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Medicinal Plants of Myanmar


by Kyaw Soe and Tin Myo Ngw, Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA), Series 1, 2004, ISBN 974-91986-0-3
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UKT: Nagathein references are given to check the Burmese-Myanmar names. * shows where there is no agreement in Burmese name but when the plant is identifiable from botanical name.

{saung:ya:} Averrhoa carambola L.1-399

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KS-TMN 178

{saung:ya:} Averrhoa carambola L.1-399

Botanical name: Averrhoa carambola L. Sp. Pl. 428. 1753.

Myanmar name: Zaung-yar

English names: Carambola Apple; Chinese Gooseberry; Coromandel Gooseberry;

Family: Oxalidaceae

Burmese-Myanmar name in Nagathein 1-399


left -- habit with flowers

right -- habit with fruits
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Identification characters:
A small tree, branches dense, dropping; younger stems cylindrical, glabrous. Leaves alternate, unipinnately compound, imparipinnate; exstipulate; petioles pulvinate; petioulules stout; exstipellate; leaflets 2-5 pairs, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, the bases obtuse, the margins entire, the tips acute, the surfaces glabrous, the lower glaucous. Inflorescences axillary paniculate cymes; bracts linear, deciduous. Flowers ebracteolate, pedicellate, bisexual, atinomorphic, pentamerous, hypogynous. Calyx aposepalous, the sepals 5, ovate, glabrous, sepaloid. Corolla synpetalous, campanulate, the corolla lobes 5, obovate-oblong to oblong, the tubes cylindrical, purplish, pubescent. Androecium polyandrous, stamens 10,5 fertile and 5 staminodes, basally connate, the staminodes shorter, sometimes 1 or 2 of these longer and antheriferous, the filaments dilated at the bases, the anthers dithecous, dorsifixed, introrse, dehiscence longitudinal. Pistil 1, ovary ovoid-oblongoid, 5-lobed, 5-carpelled, syncarpous, 5-loculed, the placentation axile, the ovule 1 in each locule, the styles 5, distinct, the stigmas terminal on each style, capitate. Fruit a berry, oblongoid, 5-lobed, acutely angled, smooth; seeds ellipsoid, smooth, arillate, endosperm scanty, soft fleshy.

Flowering and fruiting periods: Throughout the year.

Distribution: Grows wild. Commonly cultivated throughout Myanmar.

Parts used and uses: Fruit -- Diarrhoea; Indigestion; Emesis; To allay thirst; Pyrexia; Internal hemorrhoids; Palpitation of the heart; Gives energy; Expectorant. Unripe fruit -- Carminative; Cholagogue. Ripe fruit -- Gains weight

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