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Burmese Indigenous Medicinal Plants

by Daw Mya Bwin and U Sein Gwan, Pharmacology Research Division, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Rangoon, 1973.

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15. Lactuca sativa -- {hsa.lat} Salat.

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15. Lactuca sativa Linn.

Family as given by authors: Compositae

Burmese name:   {hsa.lat} Salat.

Lactuca sativa Linn. Sp. Pl. 795 (1753).
English common name: Garden lettuce.

An erect, annual, leafy herb. Radical leaves variable; cauline ones auriculate. Heads yellow, in long, irregular panicles. Family Compositae. Flowering from February to May.

Widely grown as garden vegetable throughout Burma for its crisp, edible, radicle leaves.

The chemical composition of the plant was used as hypotensive properties. fn21-01


fn21-01 Sollero, L., O. M. Da Fonseca, W. B. Mors, A. A. De Figueiredo, N. Sharapin (1968). Chemical composition and hypotensive properties of garden lettuce (Lactuca sativa). Ciene, Cult. (S. Paulol) 20, 33-5 (Eng.) In: Chem. Abstr. (1969) 70, 8318. fn21-01b

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