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by The Pali Text Society, T. W. Rhys Davids, William Stede, editors, 1921-5.8 [738pp in two columns], reprint 1966 
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1. The equivalent of Pal-Myan {ag~ga.} is Skt-Myan {a.gra.}. It is not as rhotic as the repha {ar~ga.} nor highly-rhotic {aRga.}. There seems to be two possibilities: the voiced-nature of {ga.} or its velar-POA. We will have to see similar effects with words of {ka.} (voiceless tenuis), and {Ga.} (deep-H). I wait for input from my peers. -- UKT121101
2. The preffix {ag~ga.} agga seems to be important in both Pali and Sanskirt. Presentation of my comparison between PTS & MAC is a problem when both authors are giving the derivatives of the prefix in large numbers. The {ag~ga.} as suffixes are also given. I will come to their comparison later.
3. See my note on Coda consonants and nuclear vowels in BEPS on p002-1.htm


{ag~ga.} agga    
PTS:-- (adj. n.) [Vedic agra; cp. Av. agrō first; Lith. agrs early] 1. (adj;) (a.) of time: the first, foremost Dpvs iv. 13 (sangahaŋ first collection). See cpds. -- (b.) of space: the highest, topmost, J i. 52 (˚sākhā). -- (c.) of quality: illustricus, excellent, the best, highest, chief Vin iv. 232 (agga -- m -- agga) most excellent, D ii. 4: S I.29 (a. sattassa Sambuddha); A ii. 17 = Pv iv. 347 (lokassa Buddho aggo [A: aggaŋ] pavuccati); It 88, 89; Sn 875 (suddhi); PvA 5. Often combd. with seṭṭha (best), e. g. D ii. 15; S iii. 83, 264. -- 2. (nt.) top, point. (a.) lit.: the top or tip (nearly always -- ˚); as ār˚ point of an awl Sn 625, 631; Dh 401; kus˚ tip of a blade of grass Dh 70; Sdhp 349; tiṇ˚ id PvA 241; dum˚ top of a tree J ii. 155; dhaj˚ of a banner S i. 219; pabbat˚ of a mountain Sdhp 352; sākh˚ of a branch PvA 157; etc. -- (b.) fig. the best part, the ideal, excellence, prominence, first place, often to be trsl. as adj. the highest, best of all etc. S ii. 29 (aggena aggassa patti hoti: only the best attain to the highest); Mhvs 7, 26. Usually as -- ˚; e.g. dum˚ the best of trees, an excellent tree Vv 3541 (cp. VvA 161); dhan˚ plenty D iii. 164; madhur˚ S i. 41, 161, 237; bhav˚ the best existence S iii. 83; rūp˚ extraordinary beauty J i. 291; lābh˚ highest gain J iii. 127; sambodhi -- y -- agga highest wisdom Sn 693 (= sabbauta -- āṇan SnA 489; the best part or quality of anything, in enumn of the five "excellencies" of first -- fruits (panca aggāni, after which the N. Pacaggadāyaka), viz. khettaggan rās˚ koṭṭh˚ kumbhi˚ bhojan˚ SnA 270. sukh˚ perfect bliss Sdhp 243. Thus freq. in phrase aggaŋ akkhāyati to deserve or receive the highest praise, to be the most excellent D i. 124; S iii. 156, 264; A ii. 17 (Tathāgato); It 87 (id.); Nd2 517 D (appamādo); Miln 183. -- 3. Cases as adv.: aggena (instr.) in the beginning, beginning from, from (as prep.), by (id.) Vin ii. 167. (aggena gaṇhāti to take from, to subtract, to find the difference; Kern Toev. s. v. unnecessarily changes aggena into agghena), 257 (yadaggena at the moment when or from, foll. by tad eva "then"; cp. agge), 294 (bhikkh˚ from alms); Vbh 423 (vass˚ by the number of years). aggato (abl.) in the beginning Sn 217 (+ majjhato, sesato). aggato kata taken by its worth, valued, esteemed Th 2, 386, 394. agge (loc) 1. at the top A ii. 201 (opp. mūle at the root); J iv. 156 (id.); Sn 233 (phusit˚ with flowers at the top: supupphitaggasākhā KhA 192); J ii. 153 (ukkh˚); iii. 126 (kūp˚). -- 2 (as prep.) from. After, since, usually in phrases yad˚ (foll. by tad˚) from what time, since what date D i. 152; ii. 206; & ajja -- t -- agge from this day, after today D i. 85; M i. 528; A v. 300; Sn p. 25 (cp. BSk. adyāgrena Av. Ś ii. 13); at the end: bhattagge after a meal Vin ii. 212. -- angulī the main finger, i.e. index finger J vi. 404. -- āsana main seat DA i. 267. -- upaṭṭhāka chief personal attendant D ii. 6. -- kārikā first taste, sample Vin iii. 80. -- kulika of an esteemed clan Pv iii. 55 (= seṭṭh˚ PvA 199).
-- a recognized as primitive primeval, D iii. 225 (porāṇa +), A ii. 27 sq.; iv. 246, Kvu 341. -- danta one who is most excellently self-restrained (of the Buddha) Th i. 354. -- dāna a splendid gift Vin iii. 39. -- dvāra main door J i. 114. -- nakha tip of the nail Vin iv. 221. -- nagara the first or most splendid of cities Vin i. 229. -- nikkhitta highly praised or famed Miln 343. -- nikkhittaka an original depository of the Faith Dpvs iv. 5. -- pakatimant of the highest character J v. 351 (= aggasabhāva). -- patta having attained perfection D iii. 48 sq. -- pasāda the highest grace A ii. 34; It 87. -- piṇḍa the best oblation or alms i. 141; M i.  28; ii. 204. -- piṇḍika receiving the best oblations J vi. 140. -- puggala the best of men (of the Buddha) Sn 684; DhA ii. 39; Sdhp. 92, 558. -- purohita chief or prime minister J vi. 391. -- phala the highest or supreme fruit (i.e. Arahantship) J i. 148; Pv iv. 188; PvA 230. -- bīja having eggs from above (opp. mūla˚), i.e. propagated by slips or cuttings D i. 5; DA i. 81. -- magga (adj.) having reached the top of the path, i.e. Arahantship ThA 20.
-- mahesi the king's chief wife, queen-consort J i. 262; iii. 187, 393; v. 88; DhA i. 199; PvA 76.
-- rājā the chief king J vi. 391; Miln 27. -- vara most meritorious, best Dpvs vi. 68. -- vāda the original doctrine (= theravāda) Dpvs iv. 13. -- vādin one who proclaims the highest good (of the Buddha) Th 1, 1142.

UKT: The following are subentries are taken from above.

{ag~ga.} agga
PTS:-- (adj. n.) [Vedic agra; ... ] 1. (adj;) (a.) of time: the first, foremost ...  (b.) of space: the highest, topmost, ... (c.) of quality: illustrious, excellent, the best, highest, chief.
PMT:- adj. first, chief, pre-eminent; n. top, summit ; height ; goal ; sprout or bud of a plant; first fruits. Aggato,
adv. prep, in front of.
UHS: {ag~ga.} -- UHS-PMD0008
MAC: अग्र = अ ग ् र ag-ra - n. front; beginning; point, tip, top, main thing: -m, before (g., --) ; in. before (ac.); lc. before, in presence of (g., --); in the beginning, at first, in the first place; after (ab.): -bh, come forward. -- MAC003c2-b13

UKT from UHS-PMD0008: mfn. auspicious, the originator, who has attained the highest. n. profit, apex, bud, holy object. m. chief.

PTS:-- aggaa recognized as primitive primeval, D iii. 225 (porāṇa +), A ii. 27 sq.; iv. 246, Kvu 341.
UHS: {ag~ga.Na.} -- UHS-PMD0008

UKT from UHS-PMD0008: mfn. who knows the very beginning, the most auspicious, by the most auspicious means.

PTS:-- aggamahesi the king's chief wife, queen-consort J i. 262; iii. 187, 393; v. 88; DhA i. 199; PvA 76.
PMT: aggamahesī - f. the chief queen.
UHS: {ag~ga.ma.h-i} -- UHS-PMD0009
MAC: अग्रनख agra-nakha
- m.n. tip of the nail; -n sik, f. tip of the nose, -beak; -payodhara,m. teat; -pda, m. toe; -pg, f.precedence; -bindu, m. first drop; -bhga, m. upper part, point, top; -bhmi, f. top storey; highest aim; -mahish,f. chief consort of a king; -yyin, a. going before; best of (--); -vra, m. chief hero, champion. -- Mac003c2-b18

UKT from UHS-PMD0009: f. chief queen

PTS:--aggarājā the chief king
UHS: {ag~ga.ra-za} -- UHS-PMD0009

UKT from UHS-PMD0009: m. auspicious king


{ag~ga.} agga
PTS:-- (nt.) (only -- ˚) [a contracted form of agāra] a (small) house, housing, accomodation; shelter, hut; hall. dān˚ a house of donation, i.e. a public or private house where alms are given J iii. 470; iv. 379, 403; vi. 487; PvA 121; Miln 2. salāk˚ a hut where food is distributed to the bhikkhus by tickets, a food office J i. 123, VvA 75.


{ag~ga.ta}  aggatā
PTS:-- (f.) [abstr. of agga] pre-eminence, prominence, superiority Kvu 556 (˚ŋ gata); Dpvs iv. 1 (guṇaggataŋ gatā). -- (adj.) mahaggata of great value or superiority D i. 80; iii. 224.
UHS: {ag~ga.ta} -- UHS-PMD0008

UKT from UHS-PMD0008: f. the state of being the highest

PTS:-- (nt.) [abstr. of agga = Sk. agratvan] the state or condition of being the first, pre-eminence PvA 9, 89.


PTS:-- (adj.) occupying the first place, of great eminence A i. 70, 243.


PTS:-- see agalu.


{ag~ga.la.}  aggaḷa
PTS:-- & aggaḷā - (f.) (also occasionally with l.) [cp. Sk. argala & argalā to *areg to protect, ward off, secure etc., as in Ags. reced house; *aleg in Sk. rakṣati to protect, Gr. a)le/cw id., Ags. ealh temple. Cp. also *areq in Gr. a)rke/w = Lat. arceo, Orcus, Ohg rigil bolt.] a contrivance to fasten anything for security or obstruction: 1. a bolt or cross-bar Vin i. 290; D i. 89 (˚ŋ ākoteṭi to knock upon the cross-bar; a. = kavāṭa DA i. 252); A iv. 359 (id.); S. iv. 290; A i. 101 = 137 = iv. 231. (phusit˚ with fastened bolts, securely shut Th 1,385 (id.); Vin iv. 47; J. v. 293 (˚ŋ uppīḷeti to lift up the cross-bar. -- 2. a strip of cloth for strengthening a dress etc., a gusset Vin i. 290 (+ tunna), 392 (Bdhgh on MV viii. 21, 1); J i. 8 (+ tunna) vi. 71 (˚ŋ datvā); Vin iv. 121.
-- dāna putting in a gusset J i. 8. -- phalaka the post or board, in which the cross-bar is fixed (cp. ˚vaṭṭi) M iii. 95. -- vaṭṭi = ˚phalaka Vin ii. 120, 148. -- sūci bolting pin M i. 126.

UHS: {ag~ga.la.} -- UHS-PMD0009

UKT from UHS-PMD0009: m. {tn-hka: ky:} 'door-frame' [seems to imply security rather than access]


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