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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {a.thut}
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-akksharas
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{} in coda

Generically {} in the coda, belongs to classification of rime (rhyme), however, it is more convenient to classify it with the vowels.

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Group {a.thut}

UKT: {a.} known as the "small {a.}" is to be differentiated from {a.} the "big {a.}" because of their differing influences on the peak vowel.

Rime : {} {} {ai} {oa} {} {au} {ei}

With Base-aksharas

01. With the base-consonants

UKT: There are two (or three) possible pronunciation for this group:
1. {} /| e |/, {:} /| e: |/  -- refer to MEDict 635, 614
2. {i} /| i |/, {i:} /| i: |/ -- refer to MEDict 607, 608
3. {} /| ei |/, {:} /| ei: |/ -- refer to MEDict 614

Under what condition is the {} /| e |/, {:} /| e: |/ realized, and under what other conditions is the other realized has been puzzling to me. My good friend of {yau:} - area (western part of upper Myanmar - rather isolated - nearest to Manipur and Bengal in India) informed me (on phone 070104) that in his area, only the {:} is realized -- never {i:}.

My observation from the following listed syllables is:
{i:} : {sa.} , {ta.} , {pa.} , {ra.}
{:} (there are exceptions in {ta.}) : {hsa.} , {hta.} , {la.}
Note: this observation would have to be further checked in von02bmed.htm, and we should be expecting exceptions.

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{wag.} r1-aksharas 


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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{s.} /|si.| - n. granary; barn. -- MEDict121
{s} /|si|/ - n. 1. big drum (musical instrument) -- MEDict121
{s:} /|si:|/ - n. 1. fence; line -- MEDict121

{hs} /|hse|/ - v. 1. dam -- MEDict141
{hs:} /|hsi:|/ v.2. approach; wait upon. -- MEDict142

{:} /|nji:|/ - v. 1. complain; grumble; grouse. -- MEDict158

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{wag.} r3-aksharas

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{wag} r4-aksharas

{t.} /|te.| |ti.|/ - v. 1. be straight. -- MEDict185
{t} /|ti| |te|/ - v. 1. lie in; repose; be in a certain place. -- MEDict185
{t:} /|te:|/ - v. 1. put up at; lodge. -- MEDict185

UKT: The pronunciation of {t} /|ti| |te|/ (MLC transcript)
   in disyllabic words is interesting. -- MEDict185
{t kain:} /|ti gein|/ -- Romabama "transcript": /{ti-gain}/
{t krak} /|te gje'|/ -- Romabama "transcript": /{t-gyak}/

{ht.} /|hte.|/ -- v. 1. put in; insert; include. -- MEDict202
{ht}  /|hte|/ -- v. 1. be grand. -- MEDict202

  1. /|ne:|/ - adj. small; little; less (in amount, number, degree). -- MEDict235
  2. /|ni:|/ - n. system; method; process; procedure; ways; means. -- MEDict235

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{wag} r5-aksharas

{ta.p.} /|dabji.| |dabe.|/ - n. pupil, disciple, follower, servant. -- MEDict162
{p:} /|pji:|/ - adj. archaic many; plenty -- MEDict272

{m.} /|mji.|/ - part. clause final particle used as a marker for future tense. -- MEDict354
{m} /|mji|/ - v. 1. be called, named, said. -- MEDict354
{m:} /|mji:|/ - adj. black, dark. -- MEDict354

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{r} /|ji|/ - v. aim at; hope for. -- MEDict408
{r:} /|ji:|/ - v. archaic aim for; intend; desire. -- MEDict408

{l} /|le|/ - v. 1. revolve; rotate; spin. -- MEDict452
{l:} /|le:|/ - part. 1. noun or verb suffix to mean "also" -- MEDict452

{th.} /|thi.|/ - part. word-suffix to form adjective. -- MEDict515
{th} /|thi|/ - part. particle suffixed to some nouns to denote
   a practitioner of some trade or a person in a particular plight or situation. -- MEDict515
{th:} /|thi:|/ - v. 1. be violent; be strong. -- MEDict515

{h} /|hi|/ - v. See {hi} - (of horses) neigh; whinny; (of donkeys) bray. -- MEDict532, 528
{h:} /|hi:|/ - v. (of earthquake) rumble; roar; (of drum) reverberate. -- MEDict532

{:} /|i:|/ - n. sound of groaning. -- MEDict625

{} {} {ai} {oa} {} {au} {ei}
{.th} /|e. dhe|/ - n. guest. -- MEDict625


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UKT note

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