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Burmese Medicinal Plants


Burmese Medicinal Plants (in Burmese-Myanmar)
- by {l-ya seik-pyo:r: kau-po-r:rhing:} (LSR), (Agricultural Corporation), 1978-80, pp503

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065. aung-boad~D Ficus religiosa

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065. aung-boad~D


1. {myo:ring:}
-- Moraceae

2. {roak~hka.b-da. a.m}
-- Ficus religiosa Linn.

3. {a.hkau-a.wau}

{mran-ma a.m} Myanmar -- {aung-boad~D} {bau-Di-aung}
{n~ga.laip a.m} English -- Sacred Fig; Bo Tree; Pipal Bo-tree
{ka.hkying a.m} Kachin  -- Lagat
{ka.ring a.m} Karan --
{hkying: a.m} Chin --
{mwan a.m} Mon --
{rham: a.m}  Shan -- Mai-Nyaung
Agri2000 24-0608 : {aung-bau-Di.} {aung-boad~D}, Pipal bo-tree; Sacred fig, Ficus religiosa, Moraceae
UKT: Agri2000 had a double entry in 41-1086

4. {pon-thaN~Htn}


5. {pauk-rauk-th. d-tha.}
6. {pauk-rauk pon}
7. {a.thoan:pru.th. a.sait-a.peing:}
8. {a-ni.thing}

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