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Botanical Names of Myanmar Plants
of Importance

Index given in order of Burmese-Myanmar common names

by Agricultural Department (Planning), Government of Union of Myanmar, 2000, pp 65

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Agri.Dept.2000 and LSR {l-seik-rhing:}, 1978 are from allied government departments.

pg-entry Myanmar Name
transliteration in Romabama by UKT
English Name Scientific  name Family LSR pg
Note: Burmese is a non-rhotic language, and the "r" is rarely pronounced. When it occurs as the first consonant in a Rombama syllable, pronounce it as an English "y". Similar to the French, the end consonant in a Romabama syllable is not pronounced.
41-1078 {ba.mau} Chooi Sageraea listeria Annonaceae  
41-1079 {ba.la.rhing} Giant basil Ocimum gigantea Labiatae  
41-1080 {ba.la.rhing (mr-pran.}} Sweet basil Ocimum basilicum Labiatae  
41-1081 {ba-gyi:ni:ya: hs:} Varginia Nicotiana rustica Solanaceae  
41-1082 {ba-dn} Almond Tenminalia catappa Combretaceae  
41-1083 {bi.lap hkyi-paung} Roselle; Red sorrel Hibiscus sabdoriffa Malvaceae  
41-1084 {bu:ping} Bottle gourd Lagenaria vulgaris Cucurbitaceae  
41-1085 {b-da} Water hyacinth Eichornia crassipes Pontedetiaceae  
41-1086 {bau-di.aung}
UKT: double entry 24-0608
Bo-tree Ficus religiosa Moraceae 201
41-1087 {bol-sa:p:}   Vicia faba Papilionaceae  
41-1088 {bauk-nw} Country mallow Abutilion asiaticum Malvaceae  
41-1089 {bauk-nw-l:} Country mallow; Twelve O'clock flower Abutilon indicum Malvaceae  
41-1090 {baung:tau-hkyoap}   Dendrobium aggregatum Orchidaceae  
41-1091 {baung:tau-sh}   Kandelia gheedeii Rhixophoraceae  
42-1092 {baung:laung:o} Black night shade Solanum nigrum Solanaceae  
42-1093 {boad~Da.tha.ra.Na.} Canna Canna indica Cannaceae 313
42-1094 {byeik}   Dalbergia spinosa Papilionaceae  
42-1095 {byeing:hkr-htauk}   Tamarix dioica Tamaricaceae  
42-1096 {byis-pwing.} Hops Humulus lupulus Urticaceae  
42-1097 {bru:}   Dillenia aurea Dilleniaceae  
42-1098 {bru:krak-tak}   Bruguiera parbiflora Rhizophoraceae  
42-1099 {bru:hkr-htauk}   Rhizohora candelaria Rhizophoraceae  
42-1100 {bru:hkrauk-htauk-ma.}   Rhizophora mucronala Rhizophoraceae  
42-1101 {bru:u.tis-loan:} Mangrove Brugiuera conjunsata Rhizophoraceae  
42-1102 {b-la-no-da} Deadly night shade Atropa belladonna Solanacee  
UKT: The present version of this book, Agri.Dept.2000, did not list the following species, or, there is reason to believe that the data given by it need to be checked..
The following are from sources cited in the last column.
  Myanmar Name
transcription as given by source
Habit Scientific name Family Source

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