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Family: Flacourtiaceae
Hydnocarpus kurzii  {ka.lau}

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Hydnocarpus kurzii 

syn. Trna ktogenos kurzii,

Family: Flacourtiacae

Burmese-Myanmar transcript names:
Agri.Dept.2000 02-0049: {ka.lau:}
LSR 013 : {ka.lau:}
Nagathein 1-064: {ka.lau:}
UHM 29: Kalaw, Kal-wa-so

Myanmar-Script Spelling
Official Myanmar Dictionaries
{ka.lau:} -  -- TravPo-M-Dict 005
- not listed in Myan-Engl-Dict

Chklist data:


English common name used in Myanmar :
Agri.Dept.2000 02-0049: Chaulmoogra
LSR 013: NG
Nagathein 1-64: Chaulmoogra
UHM 29: Hydnocarpus oil, Kalaw Tree Oil, Leprosy oil


Leaders: bw - Nagathein; color- LSR


Plant identification characters :

A tree attaining the height of 40-50 feet whose young branches, leaves and flowers are tawny-pubescent, the trunk and older branches being covered with a greenish gray, rusty-lenticellate or occasionally elliptic, shiny, cubcoriaceous, main nerves 6-7 pairs and up to 10 in. in length, length inflorescence, many-flowered axillary cyme, fruit a gawn-colored, globular berry about the size of an orange with a minutely granular velvety rind and containing numerous irregular ova., brownish-yellow seeds embedded in a fleshy pulp. -- UHM


Distribution in Myanmar:

In-du and Taung-gale area (Mn) Widely distributed in the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests from Chindwin and Myitkyina to Tenasserim. -- UHM


Part used and uses:

The fixed oil expressed from the ripe seeds. Seed oil known as: Hydnocarpus oil, Kalaw Tree Oil, Leprosy oil. Germicide in the treatment of leprosy. It has also been used emperically in rheumatism, psoriasis and tuberculosis as a counter-irritant application for sprains and bruises and also for various inflammations of the skin. Preparation: Unquentum Chaulmoograe (I.P.C.) -- UHM



1. Chaulmoogric acid C18H32O2 ; 2. Hydnocarpic acid C16H28O2 ; 3. Taraktogenic acid. 4. Isogadoleic acid. etc. -- UHM

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