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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {a.thut}
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-aksharas
  The problem of r2c5
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UKT note


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{} in coda

This is a difficult case to handle, and I have to set the peak vowels arbitrarily .
See Romabama Rule 03 :  (Alt0236) for denoting {re:hkya. athut} ending in a killed nasal, as in { }

Generically {} in the coda, belongs to classification of rime (rhyme), however, it is more convenient to classify it with the vowels.

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Group {a.thut}

UKT: {a.} known as the "small {a.}" is to be differentiated from {a.} the "big {a.}" because of their differing influences on the peak vowel.

Rime {i} { } {ai} {oa} {} {au} {ei}

With Base-aksharas

01. With the base-consonants

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{wag.} r1-aksharas


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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{si.} /|sin.|/ - n. glaze. -- MEDict120
{si} /|sin|/ - v. 1. be thrown out (as in "thrown out of the car on impact") -- MEDict120
{si:} /|sin:|/ - v. mince; cut or chop into small pieces. -- MEDict120

{} /|njan|/ - n. propensity; bent (of mind); habit; nature. (Pali: {aa-Na}) -- MEDict155

{i.} /|nji.| |njin.|/  - n. night. Also {a.}. -- MEDict158

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{wag.} r3-aksharas


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{wag} r4-aksharas


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{wag} r5-aksharas

{pi~sa.} /|pjin sa.|/  - adj. five. (Pali: {pi~sa.ma.} -- MEDict272

{Boa:p:} /|hpoun: pei:|/ - v. (of a monk) eat. -- MEDict327

{mi~zu} /|min (mjin) zu|/  - n. 1. Same as {mi~zu-tha.ka.}.
. four-o'clock flower. Mirabilis jalapa. (Pali: {mi~zu-tha.ka.}) -- MEDict354

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{yi.} /|jin.|/ - v. (of extremities, edges) touch -- MEDict386
{yi} /|jin|/ - adj. 1. cultured; gentle; charrming; graceful. -- MEDict386
{yi:na} /|jin: na|/ - n. 1. highly contagious and infectious disease. -- MEDict386
{y} /|jin|/ - n. 1. vehicle, craft. -- MEDict386

{ri.} /|jin.|/ - v. archaic Same as {ri} -- MEDict408
{ri} /|jin|/ - v. archaic cut off; sever. -- MEDict408

{i} {} {ai} {oa} {} {au} {ei}
{thi~za-li} /|thin za li|/ - n. ornamented chair used by nobility. -- MEDict515
{th~zo:} /|thein: zou:|/ - n. Buddhism first (highest) of 8 purgatories -- MEDict515
   [UKT: {th~zo:l} had a killed {wa.}: {th~zo:l} (PMDict452). The present trend is to omit the killed {wa.}.
{thoa} /|thoun|/ - n. astrology abbreviated form of {thu.a.} (meaning: zero} -- MEDict515
   UKT: {thu.a.} is actually {thoa~a.}, where {a.} is the horizontal conjunct of 2 {a.}s .
{thoa:} /|thoun:|/ - v. deteriorated and ceased to be; become extinct. (Pali: {thu.a.}) -- MEDict515
{th-mr} /|thei mjei|/ - n. auspicious ground. (Pali: {th-yya.} + {mr}) -- MEDict515


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UKT note

The Problem of r2c5 syllables

There are theoretically 6 families involving r2c5 syllables. Only some are realised in practice. We need to decide what to write for the peak vowel, and I have tentative chosen:
1.    -- {i}
2.   /|njin. njin njin:|/ -- {} (check with MEDict155)
3. /|nji. nji nji:|/ and /|njin. njin njin:|/ -- {i} and {_} (check with MEDict158)
4.   -- {}
5. -- {}
6.   /|nji. nji nji:|/ -- {} (check with MEDict158)
The rational for choosing the above is: though Romabama is meant only to show the Burmese-Myanmar spelling, it should -- if possible -- show the pronunciation. And, therefore the peak vowel is chosen arbitrarily, and it and the following consonant (the rime) is meant to show the pronunciation.

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