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Burmese Indigenous Medicinal Plants

by Daw Mya Bwin and U Sein Gwan, Pharmacology Research Division, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Rangoon, 1973.

HTML version with additions from other sources by U Kyaw Tun, U Pe Than,  and staff of TIL for staff and students of TIL. Edited by UKT for incorporating into Myanmar Medicinal Plant Database. Not for sale.

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Contents of this page
Preface to Volume 2
Journal Abbreviations
Glossary of Burmese names
Transcripted Burmese names
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Preface to Volume 2

This work, like the first volume of this series, was compiled to serve as a basis for future research on indigenous medicinal plants.

The plants have been grouped according to their reputed action to facilitate work by chemists, pharmacologists and clinicians who wish to screen them for their reputed action.

As was done in the first book, the botanical description and distribution of the plant are first given. Secondly, the medicinal uses of the plant as given in the literature of both local and foreign countries are enumerated. Thirdly, the results of the chemical investigations carried out on the plant by various research workers are listed. Finally, the results of the pharmacological investigations into the medicinal properties of the plant are furnished.

Specimens of the plants listed in this paper have been collected and pressed into herbarium specimens. The arrangement of the specimens and families is done according to a new system based on the phylogeny by John Hutchison (1959), primarily because of the parallel evolution of woody herbaceous dicotyledons and the monocotyledons. The species of the plant within the family are in the alphabetical order.

Drawings of all available plants are given.

Information was gathered from 3 sources: personal communications with the local traditional medical practitioners, literature on indigenous medicine and from foreign journals.

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Journal Abbreviations

Annls Chim. Phys -- Annales de chimie (et de physique) Paris
Annls pharm. fr -- Annales de pharmaceutiqucs francaises, Pairs

Biol. Abstr -- Biological Abstract
Bull. Calcutta Sch. trop. Med. Hyg -- Bulletin of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and Hygyine.

Chem. Abstr -- Chemical Abstract. Easton. Pa.
Chem. Pharm. Bull. Tokyo -- Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Tokyo)
Cienc. Cult. (Sao Paulo) -- Ciencialy Cultura, Sao Paulo
Curr. Sci -- Current Sciences

Dissertations Pharm -- Dissertationes Pharmaceuticae

Eksp. Med. Marfol -- Eksperymental'na medytsyna, Marfol

Helv. chim. Acta -- Helvetica chimica acta. Basel, Genf.

Indian J. apple. Chem -- Indian Journal of Applied Chemistry (Calcutta).
Indian J. Chem -- Indian Journal of Chemistry
Indian J. med. Res -- Indian Journal of Chemistry
Indian J. med. Sci -- Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, Bombay
Int. Pharm. Abstr -- International Pharmaceutical Abstract

J. Chem. Soc -- Journal of the Chemical Society, London
J. Ind. chem. Soc. -- Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, Calcutta.
J. med. chem. -- Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (Washington)
J. Pharm. Pharmcol. -- Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
J. Pharm. Sci. -- Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Med. Prom. SSSR. -- Medtsinsicaia Prom yshlennost' SSSR (Moskva).

Pakist. J. Sci. Ind. Res. -- Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Karachi.
Planta med. -- Planta medica
Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. -- Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science.
Phytochem. -- Phytochemistry

Revta farm. B. Aires -- Revista farmaceutica. Buenos Aires
Revta med. -- Revista medica

Studii Cerc. Biochim. -- Studii si cerdetari de biochimie

Tetrahedron Lett. -- Tetrahedron Letters

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Glossary of Burmese Names

Burmese-Myanmar names Romabama transliteration
of Burmese-Myanmar names
Scientifc names  
Ipomoea digitata Linn.
Convolvulus arvensis
Areca catechu
Carissa carandas Linn.
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus sabdariffa
{sa.moan-nak} Nigella sativa Linn.  
{hsa.nwang:hka: (na.nwang:hka:)}
Curcuma comosa Roxb.
Lactuca sativa
Tribulus terrestris
Plantago major
Apium graveolens Linn.
Alangium Lamarckii
Alstonia scholaris
(L.) R. Br.
{dan.da.lwan} Moringa oleifera Lamk.  
{na.nwang:hka: (hsa.nwang:hka:} Curcuma comosa Roxb.  
{pa.ran~na.wa} Boerhaavia diffusa Linn.  
Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.
Plantago major
Blumea balsamifera
{man:soat-rwak} Plantago major Linn.  
{r:hka.ra} Acanthus ilicifolius Linn.  
Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br.
Holarrhena antidysenterica
(Roth.) Wall.
Alstonia scholaris
(L.) R. Br.
Acorus calamus
Plantago major Linn.
Arundo donax
Solanum tuberosum
{-ka.r} Millingtonia hortensis Linn. f.  

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Transcripted Burmese names by the authors

UKT: Romabama transliterations {...} by UKT:
Burmese-Myanmar names can be derived from the Romabama transliterations.


Akyaw-baung-tahtaung {a.krau:paung:ta.htaung} -- Plantago major Linn.
Alo-kyu {a.lo-kyu} -- Arundo donax Linn.
Alu {a-lu:} -- Solanum tuberosum Linn.


Chinbaungni {hkyi-paung-ni} -- Hisbiscus sabdariffa Linn.


Dan-da-lun {dan.da.lwan} -- Moringa oleifera Lamk.


Egayit {-ka-rz} -- Millingtonia hortensis Linn. f.


Hpa-kyaw-ywet {hpa:kyau:rwak} -- Plantago major Linn.
Hopne-ma-thein {hpon:ma.thain} -- Blumea balsamifera DC.


Kauk-yo-nwe {kauk-ro:nw} -- convolvulus arvensis Linn.
Kasun {kan-swan:} -- Ipomoea digitata Linn.
Khan-bin {hkan-ping} -- Carissa carandas Linn.
Kaung-yan {hkaung-ran:} -- Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn.
Kun-thi-pin {kwam:thi:ping}  -- Areca catechu Linn.


Let-htoke-galay {lak-htoap-ka.l:} -- Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br.
Let-htoke-gyi {lak-htoap-kri:} -- Holarrhena antidysenterica I.
Let-pan-kha {lak-pn-hka:} -- Alstonis scholaris (L.) R. Br.
Linne {ling:n} -- Acorus calamus Linn.


Mahn-soote-ywet {man:soat-rwak} -- Plantago major Linn.


Na-nwin-ga {na.nwing:hka:} -- Curcuma comosa Roxb.


Pha-ye {hpa.r:} -- Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.


Salat {hsa.lat} -- Lactuca sativa Linn.
Samon-net {sa.moan-nak} -- Nigella sativa Linn.
Se-gyaw-gyi {hs:kyau-kri:} -- Plantago major Linn.


Taw-po-sa {tau:po:sa} -- Alangium lamarckii Thw.
Tsule {hsu:l} -- Tribulus terrestris Linn.

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