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Burmese Indigenous Medicinal Plants

by Daw Mya Bwin and U Sein Gwan, Pharmacology Research Division, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Rangoon, 1973.

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06. Ipomoea digitata -- {kan-swan:}  Kazun

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06. Ipomoea digitata Linn.

Family as given by authors: Convolvulaceae


Burmese name: {kan-swun:}  Kazun.

Ipomoea Digitata Linn. Syst. Nad. ed. X. 924. (non Parodi) (1759).
Ipomoea paniculata Br. Prodr. 486.
Ipomoea mauritiana Zacq. Hort. Schoenb. ii. 39, t. 200.
Ipomoea gossypifolia Willd. Enum. Hort. Berol. 208.
Ipomoea eriosperma Beauv. Fl. Owar. et Ben. ii. 73, t. 105.
Ipomoea insignis Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 635.
Ipomoea tuberosa G.F.W. Mey. Esseq. 102.
Ipomoea plantensis Bot. Req. t. 333.
Convolvulus paniculatus Linn. Sp. Pl. 223 (1753).
Convolvulus digitatus, platensis and insignis Spreng. Syst. i. 591, 592.
Convolvulus roseus Kumth. in Humb. and Bonpl. iii. 108. not of Mill.
Batatas paniculata Chois. Convolv. Or. 54, t. l. fig. 2.
English common name: Giant Potato.

A large, scandent perennial with large ovoid or elongated tuberous toots; stems long, thick, twining tough. Leaves deeply palmately divided, lobes 5-7, ovate-lanceolate, often spathulate. Flowers in many flowered corymbosely paniculate cymes, pink purple or pink. Fruit ovoid capsule, surrounded by the enlarged rather fleshy sepals. Family Convolvulaceae. Flowers during the rainy months.

Planted for its edible value, throughout Burma.

A glycoside paniculatin isolated from the tubers elevated the blood pressure. fn45-01
Roots used for tonic alternative, demulcent, lactagogue, purgative and cholagogue. fn45-02


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fn45-02 Chopra, R. N., S. L. Nayar & I. C. Chopra (1956). Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants. New Delhi: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

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