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A List of Burmese Medicinal Plants 1

by U Hla Maw, B.Sc., Research Officer, Pharmaceuticals Section, Applied Chemistry,  Research Department, Union of Burma Applied Research Institute, 1959.

Copied from the original (typewriter copy) by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) in 1985 August.  HTML version by UKT, and staff of TIL for staff and students of TIL. Edited by UKT for incorporating into Myanmar Medicinal Plant Database. Not for sale.

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63 Lawsonia inermis

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63. Lawsonia inermis

Synonyms: The Henna, Henna leaves, Alhenna, Egyptian Privet, Camphire.

Vernacular Name: Dan.

Botanical origin: Lawsonia inermis, Linn. syn. L. aloa, Lam.

Family: Lythraceae.

Part Used: The dried leaves.

Distribution: Very commonly grown in gardens.

Plant: A shrub with spiny branches, opposite, lanceolate, entire, glabrous, leaves fragrant, rose-coloured flowers arranged in terminal panicles of cymes and capsular fruits.

(1) An oxynapthoquinone compound called lawsone C10H6O3, which occurs in orange crystals.
(2) Henna-tannic acid.
(3) Mucilage.
(4) Fat.
(5) resin, mannite, etc. (7)

Uses: Chiefly as a colouring agent for the hair, skin and nails. Astringent and a decoction of the same is employed in cases of inflammation and burns and also used in enlargement of spleens and in jaundice.

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