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Family: Annonaceae

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Family: Annonaceae 1 entry
• Annona squamosa  • {AU:za}
• Annona spp.
• Cananga spp.

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Annona squamosa

Family: Annonaceae

Burmese-Myanmar transcript names:
• Agri.Dept.2000 : NL
• Chklist: Awzar, Custard apple, Sweetsop
• FAO 65: Awza
• LSR 501: {AU:za}
• KS-TMN 42: Aw-za
• Nagathein 4-107: {AU:za thi:}
• UHM : NL


Myanmar-Script Spelling
• {AU:za} --- MMDict385
• {AU:za} /|o: za|/- n. 5. sweet sop, Annona squamosa -- MEDict615

UKT: Note that the Burmese-Myanmar name involves the vowel-akshara {AU:} and not the conjunct-akshara {thra.} - where the character r6c5 {tha.} is conjoined with r6c2 {ra.}. (Relevant info on orthography provided by U Tun Tint, chief editor,  Myanmar Orthography by MLC)

Data above updated (070310) in Akshara index r7c4a-vow.htm

Chklist data: 070310
• Annona squamosa L. Habit: Small tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Awzar, Custard apple, Sweetsop

• {si-ta hpa~l} -- Nagathein.
• {si-ta hpal} -- Nagathein

UKT: For both Hindi and Sanskrit names, Nagathein is obviously giving the transcription in Burmese-Myanmar, however transliteration of Devanagari to Myanmar shows that the first Devanagari-akshara involved is स(U0938) the equivalent of Myanmar r6c5 {tha.}

English common name used in Myanmar
• Agri.Dept.2000 -- NL
• FAO --
• Lè-seik-shin -- Custard apple (UKT: the name familiar to me.)
• KS-TMN --
• Nagathein -- Sugar apple
• UHM -- NL

• Leader from FAO (UKT: Pix given by Nagathein was not illustrative)
• Photos: left -- habit with flowers, right -- habit with fruits -- KS-TMN


Plant identification characters

• Key characteristics: Leaves hairy; petals green; fruit greenish yellow, powdery surface, 5–10 cm in diameter. Description: Shrub or small tree, 3–6m high. Leaves oblong to narrowly elliptic, 7– 17cm long and 3–5.5cm wide, slightly hairy or smooth beneath. Flowers in groups of 2–5 or sometimes alone, on slender stalks on young branchlets. Outer 3 petals oblong to 2.5cm long, green with purple base whereas inner 3 petals are reduced or absent. Fruit globose, 5–10cm in diameter, greenish-yellow with powdery surface. Commercial hybrids with A. cherimola called atemoya or custard apple. -- FAO

• A small tree. Leaves alternate; simple; exstipulate; petioles cylindrical, short; laminae obovate, the bases obtuse, the margins entire, the tips acute, unicostate, reticulate, the lower surfaces glaucous, pubescent when young. Inflorescences in leaf-opposed solitary cymes; bracts found below the middle. Flowers ebracteloate, pedicellate, bisexual, actinomorphic, trimerous, hypogynous. Perianth apophyllous, 3-seriate, sepaloid, greenish. Calyx aposepalous, sepals 3, ligulate, deciduous. Corolla apopetalous, petals 6, 2-seriate, ligulate, pubescent. Androecium polyandrous, stamens numerous, spirally arranged, the filaments thick and short, the anthers dithecous, ovoid, 4-celled at anthesis, extrorse, terminated by an enlarged ovoid connective. Pistils numerous, apocarpous, each 1-carpelled, 1-loculed, the placentation parietal, the ovule 1 in the locule, the style oblong, very short, the stigma simple. Fruit an aggregate of berries, globose, fleshy; seeds large, brownish black, embryo small, endosperm very large, ruminate. Flowering period: March-April. Fruiting period:  June-September -- KS-TMN


Distribution in Myanmar
• Common throughout Myanmar, in dry plains. Planted. -- KS-TMN


Part used and uses
• Root -- Oliguria; Abscess in sores; Anthelmintic for cattle; Rectal prolapse in children; For the treatment of muscle spasticity. Young Fruit  -- Antiseptic for sores. Ripe fruit -- Abscess in sores; Vulnerary; Antipyretic for high fevers. Seed -- Antiseptic for sores in man, cattle, and domestic animals; Oxytocic; Epilepsy; Pediculosis -- KS-TMN




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Annona spp.

Results of search for 'Annona' in the Checklist of Plants of Myanmar, U.S. National Herbarium, 10 Mar 2007.
• Annona cherimolia Mill. . Habit: Small tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Cherimoyer, Thinbaw-awza
• Annona muricata L. Habit: Small tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Duyin-awza, Soursop
• Annona reticulata L. . Habit: Small tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Bullock's heart, Thinbaw-awza
• Annona squamosa L. Habit: Small tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Awzar, Custard apple, Sweetsop

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Cananga spp.

Results of search for 'Cananga' in the Checklist of Plants of Myanmar, U.S. National Herbarium, 12 Mar 2007.
• Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook. f. & Thomson . Habit: Tree . Distribution: Cultivated . Common Names: Kadat-ngan, Saga-sein, Ylang-ylang

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