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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {ta.thut}
With medials:
- {ya.ping.}; {ra.ris}; {wa.hsw:}; {ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw:}; {ya.ping. ha.hto:}; {ra.ris ha.hto:}; {wa.hsw: ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:}

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Group {ta.thut}

Rime:   {ut} {t} {ait} {oat} {t} {aut}, {eit}

With medials

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02. With medial {ya. ping.}

{kyut} /|kja'|/ - n. barren ground. -- MEDict034
{kyait} /|kjei'|/ - adj. close-knit (cloth). -- MEDict034

{hkyait} /|gjei'|/ - n. 1. hook. -- MEDict073

{gyut} /|gja'|/ - n. poisonous sea-snake found in warm littoral seas. -- MEDict088
{gyoat} /|gjou'|/ - n. 1. rake. -- MEDict088

  {ut} {t} {ait} {oat} {t} {aut}, {eit}
{hpyut-lat} /|hpja' la'|/ - adj. brisk; active. -- MEDict088

{byut~ti.} - /|bja' ti.|/ - n. 1. apparent quality. -- MEDict317

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03. With medial {ra.ris} in the onset

{krut} /|kja'|/ - v. eclipse. -- MEDict044
{krait} /|kjei'|/ - v. 1. grind; mill. -- MEDict044
{kroat} /|kjou'|/ - n. casket. -- MEDict044

{hkroat-hkroat} /|chou' gjou'|/ - adv. (sink) to the lowest depth. -- MEDict079

{prut} /|pja'|/ - v. 1. snap; break; be severed; be cut off. -- MEDict291
{prait-ta.} /|pei' ta|/ - n. Buddhism departed human or celestial being reincarnated
   as a ghost, ghoul, goblin, etc in one of the four states of suffering. -- MEDict291
{proat} /|pjou'|/ - v. 1. be detached; dislocate or be dislocated; be unhinged. -- MEDict291

{hprut} /|hpja'|/ - v. 1. cut; sever. -- MEDict309
{hproat} /|hpjou'|/ - n. sand-fly. -- MEDict309

{brut} /|bja'|/ - n. superior quality kaukkyi, paddy, grown in the central region. -- MEDict318

{mrut} /|mja'|/ - adj. noble. v. gain profit. -- MEDict373
{hsn-mrait} /|hsamei'|/ - n. tress of loose hair left hanging out of (or under) a hair-knot -- MEDict136

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04. With medial {wa.hsw:} in the onset

{kwut} /|ku'|/ - n. quart. [Eng quart] -- MEDict047

{hkwut-lat} /|khu' la'|/ - n. See /|khu. la'|/ - n. midway; half-way. -- MEDict082, 056

{swut} /|su'|/ - adj. wet. -- MEDict128

{hswut} /|hsu'|/ - v. pick or pluck fruit, flowers or leaves. -- MEDict147

{zwut} /|zu'|/ - adv. forcibly; obstinately, stubbornly, persistently. -- MEDict153

{twut} /|tu'|/ - v. 1. talk without a let-off; talk incessantly; nag. -- MEDict192

{htwut} /|htu'|/ - adj. topmost; crowning; supreme; great. -- MEDict207

{pwut} /|pu'|/ - v. 1. rub; smear. -- MEDict295

{hpwut} /|hpu'|/ - n. monitor lizard. Varanus spp. -- MEDict311

{bwut} /|bu'|/ - n. generic name for bulbuls. -- MEDict319

{Bwut-hpi.nup} /|bu' hpana'|/ n. boots; shoes. -- MEDict329

{mwut} /|mu'|/ - v. be famished. -- MEDict374

{ywut} /|ju'|/ - v. sway; lurch; deviate. -- MEDict388

{rwut} /|ju'|/ - v. recite. -- MEDict415

{lwut} /|lu'|/ - v. 1. be free from. -- MEDict461

{thwut} /|thu'|/ - v. put into; insert; enclose. -- MEDict527

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05. With medial {ha.hto:} in the onset

{nhut} /|hna'|/ - n. harness or heddles of a loom. -- MEDict245

{mhut} /|hma'|/ v. 1. mark; note. -- MEDict377

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06. With medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw:} in the onset

{kywut} /|kju'|/ - n. inner tube. [Eng tube] -- MEDict049

{hkywut} /|chu'|/ - v. 1. take off, remove (shoes, clothes, hat, etc). -- MEDict083

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07. With medial {ra.ris wa.hsw:} in the onset

{prwut} /|pju'|/ - v. be clustered; be in a cluster; be crowded. -- MEDict297

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08. With medial {ya.ping. ha.hto:} in the onset

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09. With medial {ra.ris ha.hto:} in the onset

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10. With medial {wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset

{hwut} /|hnju'|/ - v. bend (a stick, a branch, etc). -- MEDict160

{mhwut} /|hmu'|/ - adj. smooth. -- MEDict381

{rhwut} /|shu'|/ - v. jest; joke. -- MEDict423

{lhwut} /|hlu'|/ - v. 1. relinquish ownership of edifices, scriptures, etc for religious use only. -- MEDict470

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11. With medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset
No such combination is found in MOrtho.

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12. With medial {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset


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