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Medicinal Plants of Myanmar


by Kyaw Soe and Tin Myo Ngw, Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA), Series 1, 2004, ISBN 974-91986-0-3
Copied by U Kyaw Tun, and staff of TIL for staff and students of TIL. Not for sale.

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UKT: Nagathein references are given to check the Burmese-Myanmar names. * shows where there is no agreement in Burmese name but when the plant is identifiable from botanical name.

{hka.ra} ; {koan:hka.ra}  Argemone mexicana L.1-239

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KS-TMN 181

{hka.ra} ; {koan:hka.ra}  Argemone mexicana L.1-239

Botanical name: Argemone mexicana L. Sp. Pl. 508. 1753. Myanmar name: Kha-yar, Kone-kha-yar English name: Mexican Poppy, Prickly Poppy, Yellow Mexican Poppy Family: Papaveraceae

Burmese-Myanmar name in Nagathein :1-239
{hka.ra} ; {koan:hka.ra}


left -- flowers and fruits

right -- habit with flowers and fruits

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Identification characters:
An annual herb, erect and prickly, latex yellow. Leaves alternate, simple; exstipulate; sessile; laminae oblong, pinnati-partite, the bases amplexicaul, the margins spinoso-dentate, sinuate, the tips spinescent, the surfaces spinulose on the veins. Inflorescences solitary cymose, terminal on short leafy branches. Flowers ebracteolate, pedicellate, bisexual, actinomorphic, trimerous, hypogynous. Calyx aposepalous, sepals 3, ovate, prickly. Corolla apopetalous, petals 6, in 2 whorls, ovate or elliptic, yellow. Androecium polyandrous, stamens numerous, in many whorls, the filaments filiform, inserted, the anthers dithecous, basifixed, introrse, dehiscence longitudinal. Pistil 1, ovary ellipsoid, 5-carpelled, syncarpous, 1-loculed, the placentation parietal, the ovules numerous on each parietal placentae, the style very short, the stigma 5-lobed. Fruit a capsule, ellipsoid, prickly, dehiscing at the top by short valves; seeds many, globose, endosperm copious.

Flowering period: April-June
Fruiting period : June-September

Distribution : Naturalizedthroughout Myanmar up to 4000ft. Grows in open waste land and a long roadsides.

Parts used and uses: Expectorant; Biliousness; Infections; Pruritis; Antidote for poisons; Gastric distention; Haematemesis; Leprosy; Dyuria; Lithiasis; Oedema. Seed oil -- Colic; Chest pain; Asthma; Jaundice

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