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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {sa.thut}
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-akksharas
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Group {sa.thut}

With Base-aksharas

Rime:   {is} {s} {ais} {oas} {s} {aus} {eis}

01. With the base-consonants

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{wag.} r1-aksharas

{kis} /|ki'|/ - v. colloquial pilfer. -- MEDict018
{kais~sa.} /|kei' sa.|/ - n. business; work to be done. -- MEDict018

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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{sis} /|si'|/- n. war -- MEDict 118

{hsis} /|hsi'|/ - v. 1. chop or cut off pieces of  bamboo or sugarcane.
  2. sculpt, chip rock or stone to make statues or figurines -- MEDict 141

{zis} /|zi'|/ - n. zip-fastener; zipper. (English: <zip>)
{zs-mris} /|zi' mji'|/ - n. origin; root; source. (Pali: {za-ti.} + Bur: {mris}) -- MEDict151

{is} /|nji'|/ - v. 1. be dirty, filthy. -- MEDict158

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{wag.} r3-aksharas

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{wag} r4-aksharas

{tis} /|ti'|/ - n. one. -- MEDict180

{htis} /|hti'|/ - v. 1. make a nick or notch. -- MEDict202

{nis} /|ni'|/ - v. 1. sink. -- MEDict235
{nais~sa.} /|nei' sa.|/ n. perpetuity; consistency. {Pali: {nais~sa.})  -- MEDict235

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{wag} r5-aksharas

{pis} /|pji'|/ - v. 1. throw; toss away; fling; hurtle. -- MEDict271
{poas~hsa} /|pou' hsa|/ - n. question; riddle; problem. (Pali: {poas~hsa}) -- MEDict272

{mis~hsa.ri.ya.} /|mi' hsari. ja.|/ - n. envy. -- MEDict353
{miz~Zi.ma.} /|mji' zi. ma.|/ - n. middle; moderate. -- MEDict353
{mais~hsa} /|mei' hsa|/ - adj. (of belief) wrong; heretical. -- MEDict353

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{yis} /|ji'|/ - v. 1. be tipsy, drunk, intoxicated. -- MEDict386
{yiz} /|ji'|/ - n. sacrificial offerings. (Sanskrti: {ya.za.}) -- MEDict386

{ris} /|ji'|/ - n. pheasant. -- MEDict407

{lis} /|li'|/ - v. slip out; slip away. -- MEDict452
{liz~zi-p-tha.la.} /|li' zi pei thala.|/ - n. monk who strictly follows the Viniya rules. -- MEDict452

{wis~sa.pauk} /|wi' sa. pau'|/ - n. orthography post-scripted double dot
   to produce extra long heavy tone. -- MEDict480
{wais~hsa} /|wei' hsa|/ - n. grammar repetition of a word affixed with the particle
   {a.} or {teing:} to extend its original meaning to encompass every such thing
   (as in {a.mro.mro.} or {lu-teing:teing:}) -- MEDict480
{waiz~za} /|wei' za|/ - n. 1. knowledge; wisdom. -- MEDict480

{this} /|thi'|/ - adj. new -- MEDict513

{his} /|hi'|/ - v. 1. shout loudly; call out loudly; bawl out; yell out. - MEDict531

{is} /|i'|/ - v. 1. squeeze or throttle. -- MEDict625
{AIs~hsa-tha.ya.} /|ei' hsa thaja|/ - n. 1. desire. -- MEDict625
{OAs~sa} /|ou' sa|/ - n. property; possession. -- MEDict625


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