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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {pa.thut}  
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-akksharas
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Group {pa.thut}  

With Base-aksharas

Rime: {up} {p} {aip} {oap} {p} {aup} {eip}
Note: For {pa.thut} there is a strong tendency to spell with {up}. However, my experience in indexing with orthography, tells me that for consistency with other killed members of r5, {ap} is to be preferred.

01. With the base-consonants

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{kup} /|ka'|/ - v. 1. come close. -- MEDict022
{koap} /|kou'|/ - v. 1. arch downward. -- MEDict023

{hkup} /|kha'|/ - v. 1. spoon out or ladle (as in to "ladle soup") -- MEDict065

UKT: I am ashamed to admit that, though I have taught Chemistry for 33 years in various universities in Myanmar, and have always referred to "brass" as {kr:wa}, literally meaning "yellow copper", I have never come across the word {hkup-pra} . This shows the necessity of bringing out works in Burmese-Myanmar to user-friendly forms, and it is my sincere hope that Romabama would be one of the means to do exactly that.

{kr:wa} /|kjei: (kji:) wa|/ - n. brass. -- MEDict039

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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{sup} /|sa'|/ - adj. (of taste) hot. -- MEDict125
{saip} /|sei'|/ - v. 2. tell beads -- MEDict126
{soap} /|sou'|/ - v. 1. suck -- MEDict126

{hsup} /|hsa'|/ - v. 1. repay; pay back; do something as a gratitude. -- MEDict144
{hsaip} /|hsei'|/ - n. 1. wharf; dock; pier; jetty. -- MEDict145
{hsoap} /|hsou'|/ - v. 1. grip; grasp; hold. -- MEDict145

{hup} /|hnja'|/ - v. 1. be hemmed in, wedged between, jammed. -- MEDict158

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{wag.} r3-aksharas


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{wag} r4-aksharas

{tup} /|ta'|/ - v. 1. fix; attach. -- MEDict187
{taip-hkw} /|tei' khwei|/ - n. tape (audio, video, etc.) (English: <tape>) -- MEDict189
{toap} /|tou'|/ - v. 1. tie; bind; fasten; tether tightly. -- MEDict189

{htup} /|hta'|/ - v. 1. stack; pile; place one upon the other. -- MEDict204
{htaip} /|htei'|/ - n. crown of head. -- MEDict204
{htoap} /|htou'|/ - v. 1. pack; bundle; wrap with paper or leaves. -- MEDict204

{nup} /|na'|/ - v. 1. (of rice, meat, etc.) be fully cooked. -- MEDict238
{naip} /|na'|/ - v. 1. decline. -- MEDict238
{noap} /|nou'|/ - adj. small, tiny. -- MEDict238

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{wag} r5-aksharas

{pup} /|pa'|/ -- v. (of skin) be chapped. -- MEDict278
{poap} /|pou'|/ -- v. 1. decay; decompose; rot; become rotten; be rotten, putrid. -- MEDict278

{hpup-hpup-so} /|hpa' hpa' sou|/ - adj. soaking wet. -- MEDict304

{mup} /ma'|/ - v. Same as {taim:mup} archaic lean; bend. -- MEDict358, 189

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{yup} /|ja'|/ - n. fan. -- MEDict387

{rup} /|ja'|/ - v. 1. stop. -- MEDict409
{raip} /|jei'|/ - v. 1. (of sunlight, sun) dim; fade; lower. -- MEDict410
{roap} /|jou'|/ - n. physical form; matter; material. -- MEDict410

{lup} /|la'|/ - v. be vacant, missing. -- MEDict454
{lB} /|la'|/ - n. 3. bribe; graft; kickback. -- MEDict456
{laip} /|lei'|/ - n. tortoise; turtle. -- MEDict454
{loap} /|lou'|/ - v. 1. do; work; carry out -- MEDict455

   1. /|wu'|/ - v. 1. crouch. -- MEDict482
   2. /|wa'|/ - n. electricity watt. (English: <watt>) -- MEDict482

{thup} /tha'|/ - v. 1. stroke with hand. -- MEDict519
{thaip} /|thei'|/ - v. 1. compress; stuff; cram. -- MEDict519
{thoap} /|thou'|/ - v. mix various ingredients to prepare a salad. -- MEDict519
{thaup~pa.yo-ma.} /|thau' pajou ma.|/ - n. vulgar Buddhist nun
   (from the custom of carrying a tray on her head) -- MEDict519

{hup} /|ha'|/ - v. 1. bring two surfaces into contact. -- MEDict533
{hoap} /|hou'|/ - v. archaic  gust. -- MEDict533

{up} /|a'|/ - n. pin; needle. -- MEDict629
{aip} /|ei'|/ - v. 1. sleep. -- MEDict630
{oap} /|ou'|/ - v. 1. cover. -- MEDict630
{OAp~pp-pyn} /|ou' pa' pjan|/ - n. occurrence of portentous events
   such as meteors, earthquakes, lightening strikes, etc. -- MEDict631


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