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Burmese Written Language in Roman Script


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR .

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Group {ka.thut}
With base consonants |
  {wag} r1-aksharas
  {wag} r2-aksharas
  {wag} r3-aksharas
  {wag} r4-aksharas
  {wag} r5-akksharas
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Group {ka.thut}

With Base-aksharas

Rime: {ak} {k} {aik} {oak} {k} {auk}, {eik}
Though {hka.thut} (e.g. {oaK} and {ga.thut} (e.g. {oag} exist, they are few compared to {ka.thut}. For ease of identification, I have coloured them green.

01. With the base-consonants

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{wag.} r1-aksharas

{kak} /|ke'|/  - n. Ket: game of chance played with domino-like blocks
   marked with red and white spots. -- MEDict013
{kk} - not listed in MOrtho
{kaik} /|kei'|/  - not listed in MOrtho.
{koak~ko} /|kou' kou|/  - n. kind of tree. Albizzia lebbek -- MEDict014
{kauk} /|kau'|/  - n. paddy. -- MEDict014
{keik} /|kai'|/  - v. bite.  -- MEDict015

{hkak} /|khe'|/  - adj. not easy; difficult; tough; stiff; hard
   (of problems, questions, etc.) -- MEDict059
{hkauk} /|khau'|/ - v. 1. knock. -- MEDict060
{hkeik} /|khai'|/ - v. 2. bring misfortune -- MEDict060

{gauk} /|gau'|/ - n. golf. (Engl: <golf>) -- MEDict086
{geik} /|gai'|/ - n. style; manner (of a person). (Engl: <guise>) -- MEDict086

{ngauk} /|ngau'|/ - v. 1. berate; shout or rail at. -- MEDict094
{ngeik} /|ngai'|/ - v. 1. nod (in drowsiness) -- MEDict095

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{wag.} r2-aksharas

{sak} /|se'|/  - n. 1. circle; wheel; cycle -- MEDict115
{sauk} /|sau'|/ - v. be steep. -- MEDict116 (official calligraphy: )
{seik} /|sai'|/ - v. 1. plant. -- MEDict116

{hsak} /|hse'|/  - v. join; connect; join together -- MEDict136
{hsauk} /|hsau'/| - v. build; construct. -- MEDict137
{hseik} /|hsai'|/ - v. 3. come in; arrive; berth; land. -- MEDict137

{zak} /|ze'|/  - n. nape of the neck -- MEDict151
{zauk} /|zau'|/ - n. depth. -- MEDict151 (official calligraphy: )

{ak /|nje'|/  - v. 1. reduce to powder or paste. -- MEDict157

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{wag.} r3-aksharas

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{wag} r4-aksharas

{tak} /|te'|/  - n. oar; paddle. -- MEDict174
{tauk} /|tau'|/ - v. 1. blaze; glow. -- MEDict175
{teik} /|tai'|/ - v. 1. dash against; bump against/into; crash; collide. -- MEDict175

{htak} /|hte'|/  - v. 1. be sharp; be keen. -- MEDict199
{htauk} /|htau'|/ - v. 1. (a) prop up; support; be on (one's hands, elbows, knees. -- MEDict199
{hteik} /|htai'|/ - v. 1. be worth; have a certain value. -- MEDict200

{dak} /|de'|/  - n. dandruff; seborrheoic dermatitis of the scalp. (Hindi: {Tak}) -- MEDict 212
{dk} /|da'|/ (UKT: Compare with {Dt} /|da'|/ (meaning: "essence" or something "mysterious") -- MEDict218

UKT: Syllables similar to {Dt} are rare in Burmese-Myanmar orthography, and there is no need to accept such transliterations for Burmese to English. However, we will need them for transcription of English to Burmese. If we are to transcribe <dark> to Myanmar, we would have to accept {dk} or {dark}.

{doak~hka.} /|dou'kha.|/ - n. pain; suffering; trouble. -- MEDict 212
{dauk} /|dau'|/ - n. 1. prop; buttress. -- MEDict 212
{deik} /|dai'|/ - n. flotsam. -- MEDict 212

{nak} /|ne'|/  - adj. black -- MEDict231
{naig~ga.hait} /|nei' gahei'|/ - n. ortho. superscripted dot. Also, {th:th:ting}. -- MEDict233
{nauk} /|nau'|/ - adj. 1. (of liquid) muddy, cloudy, not clear. -- MEDict232

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{wag} r5-aksharas

{pak} /|pe'|/  - v. 1. splash; throw. -- MEDict264
{pauk} /|pau'|/ - v. 1. be breached, broken, pierced, perforated;
   have a puncture; burst; explode; blister -- ed MEDict264
{peik} /|pai'|/ - v. 1. hold in the arms close to one's bosom; cuddle sb. -- MEDict266

{hpak} /|hpe'|/  - v. 1. hug; embrace; put arms around someone. -- MEDict301
{hpauk} /|hpau'|/ v. 1. bore a hole; punch; perforate. -- MEDict301 (official calligraphy: )

{bak-saling} /|be' salin|/- n. vaseline (English: <Vaseline>) -- MEDict314
{beik} /|bai'|/ - n. 1. stomach; belly. -- MEDict314

{Bak} /|be'|/  - n. 1. direction (as in "towards north") -- MEDict326
{Bauk} /|bau'|/ - n. trenchant, truculent talk. -- MEDict326

{mak} /|me'|/  - v. 1 a. be overly fond of. -- MEDict348
{mag} /|me'|/ - n. 2. path leading to Nirvana -- MEDict349
{moak~hka. pHt} /|mou' khaba'|/ - n. the original verbal sermons
   of the Buddha. (Pali: {mu.hka.pa-Hta.}) -- MEDict348
{moaK} /|mou'|/ - n. gateway to a pagoda. -- MEDict349
{mauk} /|mau'|/ - adj. heaped; rising -- MEDict348
{meik} /|mai'|/ - adj. 1. dark. -- MEDict348

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{yak} /|je'|/  - v. 1. rake in something with a person's hand. -- MEDict384
{yoag} /jou'/  - n. Buddhism division of time-line in world's history -- ed. MEDict385
{yauk} /|jau'|/ - v. 1. wind thread round a bobbin or spool. -- MEDict384

{rak} /|je'|/  - n. day. -- MEDict402
{raik~hka} /|jei' kha|/ - n. provision. -- MEDict403
{rauk} /|jau'|/ - v. 1. arrive; reach. -- MEDict403

{lak} /|le'|/ - n. arm; narrow projecting part of the main body. -- MEDict439
{lag} /|le'|/ - n astrology position of the Sun at the time of birth in a person's horoscope. -- MEDict449
{lauk} /|lau'|/ - v. be sufficient, adequate  -- MEDict448
{leik} /|lai'|/ - v. follow; pursue; go after. -- MEDict448

UKT: The MEDict entry for {lag} as the position of the Sun is incorrect. It should be the position (degrees, minutes, and seconds) of the Sign of Zodiac (Rasi ) that is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. {lag} means the "indicator".

{wak} /|we'|/  - n. pig. -- MEDict477
{wag} /|we'|/ - n. 2. consonants of the alphabet grouped
   according to their point of articulation. (Pali: {wag~ga.}) -- MEDict479
{weik} /|wai'|/ - v. 1. cut a circuitous path; detour. -- MEDict478

{thak} /|the'|/  - n. Same as {athak}: life. -- MEDict506, 600
{thaik~hka} /|thei' kha|/ - n. 1. practice of moral righteousness. -- MEDict508
{thoak} /|thou'|/ - n. semen. (Pali: {thoak~ka.}) -- MEDict508
{thauk} /|thau'|/ - v. 1. drink. -- MEDict508
{theik} /|thai'|/ - n. 1. group; clique; bunch. -- MEDict508

{hak} /|he'|/  - v. 1. chip off; pare off; gash. -- MEDict530
{hauk} /|hau'|/ - v. roar (as in "lion roaring"); bark (as in "deer barking") -- MEDict530
{heik} /|hai'|/ - v. be tired, out of breath, panting. -- MEDict530

{ak} /|e'|/  - v. 1. crack -- MEDict619
{auk} /|au'|/ - n. something or somebody in a lower position -- MEDict619
{eik} /|ai'|/ - v. 1. be warm, stuffy. -- MEDict621
{OAk~ka} /|ou'|/ - n. meteor. (Pali: {OAk~ka}) -- MEDict619


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UKT note

Because the word has been commonly used in Burmese-Myanmar, many (including myself) do not know it is a trademark and should be spelled in English-Latin with a capital letter, and that someone would be holding some sort of a right over it.
Vaseline 1. A trademark used for a brand of petroleum jelly. -- AHTD
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