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Burmese Indigenous Medicinal Plants

by Daw Mya Bwin and U Sein Gwan, Pharmacology Research Division, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Rangoon, 1973.

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18. Nigella sativa -- {sa.moan-nak} Samon-net.

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18. Nigella sativa Linn.

Family as given by the authors: Ranunculaceae


Burmese name: {sa.moan-nak} Samon-net.

Nigella sativa Linn. Sp. Pl. 753 (1753).
English common name: Black Cummin, Nutmeg Flower, Small Fennel.

Annual herb. Leaves 2-3 pinnatisect, cut into linear or linear-lanceolate segments. Flowers pale blue on solitary long stalks. Fruit composed of 5-12 more or less united follicles. Family Ranunculaceae.

Upper Burma.

The seed oil possess hypotensive effect. fn26-01
Seeds used as stinulant, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue, galactagogue; useful in mild cases of puerperal fever; reduced to powder and mixed with sesamum oil much used as an external application in eruptions of the skin. fn26-02


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