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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {ka.thut}
With medials:
- {ya.ping.}; {ra.ris}; {wa.hsw:}; {ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw:}; {ya.ping. ha.hto:}; {ra.ris ha.hto:}; {wa.hsw: ha.hto:}
- {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:}; {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:}

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Group {ka.thut}

Rime: Group {ka.thut}
Though {hka.thut} (e.g. {oaK} and {ga.thut} (e.g. {oag} exist, they are few compared to {ka.thut}. For ease of identification, I have coloured them green.

With medials

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02. With medial {ya. ping.}

{kyak}   /|kje'|/  - v. 1. memorise; learn by heart; learn by rote. -- MEDict031
{kyauk} /|kjau'|/ - n. rock; flint. -- MEDict031
{kyeik} -- MEDict032
   1. /kjai'|/ - v. gulp down (liquid)
   2. /kjai'|/ - v. tuck up one's nether garment.
   3. /kjai'|/ - n. stupa; pagoda (as in {kyeik-hti:ro:}). (Mon: )

{hkyak} -- MEDict070
  1. /|che'|/ - n. 1. navel; umbilicus
  2. /|che'| |gje'|/ - part. verb-suffix to form a noun.
{hkyauk} /|gjau'|/ - n. ravine -- MEDict070

{gyak} /|gje'|/ - n. jack (of playing cards) (English: <jack>) -- MEDict088
{gyauk} /|gjau'|/ - n. printing jobbing; jobbing work. (English: <jobbing>) -- MEDict088
{gyeik} /|gjai'|/ - n. jack; device for lifting heavy objects. (English: <jack>) -- MEDict088

{pyak} /|pje'|/ - v. 1. be destroyed; be ruined; be wrecked. -- MEDict283
{pyauk} /|pjau'|/ - v. 1. disappear; cease to exist. -- MEDict283

{hpyak} /|hpje'|/ - v. 1. destroy; ruin; wreck. -- MEDict305
{hpyauk} /|hpjau'|/ - v. 1. make something disappear, go away. -- MEDict305

{byag~Ga.sa} /|bje' gaza|/ - n. astrology retrograde movement of a planet. -- MEDict317
{byeik} /|bjai'|/ - n. a kind marshland shrub. Dalbergia spinosa. -- MEDict317

{myak} /|mje'|/ - v. sprain. -- MEDict360
{myauk} /|mjau'|/ - n. monkey. -- MEDict365

{lyak} -- MEDict460
  1. /|je'|/ - v. lick; lap up
  2. /|je'| |lje'|/ - conj. 1. while (as in "while sitting")
{lyauk} /|jau'|/ - n. purlin. -- MEDict460

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03. With medial {ra.ris} in the onset

{krak} /|kje'|/  - n. fowl. -- MEDict041
{krauk} /|kjau'|/ - v. fear; dread; be afraid, frighten, scare. -- MEDict042
{kreik} /|kjai'|/ - v. 1. like; be pleased with. -- MEDict042

{hkrauk} /|chau'|/ - n. six. -- MEDict078
{hkreik} /|chai'|/ - v. be dented, concave. -- MEDict079

{prak} /|pje'|/ - v. jest; make a crack. -- MEDict287
{prauk} /|pjau'|/ - v. be spotted, speckled. -- MEDict287
{preik} /|pjai'|/ - part. numerical classifier for counting frequency of rain and snow. -- MEDict287

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04. With medial {wa.hsw:} in the onset

|{kwak} /|kwe'|/ - v. 1. mark off square or circular figure; tonsure. -- MEDict046

{hkwak} /|khwe'|/ - n. cup; bowl. -- MEDict081

{swak} /|swe'|/ - v. 2. meddle (in other's affairs). -- MEDict128

{twak} /|twe'|/ - v. 1. do or work out arithmetical sums;
   solve mathematical problem; calculate; compute. -- MEDict192

{htwak} /|htwe'|/ - v. 1. go or come out. -- MEDict207

{pwak} /|pwe'|/ - v. 1. (of rising fish) cause bubbles on the surface of water. -- MEDict294

{hpwak} -- the colloquial (and very common) of {whak} /|hwe'|/ (- v. 1. hide; conceal. -- MEDict484)
   UKT: I am consulting my peers.

{bwak} /|bwe'|/ - n. mud; mire; bog. -- MEDict319

{ywak} /|jwe'|/ - v. Same as /|jwin:|/ - v. 1. be displaced; be disturbed. -- MEDict388

{rwak} /|jwe'|/ - v. carry on one's head. -- MEDict414

{thwak} /|thwe'|/ - adj. 1. quick; active. -- MEDict527

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05. With medial {ha.hto:} in the onset

{nghak} /|hnge'|/ - n. 1. bird. -- MEDict099

{hak} /|hnje'|/ - adj. small; diminutive. -- MEDict159

{nhak} /|hne'|/ - v. 1. beat. -- MEDict243

{mhak} /|hme'|/ - n. gnat. -- MEDict376

{yhak} /|she'|/ - v. entwine; interlace; join or clasp (hands). -- MEDict388

{rhak} /|she'|/ - v. 1. feel ashamed. -- MEDict418

{whak} /|hwe'|/ - v. 1. hide; conceal. -- MEDict484

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06. With medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw:} in the onset

{kywak-kywak-hsu} /|kjwe' kjwe' hsu|/ - v. 1. make tumultuous noises. -- MEDict049

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07. With medial {ra.ris wa.hsw:} in the onset

{krwak} /|kjwe'|/ - n. rat; mouse. -- MEDict050

{mrwak} /mjwe'|/ - v. formal speak; utter. -- MEDict379

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08. With medial {ya.ping. ha.hto:} in the onset

{lhyauk} /|shau'|/ - v. walk. -- MEDict469

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09. With medial {ra.ris ha.hto:} in the onset

{mhrauk} /|hmjau'|/ - v. raise; elevate. -- MEDict380
{mhreik} /|hmjai'|/ - v. 1. singe; scorch. -- MEDict381

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10. With medial {wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset

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11. With medial {ya.ping. wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset
No such combination is found in MOrtho.

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12. With medial {ra.ris wa.hsw: ha.hto:} in the onset

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UKT note

purlin also purline
n. 1. One of several horizontal timbers supporting the rafters of a roof. [Middle English]
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