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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {nga.thut}
With medials:
- {ya.ping.}; {ra.ris}; {wa.hsw:}; {ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw:}; {ya.ping. ha.hto:}; {ra.ris ha.hto:}; {wa.hsw: ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:}

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Group {nga.thut}

Do not forget that <ng> is a diagraph with the pronunciation /ŋ/. This diagraph is not realised as a consonant in the onset of English-Latin syllables, but used in the coda as in <sing> /sɪŋ/. The <g> is usually not pronounced.

Rime: {ing} {ng} {aing} {oang} {ng} {aung} {eing}

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With medials in the onset

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02. with onset medial {ya. ping.}

{kying.} /|kjin.|/ - v. 1. practice. -- MEDict033
{kying} /|kjin|/ - v. 1. pan for gold. -- MEDict033
{kying:} /|kjin:|/ - n. 1. pit; hole; trench. -- MEDict033
{kyaung:} /|kjaun:|/ - n. 1. monastery. -- MEDict033
{kyeing:} /|kjaing:|/ - n. locust. -- MEDict034

{hkying.} /|chin.|/ - v. 1. measure (grain, liquid, etc.) -- MEDict071
{hkying} /|chin|/ - part. verb-suffix denoting wish or desire (as in "I wish to go")  -- MEDict071
  1. /|chin:|/ - pron. third person pronoun. Also {thing:} -- MEDict071
  2. /|gjin:|/ - n. ginger. -- MEDict071
  3. /|chin:|/ - v. go through; penetrate. -- MEDict071
  4 /|chin:|/ - n. Chin : name of a Tibet-Myanmar speaking ethnic group in Myanmar
     occupying an area in north-west near the borders of India. -- MEDict071
{hkyaung} /|chaun|/ - v. 1a. be loose; b. be pulled down, haggard. --  MEDict071
{hkyaung:} /|chaun:|/ - n. 1. creek; stream; brook; rivulet. -- MEDict071
{hkyeing.} /|chain.|/ - adj. concave; dented. -- MEDict072
{hkyeing} /|chain|/ - v. 1. cut off; hack off (branches of tree); lopped off. -- MEDict072
{hkyeing:} /|chain:|/ - n. arm-pit. -- MEDict072

{gying} /|gjin|/ - n. 1. top (toy). --MEDict088

{tying:tying:} /|tajin: tajin:|/ - adv. archaic all; entirely. -- MEDict191

{pying:} /|pjin:|/ - v. feel lazy; be lazy; feel bored; be bored. -- MEDict284

{hpying} /|hpjin|/ - n. cloth. -- MEDict306
{hpying:} /|hpjin:|/ - adj. 1. dull; stupid; good for nothing. -- MEDict306

{lying} /|hlin (ljin)|/ - v1. be swift; be fast; be quick. -- MEDict461

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03. With onset medial {ra. ris}

{kring-na} /|kjin na|/ - v. be kind; be compassionate; be tender. -- MEDict042
{kraung} /|kjaun|/ - n. cat. -- MEDict043
{kreing} /|kjain|/ - adj. fragrant; sweet smelling. -- MEDict043

{hkring} /|chin|/ - n. mosquito. -- MEDict079
{hkrng~th.} /|chin dhei.|/ - n.  lion. -- MEDict079
{hkring:} /|chin:|/ - n. basket. -- MEDict079
{hkraung:hkraung:htwak} /|chaun: gjaung: htwe'|/ - v. fume (with anger);
   rise with force (column of smoke, cloud of dust). -- MEDict079

{ngring:} /|njin:|/ - v. 1. refuse to obey. -- MEDict097
{ngraung.} /|hnjaung.|/ - n. spike on the ground. -- MEDict097

{tring:} /|trin:|/ - n. astrology 1. a third of a sign of Zodiac. -- MEDict194
   [UKT: Since 12 signs span across the equator  of celestial sphere of 360 degrees of arc, a {tring:} is equal to 10 degrees.]

{pring} /|pjin|/ - v. 1. get ready; prepare. -- MEDict287
{pring:} /|pjin:|/ - v. be strong, intense, great. -- MEDict288
{praung} /|pjaun|/ - v. 1. shine (as in "the cheeks shine in the sparkle of the diamond ear-rings") -- MEDict288
{praung:} /|pjaun:|/ - n. 1. millet. -- MEDict288
{preing} /|pjain|/ - v. compete; vie; rival. -- MEDict289
{preing:preing:} /|pjain: bjain:|/ - adv. prominently; conspicuously in rows. -- MEDict289

{hpring.} /|hpjin|/ - adj archaic bountiful; plentiful. -- MEDict307
{hpring} /|hpjin|/ - ppm. noun-suffix to indicate instrumental case
  (equiv. to <by>) (as in "by train" in "I am going by train.") -- MEDict307
{hpraung.} /|hpjaun.|/ - adj. straight. -- MEDict308
{hpraung} /|hpjaun|/ - v. slang 1. beat up.  -- MEDict307
{hpreing-hpreing} /|hpjain bjain|/ - adv. 1. continuously and abundantly. -- MEDict308

{mring.} /|mjin.|/ - adj. 1. high;  tall. -- MEDict371
{mring} /|mjin|/ - v. 1. see. -- MEDict371
{mring:} /|mjin:|/ - n. 1. horse; pony. -- MEDict371
{mraung} /|mjaun|/ - n. ravine. -- MEDict372
{mraung:} /|mjaun:|/ - n. 1. ditch; gutter; drain. -- MEDict372
{mreing} /|mjain|/ - v. be rich in variety. -- MEDict372

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04. With onset medial {wa. hsw:}

{kwing:} /|kwin:|/ - v. 1. draw (metal) into a circle; loop, ring
  (as in "beat gold into a ring") -- MEDict047

{hkwing.} /|khwin.|/ - n. 1. permission; leave (of absence) -- MEDict081
{hkwing} /|khwin|/ - adj. bandy (of legs, arms) -- MEDict081
{hkwing:}  /|khwin:|/ - v. 1. separate. -- MEDict082

{swing.} /|swing.|/ - v. 1. be high, lofty, soar. -- MEDict128

{twing} /|twin|/ - v. 1. be known as; be called; be named. -- MEDict192
{twing:} /|twin:|/ - n. pit; well; burrow; hole (in the ground) --  MEDict192

{htwing} /|htwin|/ - v. 1. clear away (trees, bushes, etc) -- MEDict207
{htwing:} /|htwin|/ - v. 1. carve; sculpture (wood, stone, etc) -- MEDict207

{na-nwing:} /|na nwing:|/ - n . turmeric. Curcuma Longa. -- MEDict220

{pwing.} /|pwin.|/ - v. 1. attain Buddha-hood (as in "attain Buddha-hood) -- MEDict294
{pweing.} /|pwain.|/ - n. 1. printing point. -- MEDict295

{hpwing.} /|hpwin| - v. 1. open; inaugurate. -- MEDict310

{Bwing:Bwing:} /|bwin: bwin:|/ - adv. frankly; openly. -- MEDict329

{ywing:} /|jwin:|/ - v. 1. be displaced; be disturbed -- MEDict388

{tu:rwing:} /|tajwin:|/ - n. 1. grubbing hoe; grub hoe. -- MEDict168

{lwing.} /|lwin|/ - v. 1. be blown away -- MEDict461
{lwing} /|lwin.|/ - v. 1. be vivid -- MEDict461

{thwing thwing} /|thwin dhwin| - adv . continuously; limpidly. -- MEDict527
{thwing:} /|thwin:|/ - v. 1. put into; thrust into. -- MEDict527

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05. With onset medial {ha. hto:}

{hing:} /|hnjin:|/ - n. 1. sweat fungi, a kind of skin disease. -- MEDict159

{nhing.} /|hnin.|/ - part. particle denoting prior action (as in) -- MEDict243
{nhing} /|hnin|/ - v. 1. drive out/away someone; expel; banish. -- MEDict2243
{nhing:} /|hnin:|/ - v. confer; grant; bestow. -- MEDict243

{mhing} /|hmin|/ - n. composure; poise. -- MEDict376

{lhing-kan} /|hlin gan|/ - n. stick for driving cattle. -- MEDict465

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06. With onset medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw:}

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07. With onset medial {ra.ris wa.hsw:}

{krwing:} /|kjwin:|/ - v. 1. remain. -- MEDict051

{hkrwing:} /|chwin:|/ - v. leave out -- MEDict083

Note: , {hkrwing:} /|chwin:|/ and {krwing:} /|kjwin:|/ forms an action-result pair, based on pronunciation -- not orthography.

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08. With onset medial {ya.ping ha.hto:}

   /|hljin| |jin|/ - conj. if -- MEDict469
   /|hljin|/ - part. noun-suffix to show numerical-relationship to another noun .
   (as in "for each day, take one tablet") -- ed MEDict469
{lhying:} /|hljin|/ - part. verb-suffix to show completeness. -- ed MEDict469

{athhying} /|ashin|/  - n. prefix to a monk's name. Same as {arhing} /|ashin|/ -- UKT
   No entry in MOrtho, due to the official policy of the government of 1980s.

{arhing} /|ashin|/ - n. form of address and reference for the Buddha, monk or a monarch -- MEDict591

UKT: The reader will see that both orthographical presentation of /|ashin|/ is not satisfactory from the point of view of English-Latin pronunciation. Perhaps, it would be better to accept {sa. ha.hto:} and spelled it as {ashing} /|ashin|/, which I am sure would make my old Burmese teachers (particularly, Rector U Hla Shwe, U Hla Maung and U Kyaw Yin) and my mentors U Khin Maung Latt and Daw Khin Myo Chit, turn in their graves.

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09. With onset medial {ra.ris ha.hto:}

{mhring.} /|hmjin|/ - v. raise; elevate.  -- MEDict381

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10. With onset medial {wa.hsw: ha.hto:}

{nhwing} /|hnwin|/ - v. 1. Same as {nhwa}. 2. extract (as in); skin, peel off (as in) -- MEDict248

{rhwing} /|shwin|/ - v. 1. be joyful; rejoice. -- MEDict423

{lhwing.} /|hlwin|/ - v. 1. spread; disseminate; propagate; fling out. -- MEDict470

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11. With onset medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:}
No such combination is found in MOrtho.

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12. With onset medial {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:}

{mhrwing:} /|hmwin:|/ - v. (of fish and meat) slice into strips or segments. -- MEDict381

UKT: This is one syllable, I cannot articulate. It is impossible to incorporate the "r" sound, and I always landed as // the same as MLC  /|hmwin:|/.

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UKT note

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