yantrataksan[ yantra-takshan ] m. constructor of machines or magical contrivances; -dri- dha, pp. secured by a bolt; -dhr-griha, n. shower-bath room: -tva, n. condition or function of a shower-bath; -nla, n. artificial pipe or tube; -putraka, m., -putrik, f. mechanical doll; -pravha, m. mechanical spray or jet of water; -maya, a. artificially imitated, mechanical (animal, etc.); -may ra-ka, m. artificial peacock; -mrga, m. aqueduct.

यन्त्रय yantraya [ yantra-ya ] den. P. bandage: pp. ita, bandaged; bound, fastened; fettered, re strained, or compelled by, depending on (in., ab., --ree;); self-restrained; strenuously exerting oneself, for (-krite). ni, curb, restrain: pp. bound, fettered; embanked; restricted, ruled by, dependent on (in. or --ree;). sam, pp. stop ped (car).

यन्त्रवत् yantravat[ yantra-vat ] a. furnished with a me chanical contrivance; -sara, m. automatic arrow; -stra, n. cord of a mechanical puppet.

यन्त्रिन् yantrin [ yantr-in ] a. furnished with trap pings (horse); possessing an amulet; tor menting; m. tormentor.

यन्त्रोपल [ yantra½upala ] m. pl. (mechanical stones), mill.

यदा yantropala [ ya-d ] cj. when, followed by corr. (rarely omitted) tad, sts. tatah, in V. also &asharp;t, tha, dha, and td; the copula is often omitted, esp. after a pp.; yad kad kid, at any time, ever; yad tad, always; yad&asharp; kad&asharp; ka, as often as (RV.); yad yad, as often as (corr. doubled or single tad); ya d½eva -tad½eva, yad½eva khalu -tad prabhriti½eva, as soon as -at once, at the very time that -thenceforward.

यदात्मक yadatmaka [ yad-tma-ka ] a. having whose nature.

यदीय yadiya [ yad-ya ] a. whose.

यदु yadu [ ydu ] m. N. of a Vedic tribe and its chief (gnly. mentioned with Turvasa). In E. he is described as a son of Yayti, of Vasu, prince of Kedi, and of Haryasva; he is the ancestor of the Ydava race in which Krishna was born.

यदृच्छा yadrccha  [ yad-rikkh ] f. chance: ree;--, -tas, or in. a-y, by chance, accidentally; spontane ously; unexpectedly; -mtratah, only quite by accident; -lbha-samtushta, pp. satisfied with earnings obtained spontaneously; -sab da, m. word of accidental origin, unmeaning word.

यद्गोत्र yadgotra   [ yad-gotra ] a. belonging to which family; -devata, a. having which deity; -dhetos, ab. (=hetos) ad. on which account, wherefore; -bhavishya, a. saying &open;what will be, will be&close;; m. fatalist; N. of a fish.

यद्वत् yadvat [ yad-vat ] ad. in what manner, as (corr. tadvat or evam); -vidha, a. of what kind; -vrya, a. of what valour; -vritta, n. (thing that happened), occurrence, event, adventure.

यन्तवे yantave [ yn-tave ] d. inf. of &root;yam (RV.); -tavya, fp. to be guided, curbed, or re strained; -tr, m. driver (of horses or car), charioteer; elephant-driver; director, guide; ruler, governor; a. establishing (V.); be stowing (V.); withholding, from (lc.).

यन्मयyanmaya  [ yan-maya ] a. consisting or formed of which; -mtra, a. having which measure; -mrdhan, m. whose head; -mla, a. hav ing its root in which, dependent on whom or what.

यथेक्षितम् yatheksitam [ yath½kshitam ] ad. as seen with one's own eyes; -½ikkha, a. according to desire: ree;-or -m, ad. in accordance with desire, at pleasure, as one likes; -½ikkhakam, -½ikkha y, ad. id.; -½etm, (pp.) ad. as come; -½p say, in. ad. according to desire; -½psita, pp. as desired: -m, ad. according to wish.

यथेष्ट yathesta [ yath½ishta ] pp. such as desired: ree; or -m, ad. according to wish: -gati, a. going wherever one likes; -samkrin, a. id.; -½sa na, a. sitting as one likes.

यथोक्त yathokta [ yath½ukta ] pp. as said or stated, aforesaid, previously mentioned or discussed: ree;-or -m, e-na, ad. in the manner stated or prescribed; according to request; -½ukta krin, a. acting as prescribed above; -½ukta vdin, a. reporting what he has been told (messenger); -½ukita, pp. suitable, fit, proper: ree;-or -m, ad. becomingly, fitly, suita bly; -½uggitam, ad. according to the victory gained; -½uttara, a. following in succession: -m, ad. one after the other, in succession; -½utsha, a. according to one's power: -m, ad. to the best of one's ability; -½udayam, ad. in proportion to income, according to one's means; -½udita, pp. as stated, before-mentioned: -m, ad.; -½udgamana, ree;-ad. in rising proportion; -½uddishta, pp. as stated, enu merated above; as directed by (in.): -m, ad. in the manner stated; -½uddesam, ad. in the manner indicated; -½upagosham, ad. at pleasure, comfortably; -½upadishta, pp. as stated, previously indicated: -m, ad. in the manner stated or prescribed; -½upadesam, ad. as stated or instructed, in accordance with precept or prescribed teaching; -½upa-pdam, ad. just as or where it happens; -½upayoga, ree;-or -m, ad. according to use, requirements, or circumstances; -½upalam bham, ad. however one lays hold of it; -½up dhi, ad. according to the conditions or pre mises; -½upta, pp. as sown, according to the seed; -½aukityam (or t), in a suitable manner.

यद््yad  [ y-d ] nm. & ac. sg. n. and base ree;-- of the rel. prn. what, which; cj. that (introducing oratio recta, gnly. without iti, after verbs of saying, thinking, etc.); (so) that (rare); as to the fact that (corr. tad, therein); where fore, on which account (rare); when (V.); if (V.; in Br. with pot. to express an unfulfilled condition); since, because, inasmuch as (corr. tad, therefore; common); in order that (rare); dha yd, even if, although (RV.); yad api, although; yad u -evam, as -so (V.); yad uta, that; that is to say; yat kila, that; yak ka, if that is to say; yad v, or else (very common in comm.); however; yad v -yadi v, if -or if.

यदन्न yadanna [ yad-anna ] a. eating which food; -abhva, m.: lc. in absence or default of which; -artha, a. having which object in view: -m, ad. wherefore, on which account; for whose sake; since, because (rare); -arthe, lc. ad. id.; -asana, a. eating which food.

यन्नामन् yannaman [ yan-nman ] a. having what name; -nimitta, a. whereby occasioned: -m, ad. on which account, in consequence of which.

यतिथ yatitha [ yati-th ] a. (&isharp;) the how-manieth (Br.); -dh&asharp;, ad. in how many parts or places (AV.).

यतिन्् yatin [ yat-in ] m. ascetic.

यथापण्यम््yathapanyam  [ yath-panyam ] ad. according to the commodity; -½apardha-danda, a. pun ishing in proportion to guilt; -parttam, ad. as delivered up; -puram, ad. as before; -pr va, a. being as before: ()-m, ad. as before; in succession, one after the other; -pragam, ad. to the best of one's knowledge; -pratya ksha-darsanam, ad. as if actually seen; -pra dishtam, ad. as prescribed, duly; -pradesam, ad. in its respective place; in the proper place; in all directions; according to precept; -pradhnam, ad. according to size; accord ing to precedence; -pravesam, ad. as one has entered; -prasnam, ad. in accordance with the questions; -prastutam, ad. as had al ready been begun, at length; -prnam, ad. according to one's strength, with all one's might; -prnena, in. ad. id.; -prpta, pp. as fallen in with, the first that occurs; as resulting from circumstances, suitable; re sulting from a preceding grammatical rule: -m, ad. according to the rule, regularly; -prrthitam, ad. as requested; -phalam, ad. according to the produce; -balm, ad. according to one's power, with all one's might; according to the condition of the army; -bg am, ad. according to the seed; -buddhi, ad. to the best of one's knowledge; -bhgm, ad. according to the share; in one's respective place; in the right place; -bhganam, ad. respectively in the right place; -bhva, m. condition of how it is, true state; fate; -½abhi preta, pp. wished for, desirable (--ree;): -m, ad. according to desire, as any one (g.) likes; -½abhimata, pp. desired: -m, ad. according to desire, to one's heart's content, -desa, m. desired place, whatever place one likes; -½abhi rukita, pp. liked, favourite; -½abhilashita, wished for, desirable; -½abhshta, pp. desired: -dis, f. place desired by each; -bhtam, ad. according to what has happened, truly; -bh mi, ad. into the respective country; -½abhy arthita, pp. previously requested; -ma&ndot;ga lam, ad. according to the respective custom; -mati, ad. as seems fit to any one (g.); to the best of one's understanding; -manas, ad. to one's heart's content; -mukhyam, ad. as re gards the chief persons; -mukhyena, in. ad. chiefly, above all; -½mntam, ad. as handed down in the text.

यथायथम्् yathayatham [ yath-yathm ] ad. fitly, properly, in due order; one after the other, gradually; -yukta, pp. regarding (lc.): -m, ad. accord ing to circumstances, suitably; -yukti, ad. id.: -tas, ad. id.; -yogam, ad. id.; according to usage; -yogena, in. ad. according to cir cumstances, suitably; -yogyam, ad. as is fit, properly, suitably; -½rabdha, pp. previously begun; -½rambham, ad. according to the beginning, in the same order; -rukam, -ruk i, ad. according to taste; -rpa, a. of what kind; having a suitable appearance, extremely beautiful; very great: ()-m, ad. suitably; rightly, truly; according to appearance.

यथार्थ yathartha [ yath½artha ] a. conformable to reality, appropriate (name), suitable; correct, true (also of a dream), in the true sense of the word (life): ree;-or ()-m, ad. in accordance with the object or need, suitably, fitly, appro priately; in accordance with reality, accu rately; at pleasure; -ka, a. correct; coming true (dream); -krita-nman, a. appropriately named; -tattvam, ad. in accordance with the actual truth; -tas, ad. in accordance with truth; -t, f. appropriateness (of a name); -nma-ka, a. bearing an appropriate name: -tva, n. appropriateness of name; -nman, a. having an appropriate name; -½akshara, a. true to the letter; -½khya, a. bearing an appropriate name.

यथार्थित yatharthita [ yath½arthita ] pp. as requested, previously asked; -½arthi-tvam, ad. accord ing to the intention; -½arpita, pp. as de livered up; -½arha, a. according to deserts or merit, suitable: ree;-or -m, ad. in accordance with merit or worth, worthily, suitably, justly: -tas, ad. id.; -labdha, pp. such as comes to hand; -lbha, ree;-or -m, ad. just as it hap pens to be; -li&ndot;gam, ad. according to the characteristic.

यथावकाशम्् yathavakasam [ yath½avaksm ] ad. accord ing to space; into the proper place; accord ing to or on the first opportunity; -vakana krin, a. acting according to orders, obedient; -vakanam, ad. according to the expression; -vat, ad. exactly as it is or should be, accord ing to usage, in due order, suitably, fitly, cor rectly, accurately;=yath, as (rare); -vay as, ad. according to age; of the same age; -vasm, ad. according to one's will or pleasure (V.); -½avasaram, ad. at every opportunity; -vastu, ad. in accordance with the facts, ac curately, truly; -½avastham, ad. in accord ance with the condition or circumstances; -½avasthita½artha-kathana, n. description of a matter in accordance with facts; -½vs am, ad. to one's respective dwelling; -vit tam, ad. in accordance with the find; in pro portion to property; -vidha, a. of what kind; -vidhnam, ad. according to prescription or rule, duly; -vidhnena, in ad. id.; -vidhi, ad. id.; in due form, suitably; according to the deserts of (g.); -viniyogam, ad. in the order stated; -vibhava, ree;--, -m, or -tas, ad. in proportion to means or income; -vibhg am, ad. in accordance with the share; -vi shayam, ad. according to the thing in ques tion; -vrya, a. having what strength: -m, ad. in proportion or with regard to valour; -vritta, pp. as happened; how conducting oneself: ree;-or -m, ad. as it happened, in ac cordance with the facts, circumstantially; according to the metre; n. previous event; ac tual facts, details of an event; -vrittnta, m.(?) experience, adventure; -vriddha, ree;-or -m, according to age, by seniority; -vyavahram, ad. in accordance with usage; -vyutpatti, ad. according to the degree of culture; -sakti, -sakty, ad. according to one's power, to the utmost of one's power, as far as possible; -½sayam, ad. according to wish; according to the conditions or premises; -sstra, ree;-or -m, according to prescribed rules or the in stitutes of the law; -slam, ad. according to the character; -sraddhm, ad. according to inclination; -½sramam, ad. according to the stage of religious life; -½srayam, ad. in re gard to the connexion; -srddham, ad. in accordance with the funeral feast; -srutam, pp. as heard of: -m, ad. as one heard it; in accordance with knowledge; incorr. for -sruti; -sruti, ad. according to the precepts of the Veda; -samstham, ad. according to circum stances; -sakhyam, ad. in proportion to friend ship; -samkalpita, pp. as wished; -sam khyam, -samkhyena, ad. according to num ber, number for number, in such a way that the numbers of two equal series correspond numerically (the first to the first, the second to the second, etc.); -sa&ndot;gam, ad. according to need, adequately; -satyam, ad. in accord ance with truth, truthfully; -samdishtam, ad. as directed; -½sannam, ad. as soon as come near; -samayam, ad. at the proper time; -samarthitam, ad. as has been con sidered good; -sammntam, ad. as men tioned; -samhita, pp. as desired: -m, ad. according to wish (Pr.); -samuditm, ad. as agreed; -sampad, ad. as it happens; -sam pratyayam, ad. according to agreement; -sampradyam, ad. as handed down; -sam bandham, ad. according to the relationship; -sambhava, a. corresponding as far as pos sible: -m, ad. according to the connexion, respectively; -sambhavin, a., -sambhvita, pp. corresponding; -sma, ad. according to the sequence of the Smans; -sram, ad. ac cording to the quality; -siddha, pp. as hap pening to be ready; -sukha, ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure; at ease, comfortably; pleasantly, conveniently; -sukha-mukha, a. facing any way one pleases; -sktam, ad. hymn by hymn; -skshma, a. pl. according to size from the smallest onwards: -m, ad.; -½astam, ad. to one's respective home; -sthna, n. proper place (only lc. sg. & pl.); a. being in the proper place: ()-m, ad. to or in the proper place; -sthitam, ad. according to one's stand; as it stands, certainly, surely; -sthiti, ad. according to custom, as usual; -sthla, ree;-or -m, ad. in the rough, without going into detail; -smriti, ad. according to one's recollection; according to the rules of the law-books; -sva, a. one's (his, their) respective: ree;-or -m, ad. each his own, each individually or in his own way, respectively; -svaira, ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure, without restraint; -½hra, a. eating whatever comes to hand.

यजन yajana  [ yag-ana ] n. sacrificing; place of sacri fice: -ya, 1. a. ahan, sacred day, day of sacrifice; 2. fp. to be worshipped, -sacrificed.

यत्रसायंगृह yatrasayangrha [ yatra-syam-griha ] a. having one's dwelling wherever evening falls; -s yam-pratisraya, a. id.; -stha, a. dwelling in which place; -½astamita-syin, a. resting wherever sunset overtakes one; -½ikkhaka, a. wherever one likes.

यत्संख्याक yatsankhyaka [ yat-samkhy-ka ] a. having what number, how numerous; -sena, a. having how strong an army; -svabhva, a. being of what nature.

यथऋषि yathrsi [ yatha-rishi ] ad. according to the respective Rishi.

यथर्चम्् yatharcam [ yath½rikam ] ad. according to the respective verse; -½ritu, ad. according to the season; -½rishi, ad. according to the respec tive Rishi.

यथा yatha [ y-th ] rel. ad. & cj. as, like (followed by correlative tth; sts. tath tath, tadvat, evam, V. ev; in V. the pcls. kid, ha, ha vai, iva½a&ndot;ga, iva ha are added, in C. sts. iva redundantly; at the end of a pda yath is sometimes unaccented in this sense like iva); as, for instance; elliptically: as it is or was (rare); properly, correctly (=yathvat); in order that, (so) that (with subj. or opt. in V.; opt., pr., ft., impf., pf., aor. in C.; sts. with ellipse of syt or bhavet); that (with verbs of saying, thinking, knowing, doubting, hear ing, etc. introducing oratio recta iti); as soon as (rare); as if (w. pot., rare): yath tath, as -therefore; as surely as -so truly (also tena satyena, the logical order of the clauses being sts. inverted); yth yath tth tath (V. also eva&halfacute;eva), according or in proportion as -so, the more -the more; yath yath½eva, that (w. pot.; corr. tad); yath tath, in whatever way; in some way or other, anyhow (with na, in no way, not in reality); by commentators used to express that a word is employed adverbially (in such manner that it is, sc. bhavati); yath katham- kid, in any way, somehow or other; tad yath, that is as follows=namely, for instance; tad yath½api nma, just as if (w. pot.).

यथाकनिष्ठम्् yathakanistham [ yath-kanishtham ] ad. according to age from the youngest upwards; -kartavya, fp. to be done according to the circumstances; n. proper course of action; -karm, ad. according to the respective action or actions; -karma-gunam, ad. according to the actions and (three) qualities; -kalpam, ad. according to the ritual; -kndam, ad. according to the sections; -kma-kra, m. action according to one's desire; -k&asharp;mam (SB. m), ad. according to wish, at will or pleasure, agreeably; leisurely; -kma- gyeya, fp. to be oppressed at pleasure; -kma-praypya, fp. to be sent away at pleasure; -kma-vadhya, fp. to be chastised at pleasure; -kma-vikrin, a. wandering about at will; -kma½arkita½arthin, a. satis fying supplicants according to their desire; -kmin, a. acting according to one's will, unrestrained; -krya, fp. to be done according to circumstances; -kla, m. proper time: -m, ad. at the right or usual time, seasonably; -kula-dharmam, ad. according to the family usage; -krita, pp. properly done (--ree;); agreed upon: ()-m, ad. as usual (RV.); as it hap pened; as agreed upon; -krama, ree;--, -m, ena, in due order, successively; -kriyamna, pr. pt. as being done, usual, customary; -ksham am, ad. according to one's power, as much as possible; -kshipram, ad. as possible; -½khynam, ad. according to the statement, as before stated; -½gata, pp. by which one came (way): -m, e-na, ad. by the way one came; -½gama, a. orthodox: -m, ad. in accordance with tradition; -gunam, ad. according to the qualities or virtues; -griham, ad. into one's respective house; -gotra-kula-kalpam, ad. according to the usage of the family or the tribe; -½a&ndot;gm, ad. member by member; -½kram, ad. according to usage; -kintita, pp. previously intended; -kkhandas, ad. metre by metre; -gta, pp. as if born into the world; stupid, foolish; -gosham, ad. to one's heart's content; -gapta, pp. previously directed or ordered; -gapti, ad. according to command; -gnam, ad. to the best of one's knowledge; -geyam, ad. id.; -gyeshtham, ad. according to age from the eldest downwards, by seniority.

यथातत्त्व yathatattva [ yath-tattva ] ad. ree;-- or -m, in accordance with truth, truly, accurately; -tatham, ad. as it is really (tath), circumstantially, accurately; properly, suitably; -tathyam, -tathyena, ad. in accordance with truth; -½tmaka, a. having whatever nature; -darsana, ad. ree;-or -m, at each occurrence, in each individual case; -dik, -disam, ad. in accordance with the cardinal points, ac cording to the corresponding direction; -½ dishta, pp. according to the direction or statement: ()-m, ad.; -drishtam, ad. as one has seen it; -devatam, ad. deity by deity; -desam, ad. according to the place; -½desam, according to precept; -dharmm, ad. in due order; according to the nature; -½adhikra, ad. ree;-or -m, according to au thority; -½adhta, ree;-or -m, ad. as learnt, in accordance with the text; -½adhypakam, ad. in accordance with the teacher; -nirup tam, ad. as scattered; -nirdishta, pp. as above specified, described, or characterized; -½anu prvam, ad. in regular order; -½anuprvya, ree;-or , (in.) ad. id.; -½anubhtam, ad. ac cording to previous experience; -½anurpam, ad. in exact conformity, regularly; -nyastam, ad. in the manner in which deposited; -nyy am, ad. according to rule, duly, fitly; -nys am, ad. according to the written wording of a stra, as is written; -nyupta, pp. in the order in which laid down.

यतितव्य yatitavya [ yat-i-tavya ] fp. n. one should exert oneself, for (lc.).

यतिताल yatitala [ yati-tla ] m. kind of musical measure; -tva, n. condition of an ascetic; -dharma, m. duties of an ascetic.

यत्काम yatkama [ yt-kma ] a. desiring which (V.); -kmy&asharp;, ad. with which intention (Br.); -kranam, ad. on which account, wherefore; since, because (also t); -kryam, ad. with which intention; -kimkana-kraka, a. doing anything that occurs to one, acting at ran dom; -kimkana-kr-in, a. id.: (-i)-t, f. haphazard conduct; -kimkana-pralpin, a. talking at random; -kimkana-vda, m. random assertion; -kimkid-api-samkalpa, m. desire for something or other; -kimkid-duh kha-ka, n. pl. trifling pains of whatever kind; -kula, a. of which family; -krite, ad. for the sake of whom or which.

यत्न yatna [ yat-na ] m. volition, aspiration (rare); effort, exertion, endeavour, care, trouble, labour, pains (sg. & pl.; with regard to, lc. or --ree;); express statement (rare): -m kri, -dh, or -sth, make an effort or attempt, take trouble or pains (for, to, lc., inf.); in. sg. or pl. carefully, eagerly, zealously, strenu ously; yatnena½api, in spite of every effort; ab. with every effort; carefully, sedulously, vigorously; -tas, ad. id.; ree;--, with difficulty.

यत्नवत््yatnavat  [ yatna-vat ] a. possessed of volition; taking trouble, exerting oneself (with lc.).

यत्र yatra  [ y-tra (V. sts. &asharp;) ] ad.=lc. of ya in all numbers and genders; where, in which place (ord. mg.); whither; on which occasion, in which case, if; when (common); in that (=quod; rare); in order that (RV., rare); that (after a question): yatra yatra, wherever; whithersoever; yatra tatra, in what ever; anywhere whatever; to any place whatever, heaven knows whither; at every opportunity, on every occasion; yatra tatra½api, anywhere soever; yatra kutra, in whatever; everywhere; yatra kutra½api, in whatever; ytra kv ka (V.), in any what ever; wherever; whenever; whithersoever; yatra kvakana, in any whatever; any where; at any time; heaven knows whither; yatra kva v, anywhere whatever (P.); yatra kva½api, to any place, hither or thither (P.); yatra v, or at any other place, or elsewhere.

यज्ञिय yajniya [ yag-ya ] a. worthy of worship or sacrifice, sharing in the sacrifice, holy, divine (said of the gods and what is connected with them); engaged in or fit for sacrifice; devout, pious; sacrificial, sacred: w. bhga, m. share in the sacrifice; -ya, a. belonging to or suitable for sacrifice.

यज्ञेश yajnesa [ yaga½sa ] m. lord of sacrifice; ep. of Vishnu; -svara, m. id.

यज्ञोत्सव yajnotsava [ yaga½utsava ] m. (conj.) sacrificial festival; -½upakarana, n. sacrificial implement; -½upavt, n. investiture with the sacrificial thread (worn over the left shoulder); sacrificial thread (C.); -½upavt-in, a. in vested with the sacrificial thread.

यज्यु yajyu [ yg-yu ] a. (RV.) worshipping, pious; adorable; (yg)-van, a. (r-) worshipping, sacrificing; pious; m. worshipper, sacrificer, believer.

यत yata [ ya-t ] pp. (&root;yam) restrained etc.: (a) gir, a. restraining speech, silent.

यतनीय yataniya [ yat-anya ] fp. n. imps. one should strive after (lc.).

यतम yatama [ ya-tam ] a. (n. -d) who or which of many (V.); -tar, a. (n. -d) which of two (V.).

यतस््yatas  [ y-tas ] ad.=ab. of ya in all numbers and genders, out of or from whom or which, whence, whereof (be afraid); where (common); whither (rare); wherefore, for which reason; since, because, for (often introducing a verse in support of a previous statement); since when (gnly. + prabhriti); as soon as (RV.); that (after questions, e.g. what have I done that you should --; or to introduce oratio recta); yto yatah, from which or whence respectively; whithersoever, in whatever direction; yata eva kutas ka, whenceso ever (Br.); yatas tatah, from any one so ever; from any quarter whatever; whither soever, to any place whatever.

यतात्मन्् yatatman [ yata½tman ] a. having one's mind concentrated, controlling oneself.

यति yati [ 1. y-ti ] a. pl. (nm. ac. yti) as many as.

यति yati [ 2. yt-i ] m. disposer (V.): pl. N. of an ancient race connected with the Bhrigus; sg. (striver), one who has renounced the world, ascetic, anchorite.

यति yati [ 3. y-ti ] f. guidance (V.); pause (in music); caesura (in prosody).

यच्छन्दस्् yacchandas [ yak-khandas ] a. having which metre; -khla, a. having which character; -khraddha, a. having which faith.

यजत yajata [ yag-at ] a. (V.) adorable, holy, divine, sublime.

यजति yajati [ yag-ati ] m. technical term for rites de- signated by the verb yagati (and not guhoti).

यजत्र yajatra [ yg-a-tra ] a. worthy of worship or sacrifice (V.).

यजध्यै yajadhyai [ yg-a-dhyai ] d. inf. of &root;yag (RV.).

यजमान yajamana [ yga-mna ] pr. pt. sacrificing; m. institutor of a sacrifice (who pays its expenses); man capable of paying the expenses of a sacri fice, wealthy man: -bhg, m. share of the insti tutor of a sacrifice; -loka, m. world of sacrificers.

यजि yaji [ yag-i ] a. worshipping, sacrificing (--ree;); m. performance of sacrifice; the root yag (gr.); -in, m. worshipper, sacrificer; (yg)-ishtha, spv. sacrificing best or most (RV.); -ishnu, a. worshipping or sacrificing to the gods; (-yg)-yas, cpv. sacrificing or worshipping better, more, or excellently.

यजुर्मय yajurmaya [ yagur-mya ] a. consisting of the Yagur-veda; -vd, a. knowing the Yagur veda; -ved, m. Veda of sacrificial texts; -ved-in, a. versed in the Yagur-veda.

यजुष्मत्् yajusmat [ ygush-mat ] a. attended with a sacrificial text: w. ishtak, pl. designation of certain bricks (consecrated with a special text).

यजुस्् yajus [ yg-us ] n. sacred awe, worship, sacri fice (V.); sacrificial text (as opp. to hymns and chants); the Yagur-veda (sg. & pl.).

यजुःस्वामिन्् [ yaguh-svmin ] m. N. of a Purohita.

यज्ञ yajuhsvamin [ yag- ] m. worship (in prayer or praise); sacrificial rite, sacrifice (to, of, by, --ree;).

यज्ञकर्मन्् yajnakarman [ yaga-karman ] n. sacrificial rite; a. engaged in a sacrifice; -kalpa, a. resem bling a sacrifice; ()-kma, a. desirous of worship; -kra, a. engaged in a sacrifice; -kla, m. time of sacrifice; -krt, a. per forming a sacrifice; -krat, m. sacrificial rite; complete or chief ceremony; -kriy, f. sacrificial rite; -gamya, fp. accessible by sacrifice; -gth, f. sacrificial verse; -ghna, m. demon that disturbs a sacrifice; -kkhga, m. sacrificial goat; -trtri, m. protector of the sacrifice, ep. of Vishnu; -dakshin, f. sacrificial fee; -datta, m. a frequent N.; -ds, f. N.; -dksh, f. initiation for a sacri fice; -dris, a. looking on at a sacrifice; -deva, m. N.; -dravya, n. requisite for a sacrifice (vessel etc.); -n&isharp;, a. guiding the sacrifice; ()pati, m. lord of sacrifice=institutor of a sacrifice or he in whose honour it is offered; -patn, f. wife of the institutor of a sacrifice; -path, m. path of sacrifice; -pasu, m. sacri ficial animal; -ptr, n. sacrificial utensil; -prpya, fp. attainable by sacrifice (Krish na); -priya, a. fond of sacrifice (Krishna); -pr&isharp;, a. delighting in sacrifice (V.); -phala da, a. rewarding sacrifice (Vishnu); ()ban dhu, m. associate in sacrifice (RV.1); -bhu, m. arm of sacrifice, fire; -bhga, m. share in the sacrifice; a. having a share in the sacri fice; m. god: -bhug, m. god, -½svara, m. ep. of Indra; -bhnda, n. sacrificial utensil; -bhug, m. (enjoying the sacrifice), god, sp. ep. of Vishnu; -bhmi, f. sacrificial ground; -bhrit, m. institutor of a sacrifice; ep. of Vishnu; -bhoktri, m. enjoyer of the sacri fice, ep. of Krishna; -mandala, n. sacrificial ground; -manas, a. intent on sacrifice; ()-manman, a. intent on sacrifice (RV.1); -mahotsava, m. great sacrificial celebration; -mukh, n. mouth or commencement of the sacrifice (V.); -ruki, m. N. of a Dnava; ()-vat, a. worshipping: -, f. N.; -vta, m. sacrificial ground; -vst, n. id.; kind of ceremony; -vha, a. conducting the sacrifice to the gods: -na, a. performing the sacrifice; having sacrifice for his vehicle, ep. of Vishnu and of Siva; ()-vhas, a. offering or receiving worship (V.); -vd, a. skilled in sacrifice; -vidy, f. sacrificial knowledge; ()-vibhrashta, pp. unsuccessful in sacrifice; -vesas, n. disturbance of worship or sacrifice (V.); -sarana, n. sacrificial shed; -sl, f. sacrificial hall; -sstra, n. doctrine of sacrifice; -sishta, n. remnants of a sacrifice; -sla, a. habitually sacrificing; -sesha, m. remains of a sacrifice; part of a sacrifice yet to be completed; -sreshtha, m. best of sacrifices; -samsiddhi, f. success of a sacrifice; -sam sth, f. fundamental form of a sacrifice; -sadana, n. sacrificial hall; -sadas, n. sacrificial assemblage; ()-sammita, pp. commensurate with the sacrifice; -s&asharp;dh, a. performing sacrifice (RV.); -s&asharp;dhana, a. id. (RV.); causing sacrifice (Vishnu); -sra, m. best part of the sacrifice, ep. of Vishnu; -stra, n. sacrificial thread (worn over the left shoulder); ()-sena, m. N. of various men and of a Dnava; -soma, m. N. of various Brhmans; -stha, a. engaged in a sacrifice; -sthala, n. sacrificial ground; N. of an Agrahra; -sthn, m. sacrificial stump=stum bling-block at the sacrifice; -svmin, m. N. of a Brhman; -hn, a. disturbing or spoiling the sacrifice; -hartri, m. spoiler of the sacrifice; -hut, m. sacrificial priest.

यक्ष्म yaksma [ yksh-ma ] m. (emaciating) disease (V.); consumption (later V., rare in C.): -grihta, pp. attacked by consumption; -graha, m. attack of consumption; -n&asharp;sana, a. (), disease-destroying.

यक्ष्मन्् yaksman [ yaksh-man ] m. consumption; -m-in, a. suffering from consumption.

यक्ष्य yaksya [ yksh-ya ] fp. active (RV.1).

यक्ष्यमाण yaksyamana [ yak-shy-mna ] ft. pt. (&root;yag) desirous of sacrificing.

यङ््yan  [ ya-&ndot; ] gr. designation of the intv. suffix ya: -luk, dropping of the intv. suffix ya.

यच्छ yaccha [ yakkha ] pr. base of &root;yam.


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