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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {. :} and  {:}
With base consonants |
  {wag}-aksharas | {a.wag}-aksharas
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Group {. :}  and  {:}

The names for the vowel-signs are:
{tha.w-hto: auk-mris}
 {tha.w-hto:} -- MEDict 492
{tha.w-hto: wus~sa.pauk}

With Base-aksharas

01. With the base-consonants
The following are some of the members of this subgroup:


{k. k k:}
{k-tha} /|kei tha|/ - n. poetic hair. (Pali: {k-tha}) -- MEDict 011
{kyau-sn-k:} /|kjo san kei:|/ - n. kind of small frog. -- MEDict 030

{hk. hk hk:}
{hk-ma} - n. peaceful nirvana -- based on MMDict 043

{g. g g:}
{pag:} /|pagei:|/ - n. nonpareil (Pali: {pa.g-wa/}) -- MEDict 249

{ng. ng ng:}
{ng:} /|ngei:|/ - v. gaze; look vacantly. -- ed MEDict 094

{s. s s:}
{s.} /|sei.|/ - v. 1. come up to specified number or time. -- MEDict 113
{s} /|sei|/ - v. 1. ask, order, command someone to do something. -- MEDict 111
{s:} /|sei:|, |si:|/ - adj. sticky; clammy. -- MEDict 113

{tis~hs} /|tahsei|/ - n. ghost. -- MEDict 184
{hs:} /|hsei:|/ - v. 1. wash; clean (with liquid) -- ed. MEDict 133

{z. z z:}
{z-yya.} /|zei-ja.|/ - n. success; victory. (Pali {za.ya.}) -- MEDict 150

{Z. Z Z:}
{Z:} /|zei:|/ - n. 1. market; bazaar. -- MEDict 154

{Ht. Ht Ht:}
{Ht:} /|htei:|/ - v. be rich; be wealthy. -- MEDict 160

{N. N N:}
{poaN~N:ma.} /|poun nei: ma.|/ - n. woman of Brahmin caste. -- MEDict 273

{t.} /|tei.|/ - v. place two things end to end, just touching. -- ed. MEDict 169
{t} /|tei|/ - v. 1. beat or pound repeatedly to tenderize. -- ed. MEDict 168
{t:} /|tei:|/ - v. 1. chalk up a grievance. -- MEDict 169

{ht.} /|htei.|/ - v. be sarcastic. -- MEDict 197
{ht} /|htei|/ - v. recover one's loss; recoup
  (as in "recoup the loss in one place with the gain in another") -- MEDict 197
{ht:} /|htei:|/ - v. caulk with resin, etc. -- MEDict 197

{d. d d:}
{d-tha.} /|dei-tha.|/ - n. region. (Pali: {d-tha.}) -- MEDict 210

{D. D D:}
no entry in MEDict

{n. n n:}
{n.} /|nei|/ - n. day. -- MEDict 228
{n} - n. the sun. -- MEDict 226

{p. p p:}
{p.} /|pei.|/ - part. colloquial verb-suffix for emphasis. -- ed. MEDict 260
{p} /|pei|/ - n. 1. corypha palm; talipot palm. Corypha elata . -- MEDict 259
{p:} /|pei:|/ - v. 1 (a) give; settle; pay. -- MEDict 260

{hp. hp hp:}
{hp} /|hpei|/ - n. term referring to a male including oneself. -- MEDict 299
{hp:} /|hpei:|/ - v. 1. extend help. -- MEDict 299

{b. b b:}
{b} /|bei|/ - n. spleen enlargement caused by malaria infection. -- ed. MEDict 313

{B. B B:}
{B-htoap} /|bei dou'|/ - n. bale (of cotton, gunny, etc.)
  (Engl: <bale> + Myan: {htoap}). -- MEDict 324
{B:} /|bei:|/ - n. side. -- MEDict 324

{m. m m:}
{m.} /|mei.|/ - v. 1. forget. -- MEDict 344
{m} /|mei|/ - pron. term of endearment used by a man to address his wife or lover.
  -- MEDict 344
{m:} /|mei:|/ - v. ask; question; enquire. -- MEDict 344


{y. y y:}
{y-rhu.} /|jei shu.|/ - n. Jesus. (Eng: <Jesus>) -- MEDict 383

UKT: If only {sha.} had been incorporated into Burmese-Myanmar, it would have been easier to transliterate and transcript Burmese-Myanmar to Burmese-Latin. Then <Jesus> would be {y-shu.}. As it is, Romabama has to stick to the accepted orthography and would have to spell {y-rhu.}

{r. r r:}
{r.} /|jei.|/ - part. Same as {r} -- MEDict 399
{r} /|jei|/ - n. water. part. suffix to name of person hailed. -- MEDict 393
{r:} /|jei:|/ - v. write; draw; compose. -- MEDict 399

UKT: My wife, Thanthan Tun, used to address me as {ko}, and when she would like to emphasize it she would say {ko-r}, using {r} as a suffix.

{l. l l:}
{l.} /|lei.|/ - part. word used in calling pigs
  (as in "for elephants, it's {s.}, and for pigs, it's {l.}: call them at feeding time") -- MEDict 434
{l} /|lei|/ - n. 1. air; breeze; wind; gas or wind in the body. -- MEDict 431
{l:} /|lei:|/ - adj. 1. heavy. -- MEDict 434

{w. w w:}
{w.} /|wei.|/ - v. 1. whirl around. -- MEDict 476
{w} /|wei|/ - v. 1. (a) distribute; handout. -- MEDict 476
{w:} /|wei:|/ - adj. far; distant; remote. -- MEDict 476

{th. th th:}
{ra.th.} /|jathei.|/ - n. hermit; recluse; rishi. -- MEDict 390
{th} /thei|/ - v. 1. die. -- MEDict 499
{th:} /|thei:|/ - adj. small. -- MEDict 501

{h. h h:}
{h.} /|hei.|/ - part. colloquial word of address in the same age-group,
  or from older to younger person. -- ed MEDict 529
{h} /|hei|/ - part. colloquial response to call in the same age-group
  or from older to younger person. -- ed MEDict 529
{h:} /|hei:|/ - part colloquial word of address used when the caller
  and the called are at a distance. -- based on MEDict 529

See UKT note on Hailing

{. :} and {:}
{.} /|ei.|/ - part. sentence-ending denoting familiarity between women. -- ed. MEDict 614
{-di} /|ei di|/ - n. AD (abbreviation of Anno Domini). -- MEDict 614
{:} - adj. 1. cool. -- MEDict 614
{: ka.} - n. one. (Pali: {: ka.}) -- MEDict 613


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UKT notes

Hailing - Greetings and salutations
Across the cultures, when people address each other, and even in prayers calling attention of gods and goddess, and other supernatural being, hailing is used. We find the same phenomenon in Burmese culture, and sounds of the {awag} group is used: {ha.} seems to the preferred sound.

hail - 2 v. hailed hailing hails v. tr. 1. a. To salute or greet. b. To greet or acclaim enthusiastically: The crowds hailed the boxing champion. 2. To call out to in order to catch the attention of: hail a cabdriver. v. intr. Nautical 1. To signal or call to a passing ship as a greeting or as an identification. n. 1. The act of greeting or acclaiming. 2. A shout made to catch someone's attention or to greet. 3. Hailing distance: told me to stay within hail. interj. 1. Used to express a greeting or tribute. -- AHTD

Hail Mary n. pl. Hail Marys Roman Catholic Church 1. A prayer based on the greetings of Gabriel and Saint Elizabeth to the Virgin Mary. -- AHTD

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