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A List of Burmese Medicinal Plants 1

by U Hla Maw, B.Sc., Research Officer, Pharmaceuticals Section, Applied Chemistry,  Research Department, Union of Burma Applied Research Institute, 1959.

Copied from the original (typewriter copy) by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) in 1985 August.  HTML version by UKT, and staff of TIL for staff and students of TIL. Edited by UKT for incorporating into Myanmar Medicinal Plant Database. Not for sale.

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90 Vitex trifolia

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90. Vitex trifolia


Vernacular Name: Kyaung-pan.

Botanical origin: Vitex trifolia, Linn.

Family: Verbenaceae.

Part Used: Leaves.

Distribution: Aungban, Yawnghwe, Helon (Southern Shan State) an occasional shrub in hedges and scrub jungle.

Plant: A shrub of small tree, leaflets 1-3" subobtuse, tomentum beneath of matted scarcely stellate hairs, trifoliate, flowers small, lavender to blue, usually in terminal or axillary cymes, forming panicles or corymbs, drupe, globose or obovoid.

1. An essential oil.
2. An alkaloid. (40)

Uses: Intermittent fevers, external application to rheumatism.

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