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Family: Magnoliacea 1 entry
Michelia champaca   • {san°ka:} ,{san°ka:wa}
Michelia spp.

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Michelia champaca

Family: Magnoliaceae

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts
• Agri.Dept.2000 017-0443: {san°ka:}, {san°ka:wa}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin 141 : {sa.ka:wa}
• KS-TMN 153: Saga-Wa; Saga; Sampar
• Nagathein 1-363: {sa.ka:wa}
• UHM : NL


Myanmar-Script Spelling
Official Myanmar Dictionaries
{san°ka:} - -- TravPo-M-Dict 088
{san°ka:}- n. same as {san°ka:wa} [Pali {sam~pa.ka.}] -- Myan-Engl-Dict 114
- {san°ka:seim} n. tree bearing flowers which are green when immature, but later turn yellow.
Cananga odorata.
- {san°ka:wa} - n. champac; magnolia. Michelia champaca. -- Myan-Engl-Dict 114
- {sam~pa} - n. heartwood from the tree Michelia champaca. -- Myan-Engl-Dict 126




English common name used in Myanmar 
• Agri.Dept.2000 : Yellow
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin :
• KS-TMN : Golden Champa; Yellow Champa
• Nagathein : -
• UHM : NL


Picture :
• Leader http://toptropicals.com/pics/garden/c17/9856.jpg
• Photos:left -habit with flowers and fruits,right - close up of a flower
Click on the pictures to enlarge. -- KS-TMN
• Leaves: http://aoki2.si.gunma-u.ac.jp/BotanicalGarden/PICTs/kinkouboku.jpeg


Plant identification characters :

• An evergreen tree, tall with a straight trunk; branches spreading, dense, the younger stems pubescent. Leaves alternate, simple; stipules convolute, deciduous; petioles short; laminae ovate-lanceolate, the bases obtuse to rounded, the margins entire, the tips acute, unicostate, reticulate, the upper surfaces glabrous, glaucous, the lower glabrescent. Inflorescences in solitary cymes, axillary; bracts spathaceous, coriaceous, pubescent, greyish yellow, enclosing the floral bud, deciduous. Flowers ebracteolate, pedicellate, bisexual, actinomorphic, polymerous, hypogynous. Calyx and corolla undifferentiated, perianth segments 15, apophyllous, arranged in whorls of 3, pale yellow or orange, very fragrant; sepals or the outer whorl oblong, acute; petals or the inner 4 whorls linear. Androecium polyandrous, stamens numerous, spirally disposed on basal portion of the androphore, the filaments short, the anthers dithecous, linear, adnate, dehiscence longitudinal. Pistils many, spirally arranged on an style short, stigmatose on the inner surface. Flowering period: June - August.Fruiting period: September - November -- KS-TMN


Distribution in Myanmar

• Grows wild, common in low hills up to 3000ft. Planted. -- KS-TMN


Part used and uses

• Cure haematemesis; Dysuria; Leprosy; Pruritis; Boils, Carbuncles; Infections. Promotes spermatogensis; Good for heart; Kills wasps; Antidote for poisons. Bark: Dry cough. Root or root bark: Heals boils and carbuncles. Leaf: Puperial pyrexia; Eye weakness; Chest pain; Anthelmintic. Flower: Dysuria; Gastritis; Promotes kidney function . Fruit, seed: Inguinal lymph edinitis. -- KS-TMN




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Michelia spp.

Family: Magnoliaceae

Results of search for 'Michelia' in the Checklist of Plants of Myanmar, U.S. National Herbarium, 10 May 2006.
Magnolia campbellii Hook. f. & Thomson. Cited as: Alcimandra cathcartii (Hook. f. & Thomson) Dandy,
  Magnolia mollicomata W.W. Sm., Michelia cathcartii Hook. f. & Thomson. Habit: Tree.
  Distribution: Chin, Kachin, Kachin, Kachin, Kachin, Sagaing
Michelia baillonii (Pierre) Finet & Gagnep. Cited as: Magnolia baillonii Pierre,
  Magnolia phellocarpa (King) H.J. Chowdhery & P. Daniel, Talauma phellocarpa King,
  Talauma spongocarpa King. Habit: Tree.
  Distribution: Kachin, Mandalay, Mandalay, Mandalay, Sagaing, Shan
  Common Names: Dauthu-kimdu-phang, Dauthu-kimdu-phang, Saga-byu, Saga-byu, Saga-phyu, Thit-linne
Michelia champaca L. Habit: Tree.
  Distribution: Bago, Kachin, Magway, Mandalay, Sagaing, Taninthayi, Yangon.
  Common Names: Champaka, Laran, Mawk-sam-lung, Saga, Sagawa
Michelia doltsopa Buch.-Ham. ex DC. Cited as: Michelia manipurensis Watt ex Brandis. Habit: Tree.
  Distribution: Chin, Kachin, Mandalay, Mandalay, Shan. Common Names: Saga-phyu
Michelia excelsa Blume. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Reported from Myanmar
Michelia floribunda Finet & Gagnep. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Kachin, Kachin
Michelia lacei W.W. Sm. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Cultivated. Common Names: Saga-byu, Ye-sagawa
Michelia lanuginosa Wall. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Reported from Myanmar
Michelia oblonga Wall. ex Hook. f. & Thomson. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Chin, Sagaing
Michelia uniflora Dandy. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Reported from Myanmar
Michelia velutina DC. Habit: Tree. Distribution: Reported from Myanmar


"MICHE2","Michelia L.","michelia","Magnoliaceae"
"MICH4","Michelia champaca L.","michelia","Magnoliaceae"
"MIDO4","Michelia doltsopa Buch.-Ham. ex DC.","sweet michelia","Magnoliaceae"

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