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Medicinal Plants of Myanmar


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Family: Ericaceae 1 entry
• Gaultheria fragrantissima  • {a.krau:hsi-pin}

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Gaultheria fragrantissima

Family: Ericaceae

Burmese-Myanmar transcript names:
• Agri.Dept.2000 63-1680:  {a.krau:hsi-ping}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• Nagathein 1-419:  {hsi-hpris-rwak} / {a.krau:hsi-ping}

• Official Myanmar Dictionaries:
-- NL either under 100 {hsi} or 347 {a.krau:} --TravPo-M-Dict
-- NL either under 131 {hsi} or 540 {a.krau:} -- Myan-Engl-Dict

Sanskrit: {gan-Da-mur-Ni}. Available in Indian apothecaries (in Myanmar) under the name {garl-hte-ri-ya-htal} -- UKT free-translation from Nagathein


English common name used in Myanmar :
• Agri.Dept.2000 63-1680:  Indian wintergreen
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• Nagathein 1-419:  Wintergreen


• Leader from http://www.lhomen.com.bt/flower2.jpg . Click on pix to enlarge.


Plant identification characters

• Nagathein - free translation by UKT. A shrub that grows as a bush on {ro:ma.} and Tennasarim ranges (UKT: extensions of Himalayas). The leaf is leathery and has oil. The shape of leaf is oval with pointed tip resembling a rounded triangle. Flowers, white. Fruit resembles {hkan} fruit, Carissa carandas. It can be obtained from Indian apothecaries (in Myanmar) as {gaal-hté-ri.ya-tél}. The smell of oil is strong and pleasant.

• Description: A shrub that grows to 1.0 meters (3.3 feet) high by 0.5 meters (1.65 feet) wide and prefers sandy loam soil with a pH ranging from acid to neutral and partial to full shade with moderate moisture. This plant tolerates acid ph and has scented flowers and has hermaphrodite flowers and is hardy to zone 9 and is pollinated by insects. Habitat: E. Asia - N. India to Sri Lanka and Malaya. Forests and shrubberies [51], usually on dry slopes[146], at elevations of 1200 - 2700 metres in the Himalayas. This plant might do well located in deep shade along a shady edge along a dappled edge or in a woodland garden.
   Cultural Notes: Prefers a moist but not boggy humus rich soil in shade or semi-shade [11, 182]. A peat and moisture loving species, it requires a lime-free soil [11, 182]. This species is not very hardy in Britain, it only succeeds outdoors in the milder areas of the country [200]. It grows well in Cornwall [11]. Plants in this genus are notably resistant to honey fungus [200]. The bruised leaves have a powerful camphor-like scent [245]. The flowers are scented like lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) [245].
Edited excerpt from: http://permaculture.info/cgi-bin/eden?plant=2930

Distribution in Myanmar:
• Grows wild in the Yomas including Tennasarim Yoma -- Nagathein (free translation by UKT).


Part used and uses :

The oil is pleasant smelling and refreshing. It is a remedy for colic. Febrifuge. Promotes sweating and urination. Good for arthritis. Heart stimulant -- dosage from 5 to 15 drops.
   For severe arthritis the oil can be taken orally and as a rubbing agent.
   For colic, the oil can be rubbed on the stomach area.


• Known Hazards: None known.
Edible Uses: Fruit - raw or cooked [105, 146, 183]. The fruit is about 8mm in diameter [200]. Leaves - raw. Chewed [105] (to relieve thirst?). An essential oil obtained from the leaves is used as a flavouring [240, 243]. A tea is made from the leaves [177, 183].
Medicinal Uses: The essential oil obtained from the leaves is antiseptic, aromatic, carminative and stimulant [240, 243]. It is used in the treatment of rheumatism and neuralgia [240, 243]. It is also taken internally in the treatment of hook worms [243].
Other Uses: The leaves yield around 1.25% of an essential oil, this is a wintergreen substitute and it is used in perfumery, as a hair oil and medicinally[46, 51, 61, 146, 240].
Edited excerpt from: http://permaculture.info/cgi-bin/eden?plant=2930


Ethnobotany (Worldwide use) :


Constituents :


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