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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {ta.thut}
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-akksharas
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Group {ta.thut}

With Base-aksharas

Rime:   {ut} {t} {ait} {oat} {t} {aut}, {eit}

01. With the base-consonants

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{wag.} r1-aksharas

{kut} /|ka'|/ - v. 1. make things difficult -- MEDict018
{kait} /|kei'|/ - n. astrology Moon's ascending node taken as the 9th planet (Sanskrit: {k-tu.}) -- MEDict019
{koat} /|kou'|/ - v. 1. scratch; claw. -- MEDict019
{kaut} : non-existent. The nearest is {kauk} /|kau'|/  - n. paddy. -- MEDict014
{keit} : non-existent. The nearest is {keik} /|kai'|/  - v. bite.  -- MEDict015

{hkut} /|kha'|/ - v. 1. beat or strike (as in "beating a drum") -- MEDict063
{hkt} /|khi'|/ - n. 1. extent; domain. -- MEDict064
{hkoat} /|khou'|/ - v. 1. hack; chop; strike; cut. -- MEDict064

{gt} /|ga'|/ - n. police station. (English: <guard>) -- MEDict087
{gait} /|gei'|/ - n. gate; entrance; terminus; stand. (English: <gate>) -- MEDict087

{ngut} /|nga'|/ - v. 1. be starve, famished, hungry or thirsty. -- MEDict095
{ngoat} /|ngou'|/ - n. stump; stake; picket. -- MEDict095

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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{sait} /|sei'|/ - n. 1. mind; thought; consciousness; heart (as in "a kind and good heart") -- MEDict122
{soat} /|sou'|/ - v. tear; be torn. -- MEDict124

{hsut} /|hsa'|/ - v. 1. be brittle. -- MEDict142
{hsait} /|hsei'|/ - n. goat. -- MEDict142
{hsoat} /|hsou'|/ - v. 1. withdraw; retreat. -- MEDict143

{zt} /|za'|/ - n. 2. zat : drama; play. -- MEDict151

{ait} /|njei'|/ - v. nod (head) (as in "giving a nod in agreement"). -- MEDict158

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{wag.} r3-aksharas

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{wag} r4-aksharas

{tut} /|ta'|/ - v. know; be clever, skilled, qualified, capable. -- MEDict185
{tait} /|tei'|/ - v. 1. be silent, quiet. -- MEDict186
  1. /|tou'|/ - adj. big made; heavily built; stocky. -- MEDict186
  4. /|dou'|/ - n. stick. -- MEDict186

{htut} /|hta'|/ - adj. slightly wet. -- MEDict202
{htait} /|htei'|/ - v. be alarmed, terrified, frightened. -- MEDict202
{htoat} /|htou'|/ - v. 1. take out; extract. -- MEDict202

{Dt} /|da'|/ - n. Buddhism 1. a basic property of matter. -- MEDict218
   UKT: The official calligraphy is . It is probably accepted as official due to the ease of typing it out on a manual typewriter.

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{wag} r5-aksharas

{put} /|pa'|/ - n. wind around; wrap around; go around; circle; encircle. -- MEDict273
   UKT: With your English-Latin background, if it is your tendency to pronounce {put} as /pʊt/ forget it.
   It is pronounced as /pʌt/ rhyming with <but>. And, of course, remember /t/ is not pronounced.
{pd} /|pa'|/ - n. astrology unit of angular measure equal to 3 deg 20 min of arc. -- MEDict274
   UKT: A circle of 360 deg is divided into 27 nakshatras. A {pd} is 1/4 nakshatra = 360/(27x4)
{pait} /|pei'|/ - v. 1a. close; shut. -- MEDict274
{poat} /|pou'|/ - v. 1. tap (someone with hand); pat. -- MEDict274
{poad} /|pou'|/ - n. 1. word. -- MEDict274
{peid} /|pai'|/ - n. stanza; paragraph; passage (a piece of writing). -- MEDict275

{hput} /|hpa'|/ - v. 1. read. -- MEDict303
{hpait} /|hpei'|/ - v. invite. -- MEDict303
{hpoat} /|hpou'|/ - v. bake. -- MEDict303

{bait} /|bei'|/ - adv. See {pait} 3. in a conclusive, preemptive manner -- MEDict314, 274
{boat-pwa.} /|bou' pwa.|/ - n. See {Boat-pwa.} - 1. untidily dressed person. -- MEDict314, 327
{boad~Da.} /|bou' da.|/ - n. Buddha. (Pali: {boad~Da.}) -- MEDict314

{But} /|ba'|/ - n. baht (Thai: Baht) -- MEDict327
{Bait} /|bei'|/ - n. the last. -- MEDict327
{Boat-pwa.} /|bou' pwa.|/ - n. 1. untidily dressed person. -- MEDict327

{mut} /|ma'|/ - adj. upright; veritcal.  -- MEDict354
{mait} /|mei'|/ - n. friend; mate; friendship. -- MEDict355
{moat} /|mou'|/ - n. pearl. Also {pu.l:}. -- MEDict355
{mt~ta} /|mji' ta|/ - n. love; kindness; affection; benevolence. (Pali: {mt~ta}) -- MEDict355

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{yd} /|ja'|/ - n. yard. (English <yard>) -- MEDict387
{yoat} /|jou'|/ - v. 1. be less, deficient. -- MEDict386

{rut~ta.pait-na} /|ra' tabei' na|/ - n. disease with internal and external hemorrhage. -- MEDict408
{rait} /|jei'|/ - v. shave (hair); reap (paddy, corn) -- MEDict408
{roat-hka.n:} /|jou' khane:|/ - adv. suddenly; abruptly. -- MEDict408
{road~da.ra.tha.} /|jou' da. ja. tha.|/ - n. rhet. ability to arouse ferocious, brutish feelings. -- MEDict408

{lut} /|la'|/ - adj. 1. (of size, age, or class) medium, middle. -- MEDict453
   UKT: Your English-Latin background, would probably make you pronounce {lut} as /lʊt/.
   However, remember it rhymes with <but> /lʌt/ , and remember not to pronounce /t/.
{lud} /|la'|/ - n. 1. astrology  quotient. -- MEDict453
{lait~ta} /|lei' ta|/ - n. astrology sixtieth part of a degree of arc; minute. (Pali: {lait~ta})-- MEDict453
{loat} /|lou'|/ - n. mouthful (of food). -- MEDict453

{wut} /|wu'|/ - v. wear; put on; adorn. -- MEDict480
{wait-hta-ra.} /|wei' hta ra.|/ - n. in full;  in extenso . -- MEDict481
{woat} /|wou'|/ - v. poetic curve; wind; meander. -- MEDict481

{thut} /tha'|/ - v. 1. kill. -- MEDict516
{thud~da. b-da.} /|tha' da. bei da.|/ - n. phonetics. -- MEDict517
{thaid~Di.} /|thei' di.|/ - n. 1. completion; perfection. -- MEDict517
{thoat} /thou'|/ - v. 1. wipe (as in "wiping off the sweat") -- MEDict517
{thoad~da.} /|thou' da.|/ - n. the poor; the indigent class. -- MEDict517
{tht~ta} /|thi' ta|/ - n. box; chest. -- MEDict517

{hut-hkyo:} /|ha' chou:|/ - n. atchoo , sound produced in sneezing.; -- MEDict532
{hait} /|hei'| - n. 1. cause; reason; motive; origin. (Pali: {h-tu.}) -- MEDict532
{hoat} /|hou'|/ - v. 1. be true, be a fact. -- MEDict532

UKT: In the following formed from {ut} {t} {ait} {oat} {t} {aut}, {eit}, vowel-letters {I.}, {U.}, {AU.} can also take part in words derived from Pali. My tentative rule of spelling is to write down words formed with vowel-signs (using {a.}), and then capitalize the letters corresponding to vowel-letters. I am finding it very unsatisfactory, and will have to come back to it later.

{ut~ta.} /|a' ta.|/ - personal pronoun  I. n. self. (Pali: {ut~ta.}) -- MEDict626

{ait} /|ei'|/ - n. 1. bag; sack. -- MEDict626
{AIt~hti.ya.} /|ei' hti. ja.|/ - n. woman. (Pali: {AIt~hti.ya.})

{oat} /|ou'|/ - n. brick (Pali: AIT~hTa.ka.}) -- MEDict626
{OAt~ta.ra. hpa.la.gu.ni} /|ou' tara. hpala. gu. ni|/
  - n. astronomy asterism of two stars in Leo resembling the rear legs of a couch. -- MEDict627


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